How to Wash Dress Socks | Kirby Allison

How to Wash Dress Socks | Kirby Allison

Hi I’m Kirby Allison and welcome to my home. In this video I’m going to discuss with you my techniques on how to
wander our high quality luxury dress socks. Our Sovereign Grade Luxury Dress
Socks will last you a long time if you
take proper care of them. And in this video I’m going to show
you exactly how to do that. If you have any questions during
this video please feel free to ask them in the
comments section below. I get back to all those questions personally. Many people think that a really high
quality pair of finally knitted dress socks can’t last a long time and it couldn’t be any farther from
the truth. High quality luxury dress socks are by design fine. But it doesn’t mean that they have
to be delicate. With a little bit of special care and attention you can keep your
dress socks looking great for years. With the technique that I’ve
developed not only will you increase the longevity
of your socks but you’re going to prevent
them from becoming fuzzy and developing lint. The proper way to launder your socks
is the one only launder them with dress socks and nothing else. Second, turn them inside out before you wash them. Third, ensure that you wash them on
a delicate cycle with cold water. And lastly always hang dry your socks and never dry them through a dryer. The high heat of a drying cycle
causes the natural fibers of a fine sock to break down prematurely. And also the elastic band at the top to lose its last to city. So in addition to improper
laundering the second most common reason that
people have to throw away their socks
prematurely is because they fail to clip their
toenails and they wear holes in the end of
their socks. But now of course this is
very easily avoided by just keeping your
toenails trim. But if it does occur don’t throw away a pair of perfectly fine socks. You can simply fix the hole by
mending or darning it using a darning egg a needle and some thread. And we have a video here at the
hangar project on our YouTube channel showing you
exactly how to do that. Actually enjoy donning my socks. I find it quite therapeutic and it’s surprisingly simple. So here I am with my laundry basket
that I keep in my closet. Now this laundry basket is dedicated to the items that I’m not laundering
frequently. Basically my shirts and my dress socks. So I like to sort through here doing
two things. First, all my dress socks I’m going to turn
inside out and just quickly make sure that
there’s no holes. Now, I like to match my socks to ensure that I have a proper pair
before I put it into the laundry machine
because there’s nothing more frustrating
than sorting all your socks out after you’ve laundered them to discover
that you’re missing a sock. So sorting through my socks. Also this is a great opportunity to ensure that you don’t have any sports socks or any other socks that might lint that you’re going to include your
dress socks. Again one of the most important
things that you can do to keep your socks
looking new is to launder them only with dress socks and turn them inside out. Here’s a dress shirt. I like to set these aside and sort which dress shirts and my goodness send a re Fabric
Care which are primarily my Charbray
shirts and then which shirts am I going to
launder locally. And those are normally my Hemrajani. And then here you can see I left a
pair of collar stays in this shirt. So, that was a mistake. Normally I remove these at the end
of the day but sometimes a pair slips past me. And I like to just inspect the shirt
before I sent it off to the dry cleaners. So I’m going to set that aside and just continue working through
your socks turning them inside out. You might be inclined to cut a
corner by not turning your socks inside out. But I can’t stress enough how important this is to keeping your
socks lint free and preventing them from looking
fuzzy. So you’ll probably notice that in
most of my videos I prefer to wear a white dress
shirt. And that’s because there’s nothing
more versatile or elegant than a nicely pressed white dress shirt. I’ve recently been adding a lot of
Charvet white dress shirts to my wardrobe. And this is really something I feel
like with age and experience I’ve come to appreciate more than I did
whenever I was young. So once I have a matching pair I’ll
throw these on the floor. But as I’m sorting through my socks and turning them inside out you know keep them on my knee or separate until I pull out a complete matching set. I find that ensuring that you have a
matching set before you put them in the laundry
machine really saves you a lot of the
frustration that occurs whenever you realize
that you don’t have a complete set. Also I’ll wash all of my wool and cotton socks in the washing
machine but I really do prefer to hand wash my cashmere socks just because again cashmere is quite
delicate and that extra level of care that you can get just washing them by
hand really makes a big difference in
just preventing them from becoming fuzzy too
quickly. So I’m at the bottom of my laundry
basket. And as you can see I’ve got two socks here that don’t have that
matching pair. Inevitably this happens every single
time I’m going through my laundry basket. And so what I’ll do is I’ll put
these socks in the washing machine and get those started and then I’ll take these two
upstairs and spend a little bit of time
searching for the missing culprit. Whenever I launder my dress socks at
home I like to use a really high quality laundry detergent. It’s important to not just use a
high quality laundry detergent light laundry
detergent and so the Laundress is a company
based in New York that is really developed
some exceptional laundry detergents. And what I like about it is they
have a really large range of detergents for very
specific purposes. So whenever I’m laundering my socks
I really prefer to use the detergent that
they have just for darks because it’s going to do the best
job preserving the colors that I want to keep in my socks. Another the detergent that I appreciate from the Laundress
is there wool and cashmere shampoo and I use this exclusively if I’m hand washing my cashmere socks. These and all the Laundress products are
available on Click the link in the description to
shop all the laundress products that we sell
here at Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project. Now that the socks are done with the washing machine the last
step is to turn them right side out and then hang them up to dry on a
proper drying rack. A simple dry rack like this one
right here is an essential accessory for anyone that is doing the laundry at home. As much as you can avoid the dryer with your clothing the better. Just the high heat and the temperature of a dryer is just hard on the natural fibers of really anything. So the more that you can avoid that
the better. So again while I’m doing this I’m
trying to match the pairs and so I’m turning them right side
out and you can see if there’s any residual lint in the washing machine itself it’s going to collect on the interior of the sock because you turned it inside out. So whenever you turn it right side
out you’re going to see that there’s no
lint accumulated at all. I like to smooth my socks out just so that they dry flat and then just simply hang them like
this. Okay so now that I finished turning
all of my socks right side out and I’ve got them paired and matching pairs then I’m going to allow them to dry
overnight. Now once they’ve dried I’ll come back and I’ll put the pairs together. I like to roll my socks by folding them in half and then rolling them all the way down over the shaft and then what I do is
I just put them in my sock drawer like this. So as you see, just with the little bit of deliberate
attention to your dress socks you can dramatically
increase their longevity and keep them looking new throughout
their entire lifetime. Properly laundering your dress
socks, the proper way is not difficult, it just requires a little bit of
extra time and attention to detail. Here at Kirby Allison Hanger Project we’re proud to have one of the most
extensive collections of luxury dress socks
available anywhere in the world. Our Sovereign Grade socks are knit
to the highest specifications in Rome by one of Italy’s oldest sock knitters. These classic dress socks are
essential additions to any well appointed
wardrobe and I promise they’ll totally
transform the way that you think about fine
socks. A fine pair of shoes deserves if not demands. Find socks and of course please visit Kirby
Allison’s hanger project where we have the
largest most comprehensive collection of luxury garment care and shoe care accessories in the
world as well as our sovereign great
luxury dress socks and our Laundress
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36 Replies to “How to Wash Dress Socks | Kirby Allison”

  1. What an awesome tutorial! If you put your dress socks in a separate mesh laundry bag to keep it separate from other clothes, could you wash it together and mitigate the risk of lint etc.?

  2. When your raising men in your household this information comes in handy. It assists me in helping them cultivate a habit in maintaining there socks. Perhaps they can pass info on the their friends.

  3. Very informative video with lots of helpful tips, although I do have a question. I am looking at purchasing some quality over the calf socks, but live in student halls, meaning I only have access to poor quality washing machines which offer very little control over temperatures, cycles and compatible detergents. Would you recommend hand washing them, regardless of material, or putting through the washer on the most gentle option possible?

  4. Thanks for a great tutorial. I find that my socks wear underneath, from walking shoe-less on wooden floors. As we do here in Scandinavia. Time to get some slippers perhaps?

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    Would you also use hand washing for pure silk socks, or can they go in the machine?
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  12. You mentioned you send your shirts off to the Dry Cleaners. I have tried several different places and they come back in terrible shape (especially my french cuff shirts). I wash them on gentle cycle and they come out better. Is there any disadvantage to this?

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