How to Wear a Cardigan | JCPenney and Nina Garcia

How to Wear a Cardigan | JCPenney and Nina Garcia

Hi, I’m Nina Garcia. And welcome to JC Penney’s
Holiday StyleWatch. In terms of 2015, the
one piece that I think every woman should
add to their wardrobe, I think it’s very important to
kind of focus on that one piece when you’re doing your shopping. For me, it’s really
all about the cardigan. It’s very versatile,
it’s trans-seasonal. It can move you from the winter
into the spring very smoothly. I could have it in every
single color, and I probably can get it in every
single color at JC Penney. But what’s most important
about it is that it can work over a little black
dress, or over any little evening dress for going out. It can work over my power pencil skirt
or my wide leg pants to go to work. Or I can layer it over my boyfriend
jean for a Sunday afternoon. So it’s really versatile, it
works in terms of the seasons, it’s a very transitional piece,
and it’s all about femininity. It’s very hard to say what
trend not to buy into. I always tell the women when I
speak to them about shopping, stick to what works for you. Don’t be a fashion victim. If you can’t really walk in high
heels, do not buy a pair of platforms. It’s really about what works for you. If you are curious about a trend,
but are not sure if it works for you, I think that a nice way to try
it out is through accessorizing. Maybe it’s a, you could do it with a
handbag or you can do it with a belt, or you can do it with a shoe, or you
can dip your toe through the accessory. But to go full on a trend [? that ?]
doesn’t really work for your shape or for your mood or for
the way you carry yourself, I think it doesn’t work. It’s really about what works for you. And I think that it is a
season that hits many notes. So I think there’s always
something for everyone.

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