How To Unlock Impotent Rage Outfit | GTA OUTFITS

How To Unlock Impotent Rage Outfit | GTA OUTFITS

what's up guys welcome back to the channel so the impotent rage is coming to Grand Theft Auto on-line now as you see with the footage up on the screen here you have the female character and a kidney I can't remember how to pronounce her name she's a smaller YouTube youtuber I'll leave her link down in the description but she spells her name really really funny so I don't want I don't want to botch the the name and the male footage is coming from Foxy snaps so shout out to foxy snaps he always come through with the major major leaks with grand theft auto so shout out to him I'll leave a link down in the description so I know you guys are probably wondering how do we get these outfits now this is going to be not not the full outfit like you just throw on your character this is like the outfit the shoes the pants the gloves the top body and the actual mass that turns your character into impotent rage outfit or the info impotent rage outfit so in order to get this now you're going to have to go and collect 100 action figures around the map now as of today me making this video this is not activated yet it is July 26 with me making this video it may not come out until next Tuesday I'm not sure what that it is so the way that you're gonna be able to unlock this outfit is the same way you pretty much the same way you unlock the high-rollers outfit you're going to go around Los Santos collecting action figures and I'll put an image up on the screen you're going to be receiving a text message from a comic book store and they're going to pretty much ask you to go on a mission to pretty much the Easter eggs last mission to go and collect their 100 action figures that has been stolen from them somehow and they're going to unlock or give you the the impotent rage outfit and punted rage outfit I keep saying it either way whatever so you're gonna have to unlock this finding all 100 of them and shout out to foxy snaps man he has a pre video before it even came out where these locations are he actually have locations that you can go find it and I'll put the map down in the description you can go check out the map and check out where all the locations are but I think this is super super dope and you get the hairstyle as well with this you're gonna get the hairstyle of the impotent rage and I don't know what the female hairstyle is as you see the female character but the male hairstyle is pretty that's pretty dope that you get the other like a one of a kind hairstyle if you go unlock this I wish Rockstar will put more stuff like this into the game man like this is just this is fun to me to go get a rare item or you know get a rare outfit and to get this rare outfit this is one of the rarest outfits that I've been wanting in the game since day one to make your character look like the rage character so anyways guys that's what I wanted to do I want to come let you guys know what's to be coming in the future with this outfit I will be doing the hunt to get this outfit and I will try to make a custom outfit for this so I will just try to make a modded outfit some type of you know outfit tutorial you know a different version of it you know how I put my spin on things so anyways guys feel free to leave a like on the video if you like this video comment down below what do you guys think about you know having some more stuff like this put into the game and Rockstar actually making it fun this type of stuff makes Grand Theft Auto fun where you just don't have to go and grind money my missions you know get people give people something else to go grind for you know an outfit like this is a big thumbs up for me alright so anyways with that being said guys like I say on my last video go and turn on and off the the post notification go turn it to also you guys can get all of my videos because some of my videos I put out and they only do a quarter of what I know that they should do and then sometimes I put out other videos and then they just blow up so anyways that being said guys I appreciate you guys for the love and support I'm gonna get up out of here to the next video I'm out peace

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  1. You already know there’s gonna be that one person wearing the costume with a rebreather and bulletproof helmet😂

  2. Bro please when it comes out I need you to make a dope modded outfit tutorial with this infinite rage outfit please

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