How To Tie Dress Shoes | Parisian Knot Method

How To Tie Dress Shoes | Parisian Knot Method

Hi, I’m Kirby Allison, founder of the Hanger Project. In today’s video I’m going to show
you how to tie your shoes the proper way
using the Parisian Knot. Most of us have never thought about
how we tied our shoes since we were
taught how to tie as schoolchildren. But the Parisian Knot is a beautiful way to tie your shoes that’s a
subtle differentiator and also is effectively a double knot so you never have to worry
about your shoes coming untied during the day. I even use this to tie my son’s
tennis shoes because with the double-knot I never have to
worry about them becoming untied. And it’s the most elegant compact double knot that you can find. Now let us know in the comments
section below. Do you tie your shoes using any type of knot that’s uncommon? Or what do you think about the
Parisian Knot? We love to hear from our viewers. So to tie your shoes using the Parisian knot is really quite
simple. First untie your shoes and then wrap the shoe laces around
each other twice. Then with your left hand form the first
bunny ear and then with your right hand wrap
the shoelace around your finger twice then pushing the shoelace through the
middle where your finger was to create the second bunny ear. Now you may need to play
around with this a little bit to tighten
the knot and get it perfect. So let’s do this one more time just
so that you can see exactly what I’m
doing here. First tie your shoe laces and then twist and if you really want to make sure
that they’re going to stay tight you can actually do a double twist right here which again is just going to make sure that you
don’t have to worry about your shoe laces coming undone. I like to keep my finger in the middle of the knot so that I can just simply push the other shoe lace through there to form the other loop. Once that pulls through, you can play around with it a little
bit. But you see you get a nice double
knot with these two parallel loops. A very symmetric knot and looks very neat. I really encourage you to learn how
to use this provision. Once you learn how to tie
it. It’s very easy to tie in the
morning. It doesn’t take any extra time and it’s actually a much better knot than your standard knots. Some people might notice as you’re
using a special not they’ve never seen before. Other people might not notice at
all. Most importantly you know that
you’ve taken the time in the morning and are able to just refine the way that you do something otherwise
ordinary that much better than everyone else. It’s important to also remember that
a worn old pair of shoe laces can
disproportionately affect the look of a really
expensive pair of shoes. It’s for that reason that we
recommend that you regularly inspect and replace your shoelaces. Not just to keep them looking good but also to ensure that you don’t
have a worn pair of shoe laces that are
going to break in the middle of the day during an
important meeting. Here at the hanger project
we have a comprehensive collection of sovereign grade shoe
laces that are some of the best that
you’ll find. So check those out online at I’m Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, and we love helping the well-dressed
take care of their wardrobes. Please take a moment to visit us at
Hanger project dot com if you like this video give us the thumbs up or better yet subscribe to our
channel so that you can receive notifications with each new video that we release. And lastly if you have any questions or comments please ask them in the
comments section below. I always get back to
those comments. Personally I’m Kirby
Allison founder of The Hanger Project and thanks for joining us.

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  1. Hi Kirby! I tie all of my shoes with Ian's knot. It is extremely fast to tie once you learn it, and I've never had it come undone by itself. The knot is here: (corrected link thanks to John's comment below!). Also, Ian's site is a great resource for tie and lacing methods. Having said all this – I will have to check out the Parisian, which doesn't seem to be listed on his site (unless it is called by another name…). Looks are important as well as function…

  2. @the hanger project, do a video showing us how to clean the insides of our shoes, such as removal of lint left from socks etc.

  3. wow, the quality of your videos and contents are improving every time there's an upload! please keep your informative videos coming!

  4. @ the hanger project Do you have any Oxford boots? Do you use the bar method for the lower portion or just leave them crossed all the way up?

  5. Thank you for sharing❣️ this is something I can teach my grandsons!! Very good information . Classy it’s much Easier to see with on the lighter shoes like you used for the Berluti Knot . Very nice shoes 💖

  6. I love that statement “so your shoelaces don’t break during that important meeting…” 😂 This must be a very physical meeting. Anyway nice video. 👍

  7. Thanks for this great Channel. I have learnt the Berluti knot from your channel a few days ago and have been using it ever since. I have only just viewed this and may try the Parisian knot tomorrow.

  8. This is crazy! I developed the habit of trying this knot at the age of 13 with out any instruction. I thought for years I developed a new method lol.

  9. It's called the "better bow knot" at Ian's website. Most standard shoelace knots fail because they are slipped versions of a square (reef) knot, which really needs to be under constant tension to retain its strength. Effectively, these knots are tied around your foot which is constantly flexing as you walk, so the knot eventually comes undone because the tension goes through a constant cycle of relaxing.

    The Parisian Knot, however, is tied around a bight in the lace. It is tightened and the tension remains constant.

    I don't believe it is correct to call this a double knot. A double knot is just adding another knot on top of the square knot which delays its eventually unraveling. The Parisian knot is an entirely different kind of knot.

  10. I happened upon your Berluti knot vid and promptly went to seek out your other knot techniques. I've found these extremely handy for women's leather oxfords or dressy leather heeled booties that have a lace up front, particularly those that have a leather lace. Although very thin, leather laces can be more stiff plus the rounded shape with a slick surface makes it so that a traditional bow falls out very easily. My point is…I'm glad someone is sharing solutions for the other persnickety dressers of the world.

  11. Been using this knot for a month now – the one end is ever so slightly shorter than the other, so compensate accordingly

  12. I use a standard bow knot with the bow looped through on extra time. It looks a bit like a Berluti without the tails threaded through. The knot hasn't come loose on me yet still pulls out easily. It ties quickly too. The problem is, the knot is asymmetric but I've learned to have my laces a little longer on one side.

  13. I start with a surgeons knot, then tie, what was taught to me as, “the way the Russians tie their shoes!” Works great!

  14. Thank you that very simple to follow instruction. This knot works really well and is easy to do. Great channel

  15. Different knots are also available…also try different techniques in short time…or do it in animations….video is too long than it's topic..

  16. Kirby, I love your videos and your awesome production values, not to mention your fabulous products. I've been tying the Parisian knot for years, having somehow stumbled across it in a book about knots. It's great for round shoelaces. That extra twist around the first loop adds just the right amount of friction to keep the knot secure. I've taught the Parisian to several people, usually when I've found them retying their shoes in the middle of the day. There is one potential drawback to this knot and it becomes apparent when untying. If a loose end accidentally threads through a loop, then tugging that loose end will result in a tangle that has to be carefully unpicked. It's a small price to pay for all-day security and can be avoided by a little care when untying at the end of the day.

  17. Thanks. I learned something today! I'm one of those people still using that knot I learned as a 5 year old to tie my shoes. This knot looks a lot cleaner than a typical double knot and if it holds the same, that's a win.

  18. You know, my ex used to tell me I tied my shoes in a weird way. Told her that's how I was taught when I was a kid, turns out it's called a Parisian knot lol

  19. And once again, just like the berluti, I tie left handed so it is the opposite of your instructions….but it still works and looks very smart:_)

  20. Nicely set up video. I love the background music, the deco, the shoes, even the leather mat used to hold the shoe shows effort being put into to ensure every inch looks perfect ! 👍🏼👍🏼

  21. Just tried and it looks amazing! And certainly feels neater and stronger than the usual single knot I’ve been trying. Guess will know in another few hours how well it holds..

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