42 Replies to “How To Use T Shirt Transfer Paper Step By Step”

  1. Hi im going to do this. Do you have to use a certain format for print quality? Im going to use this method to print my logo on my hoodies.

  2. Hi can you tell me what is the difference between dark and light transfer papers and which one should I get

  3. I've seen people do the printing AND the silicon at the same time (they put the silicon paper over the grid paper)… How does it really work?

  4. I tried using it with my heatpress and something the image isn’t sticking to the shirt and gets rough or the paper I’m supposed to peel stays stuck to the image?? I’m following the instructions for heat and time but it’s happened to multiple sheets and ruined my shirt

  5. I think I can answer my own question; I hadn't realised there were separate products for light and dark materials, so it was my own stupidity in using the wrong paper!

  6. I bought some of this and am pleased with the results – except – even though I was putting light images on dark clothing, the transfers all came out dark. I think it's more likely user error than a problem with the kit, so what am I doing wrong?

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