How To Wear A Cardigan Sweater

How To Wear A Cardigan Sweater

what's up YouTube Jeff your style OG you know today's video we're gonna talk about how to wear that cardigan sweater if you're new to the channel we release a new video every day at 4 p.m. Eastern discussing Barry's men's lifestyle topics such as style dating I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like Sean Leonard son Luke now hands down the sweater one of the most versatile and essential pieces in a stylish guys boy I mean it's the ultimate transitional piece and it's the one that you can layer in a bunch of different ways and without a doubt one of my favorite style of sweaters has to be the cardigan sweater it comes in a variety of weights variety of fabrics different colors the cardigan is just the versatile type of sweater that you can wear it a lot of different situation and that's what I want to show you on today's video I've got a lookbook of four different looks and four sweaters I'll show you how you can rock the cardigan from dressy to casual and everywhere in between so without further ado let's get into this look book on how to rock that cardigan sweater now before we dive into the lookbook let me give you two quick simple rules you want to follow you're rockin your car for one we know sweaters are layering pieces and there's two things I want you to layer the cardigan with what you need to choose a t-shirt or a button-up shirt almost anything else doesn't look quite right with the car going with one of those two choices and you're layering your cardigan just right and the second set out a button that cardi now you can leave it completely unbuttoned but in a few of the buttons choices you however the one rule you want to stick by don't button the bottom but it just doesn't allow the sweater in the lay right and you come across kind of stuff first up we're gonna talk about the look I'm rocking right now I like to call this from the cool casual way to rock your car now remember as I said one of the best ways to wear it with a t-shirt and it definitely looks great with the standard white t-shirt that you see me rocking here and although I'm not much of a color guy sweaters help me step out my comfort zone a little bit that's why I have this great lightweight uShip car and we were rocking a stand-down color it's always a good idea to keep your STI outfit based as you can see I'm throwing on a nice simple pair of navy chinos finish off this cool look got my all-white New Republic curt leather sneakers simple cool casual put a little refined and a pop of color this is a great way to rock that cardigan sweater now although bigs next wetters I'm Rocket might not be available anymore have most of them for a little while I've got some examples that you can pick up that work just as well in the links in the description now for a second look at a day we're sticking with the land of a white t-shirt look but this time we're doing it a little bit more and as i pair my shawl type cardigan with my suede chelsea boots the new pump now no one's gonna accuse you looking like mr. Rogers when you throw in this time the suede Chelsea boot always a great way to add a little bit of edge to announce this pair with these distressed slim Jean you got to look that as a bit of a rock-and-roll flare to the cardigan sweater and I love the variety of styles that a cardigan sweater can come in specifically in this look the shawl collar type and this look altogether you got a nice edgy cool sexy way to rock that cardigan sweater so our third look at the day we got more preppy look as we introduce how you layer the cardigan over a nice button-down ox for this look we switched off the shawl cardigan and brought in this nice navy blue preppy rugby by Ralphie Lynn sweater that I've had for a wild that I absolutely love the small detail of the stripe on the arm really sets this one apart and as you can see I've matched it with a nice pair of slim fitting gray jeans the Navy sweater over the light blue button-down Oxford a great match and finish it off with a nice preppy flare with these tassel loafers from Cebu New York a nice collegiate preppy look that's classic but modern at the same time the cardigan sweater with the tassel loafers a money look and last but certainly not least for our fourth and final look I want to show you how you can really dress up the cardigan sweater and give you my old to the mr. Rogers look as we have here with my red cardigan sweater with the top to me this is a great way to rock the cardigan sweater and a bit of a business cash the red cardigan sweater and this look a little bit of a heavier material than the other and pairing it with my favorite gray herringbone wool trousers this one a definitely go well at the office and this time pairing with my white oxford called button-down and a blue necktie but to not make the outfit too square I add a little bit of edge as I ride some suede Brown chelsea boots once again showing you that the cardigan is just a versatile layering piece making this a great business casual outfit but a little bit of tweaking edge shelf okay so there you have it my guide on how to rock that cardigan sweater let me know in the comment section which look was your favorite and tell us how you like to rock the carton as always I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that like button help the channel grow and of course tap the notification Bell soon you're missing any of videos we release every day at 4 p.m. Eastern and I'll check you out

30 Replies to “How To Wear A Cardigan Sweater”

  1. White dress shirt, light grey Cardigan, dark blue jeans, captain thursday boots, and a grey long coat to go over it.

  2. When I was in high school, I watched the movie Rocky. While Rocky has a good style of his own, it was his manager Mickey that I thought had it together.

    To this day, I still wear dark shawl cardigans with watchcaps all thanks to Mickey.

  3. This joka is actually wearing my blue cardigan that he stole out my car. You ought to be ashamed Jeff… wash it send it back!!!

  4. I rocked a nice shawl collar today at work and got a lot of compliments from the ladies Thanks for the tips OG… Salute!

  5. WWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW I LIKE IT.Super vidéo !!!!!! Félicitation pour cette  vidéo !!!!William for France 😉

  6. Great video & info Jeff. The 3rd look in this is my favourite. I love the versatility of a good cardigan, been rocking mine most of this past week.

  7. Yes Sir, you’re always on point! I’m rocking a black military cardigan from J. Crew. I just hit you up on Instagram. Check it out. Salute!

  8. Yes yes y'all! About time OG! The cardigan is my favorite sweater. Great to see different ideas on how to rock mine

  9. How did you read my mind? I was watching the Bond movie “The Quantum of Solace” and was trying to put together a similar outfit that he wore in the Italy scene. I’ve been struggling to figure out how these would work on me. You nailed it, my friend!!
    Enjoyed meeting you at Menfluential!
    I’m a loyal viewer and love your style!!
    Thanks for the tip!
    Tommy Jones

  10. Right on time! I was wearing a cardigan sweater when you released this video. Part of my Halloween costume as Mister Rogers.

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