How to Wash Men’s Dress Shirts

How to Wash Men’s Dress Shirts

How to Wash Men’s Dress Shirts. Keep your dress shirts looking sharp by using
these simple tips. You will need Laundry baskets Stain remover
Sink Washing machine Hypoallergenic detergent Dryer Iron and wooden hangers. Step 1. Read the care label on the shirt before washing. Don’t dry clean your shirts. Excessive dry cleaning will cause them to
deteriorate. Step 2. Separate your shirts into white, colored,
and dark piles. Step 3. Tackle stains by applying a stain remover
or presoak shirts in a sink before loading them in the washer. Check the collar — that’s where you will
find most of the stains. Step 4. Wash the shirts using a delicate or hand-wash
setting with lukewarm water. Step 5. Use hypoallergenic detergent without dyes
or scents. Step 6. Dry shirts on the delicate or permanent press
setting to reduce wrinkling. Remove your shirts from the dryer while they
are slightly damp. Step 7. Iron the shirt, and then hang it on a wooden
hanger. Did you know Roughly 85 percent of dry-cleaner
shops use perchloroethylene, a chemical which can be harmful after repeated, prolonged exposure.

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  3. When you take your dress shirts to the cleaners they usually just wash in a standard washer and then allowed to air dry a bit before ironing on a shirt press machine

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