How to wear a Cancan Saree | Tia Bhuva

How to wear a Cancan Saree | Tia Bhuva

hi guys this is Tia I'm so excited to finally share this drape with you it was quite the mission to shoot this and it was free thing that day for this drape he'll need a Langa's cart or any skirt with a dressing waist a langa top or any crop top and a sari first tie the drawstring as tightly as is comfortable you'd normally tie it to your right side but for this drape tie just below your belly button you'll see why later tuck the remaining string into the skirt I plead it and iron the pollute or the fancy end of the saree and I will cover this in a future video take your pleated poly and place it over your left shoulder I like my poly to hit just above the ankle long vertical lines and any outfit elongate your body and gives the illusion of height find the plain unfinish end of the saree and start pleating I like to hold my fingers like this to help the pleating process fold your thumb under your index middle and ring fingers with your pinkie sticking up pull the end of the saree between your thumb and fingers and use the pinky and thumb to hold the pleats like this you're basically using your pinky and thumb to create pleats that look like an accordion pleat the entire sari this is more than double the amount of pleats you'd end up with for a regular Navy drape pleating takes a lot of practice so don't give up if you don't get it right away arrange the pleats so that they are neat leave a little bit of fabric enough to wrap half way around your body and tuck in to your right side secure the pleats to the skirt with a safety pin and now this is the tricky part rotate your skirt 90 degrees clockwise so that your pleats are now at your back and the spot at which you tied this drawstring is sitting on your right hip take the end of the sari that is hanging at the back and pleat down the side tuck these pleats just below your belly button and secure with a safety pin fix the pleats and drape to make sure it looks neat add a belt pull the whole look together thank you so much for watching if this was helpful to you please like and subscribe if you have any questions or comments about this drape please leave a comment below see you in the next rape video

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  1. kadhal Kan kaittuthey tamil song so i think u also tamil girl .awesome kadhal cancan saree kaittuthey nice

  2. Can someone plz tell me.. Wats the fabric of the saree. N the skirt n the blouse too. I m very bad at this. I have zero idea abt fabric. Plz somebody help me. It looks so nice. N her too.

  3. Hello mam, finally end of the saree u draped but actually u draped it at first then how last portion get???๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

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