How To Tailor A Dress Shirt To Look AMAZING! (Step 1)

How To Tailor A Dress Shirt To Look AMAZING! (Step 1)

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  2. Am I missing something ? After 5 videos I'm left searching for the finished product at the end of the videos . This is a great channel by the way .

  3. Thanks so much for this video! Growing up my mom always would buy me clothes in L size while I was really a S…she always hoped I would grow into them…I always felt I was in a rap video. lol Now, I know how I can tailor my clothes and my kids' clothing thanks to a lot of your videos!

  4. Hey SD i recently found your channel and am loving watching your videos and figuring out how to look like a boss! I am going to give the tailoring a try and I feel like I’ve learned the basics of every part of the process from you already except for one thing. At least this is where the hole is in my understanding – how can i figure out how something “should” fit? I understand that I should try pinning the shirt and see how it looks but are there guidelines anywhere as to what a properly tailored shirt is supposed to look like? For example in one of your videos you mentioned that the shirt shoulder seem should be right on the top of the shoulder – are there other little tricks like that that can tell me how the perfect shirt should fit me? Thank you!!

  5. I wish you were my neighbor so I could feel confident doing this stuff on my own. Some of my shirts and pants are really high quality and I feel like my sewing and re-hemming would be crap compared to what they are, but I need tailoring badly on a lot of my clothes. Your videos are incredibly helpful and you hit every single topic.

  6. Hi Sd Please please do one video to cut the length of a long shirt sleeve. Like this video And also one to hem the bottom of the pants.

  7. the fact that you remind me of the guy from 1978s dawn of the dead and you make sewing easy means you're like a hero to me

  8. This is so truuuue!!!!!! Why can't I find a shirt that fits my shoulders without flapping like a sail on my sides!?! Why do manufacturers make neck sizes but not belly sizes? Dang

  9. I've recently started wearing short sleeved button ups for summer (usually wear polo shirts but I want a different look) – I made the mistake of buying regular instead of "slim fit" and there is just too much fabric around my sides. Can't wait to tailor my shirts thanks to your tutorial!

  10. Have you made a template for your shirts, that always works, or do you have to modify it each time you are working on a shirt?

  11. followed your how to tailor staps, tailored all my clothes, and it's wayyyyy better. Took some time, but worth it. Thank u

  12. Agreed on the quarterback issue! The shoulder seam sags below the shoulder need to raise it up. Have you ever done this?

  13. Just subscribed . Love your channel! Lost weight gonna Taylor my shirts now thanks to you! The shoulders hang low now on my dress shirts. How do I fix this so they sit right on my shoulders? Have you tried doing this? I live in eagles town but I'm a vikings fan! Think you are too?

  14. So practical, SD, but my seamstress will hate you for it, because my next move will be to get my own machine and do my alterations myself. Liberation. Thank you.

  15. Hey look, you're wearing the same t shirt from "Tailor a T shirt (Step 2) –"

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