How to use Android Wear like a pro!

How to use Android Wear like a pro!

30 Replies to “How to use Android Wear like a pro!”

  1. Why would you tell someone to enable ADB without actually using it for a purpose? All that does is open you up to security risks for literally no purpose.

  2. why are you censoring the card number when you can EASLY just press , and . when paused to skip frame by frame?

  3. not to tech savy, can u help please with supersonic sc64sw SmartWatch with call feature, how to get apps

  4. hello, can you tell me why we need to enable the developer setting and ADB? What does this do and is it necessary to do on my smartwatch?

  5. Notice how most of the videos of "smart watch" demos have the person NOT wearing it but hold it in their hand. It's so funny, I would be embarrassed to wear one in public.

  6. if you're looking for a kitchen timer app that has wear alerts you should look at as i'd love to hear your thoughts and see what you think about it….

  7. My Android app that lets users post anything, anytime, anywhere on the map. Check it out:

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