27 Replies to “How-To Tulip Fabric Markers”

  1. Hello, Patty! I want to draw seaweed and sea coral on a canvas handbag I'm making. Do I have to prewash the canvas? The canvas is white.

  2. Ok I got a question how do you make the tulip colors disappear on the shoes ? It’s already been 24 hrs how do you make them gone I messed up

  3. I am so excited to discover this video!
    I have all kinds of rubber stamps (too many to count) and have been wanting to use them to design t-shirts and other things. Now that I know it's possible as long you use fabric markers I can hardly wait to get started on some projects in the future. Thank You!!! 😀

  4. So after adding the design, washing in warm, gentle cycle, hang to dry. So, you shouldn't put it in the dryer? If so, what will happen?

  5. Do you have to wash the shirt after your done with drawing on it? its been 24 hrs. but its a new shirt not sure if its a MUST wash in directions.

  6. I make customs shoes using your markers and have a project where a beige is required but I cannot seem to find any beige markers any recommendations ?

  7. YES. Thank you! This video provided a very important answer I was looking for. Now I know that the ink from the marker can be applied to a stamp and then applied to the fabric. (I wasn't sure if the ink would be or stay moist enough for this.)

  8. Do you need to prepare the fabric before painting? Do you need to iron to heat set the colors before laundering?

  9. Are the single-sided tulip fabric markers erasable? If they aren't, what brands have erasable fabric markers? I want to make a yin yang tie dye t-shirt and I need one.

  10. I love these things! I have already made two of my own shirts and everybody asks where I got them. When I say that I drew them, they always have fun reactions! 😀

  11. hi I was wondering where did you get that stick on stencils ( letter B as as shown in video, 1:47)

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