How to use Strip-It Fabrics – Marcus Brothers Fabrics – QuiltCon 2013

How to use Strip-It Fabrics – Marcus Brothers Fabrics – QuiltCon 2013

Hi, I’m Pati Violick, director of marketing for Marcus Fabrics. And I’m going to be demonstrating a strip-it today. A strip-it is an engineered stripe designed by Faye Burgos and I’m
going to be showing you some creative uses for using it. A strip-it can be used to make easy half-square triangles. Just
by using a square ruler, a bias square ruler. You cut this way and then you flip it around
this way and you have an easy half-square triangle. And by putting your triangles together you can do a very easy pinwheel. And as you can see there is no seamed pieces here so you do not
have all of that extra seam so you can press it very flat. You can take it a step further and by adding the rectangle units on the edge, you know around
the pinwheel and four more half square triangles you can create a very easy turn glass block. Strip-it could also be used to make a lot of different cut outs like an easy border or
by adding changing it to get a lot of different shapes and blocks out of one strip-it. with a very minimal amount of piecing. Another thing strip-it is very good for is to do a very easy raw fence. This
all looks like its pieced, but actually its just a strip-it on the end. And I call it, ‘Five Easy Pieces,’ …. One, Two,
Three, Four and Five. Very minimal piecing involved. Also use the strip-it in paper piecing. And in the paper piecing, we show
how easy it is to us and make a very easy Dresden plate. It’s done with paper piecing, when it’s placed in the center of the
strip-it strip, and then pieced around and then appliqued onto the backing. …and even the border on this is very easy, its like a double border but not actually
pieced, so you have much less seam allowances, much less to be quilting around it. It’s also great to do like little miniatures, alot of people don’t like working with these small pieces
but you can get a lot of detail by using our strip-it with little paper piecing.

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  1. I like this! Would be great for beginning quilters or someone wanting to make a quick project without as much cutting and piecing.

  2. I love it, do you ship this fabric to any New Zealand shops? Please let me know so I can buy some, makes my quilting life a lot easier and Age Concern for whom my club makes quilts would love it too!

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