How to Wear a Garter Belt

How to Wear a Garter Belt

How to Wear a Garter Belt. Put some sizzle
in your sex life — or just feel more sensual — by donning a good old-fashioned garter
belt. You will need A garter belt Stockings A mild detergent and matching panties. Step
1. Think about what kind of fabric you want — garter belts come in satin, lace, fishnet,
mesh, leather, and vinyl. Step 2. Decide how many straps you need, usually between four
and 12. Four are fine if your garter’s main role will be as a sexy bedtime accessory,
but you’ll want more support if you plan to wear the belt for longer. For a slimming effect,
choose a garter belt with a hidden control panel. Step 3. Pick a garter belt with metal
clips, as opposed to plastic ones. You’ll pay more, but you’ll reduce the chances of
the clips popping open. And make sure the straps are adjustable. Step 4. See that the
garter belt sits securely on your waist, but is not tight. Step 5. Wear stockings that
are designed to be worn with a garter belt. You’ll be able to identify them by the thicker,
darker band at the top, known as the welt. Splurge on silk stockings; they’ll cost more
initially, but the payoff is that they last longer — and look better. Step 6. Attach
each clasp to the welt, taking care to keep the straps straight. You do this by placing
the round part of the clasp under the stocking, about an inch from the top of the welt, and
then pressing the part with the loop over it, to form a lock. Step 7. Once the straps
are clasped to the stockings, adjust their lengths just as you’d adjust a bra strap.
To gauge how much slack you need in the back in order to sit down without snapping your
stockings, lift your leg onto a chair and adjust. Step 8. Pair your garter belt with
a beautiful pair of panties in either the same color or a complementary one. Step 9.
Keep your garter belt in good shape by hand washing it in a mild detergent. Did you know
Sales of garter belts rose 15% after Susan Sarandon wore them in the 1988 film _Bull

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  1. @dieneddie Is it too much to ask, men are the givers in most relationships and I am talking emotional as well as finacial, we listen and nurture with very few of our needs ever met or even considered, from the it's all "ME" generation of girls. If they are a few ladies who like to be considerate and give a little back, please dont run them down, for bringing happines to the men who give them so much.

  2. The only thing forgotten in the "You Will Need" list was a woman… Kind of useless without that key element.

  3. So they knew what they're doing when they posted this. It's like women wanting boob jobs to stay it's looks more professional, or to have a bigger ass for summer or even this when females wear stockings that are fishnets only because they're "cute" when that's more exotic for women thus meaning sexy and that meaning to the other sex thus males.

  4. and i'm sure 50% or more are guys(like me) who is trying to figure out how to wear these damn things!

    Oh did I just say that? Oh my!

  5. The most important part of the education is missing- garter belts were meant to be worn UNDER, not on top of, panties. This is so that the panties can be removed, leaving the garter belt on, so as to nicely frame her vulva. This is not my opinion, this is historical, and traditional, back to England.

  6. Darn it, I came here because I want to wear stockings practically because I hate panty hose(they're uncomfortable). It turns out to be a sick video on how to seduce a man. Eew.

  7. My trouble is getting the right size stockings for my woman. Last one I bought was a nice sexy fishnet stocking, but it was too tight and her thighs were spilling out the top LOL

  8. very informative, I was trying to figure out how to the stocking to the garter belt. Yayaya now I can wear them correctly with my corset for my hunney!

  9. I Really Love Your Sexy Garter Belts When You Are Showing Off Your Beautiful Legs And Sexy Feet! Thank You So Much!!!

  10. you know there are lots of straight men in the world too that have lingerie fetish. enjoying something associated with the opposite sex doesnt make a person automatically gay

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  14. This could have been done with a top on and less sexual prancing around. Way too many, I would say men, but boys got off to this video.

  15. Let's get it out there. I'm jealous with my cousin. He's been single endlessly. By some cheat, he has got a model to deeply love him in no time. How is that actually manageable? He laughed and said he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive said that to me… I really don't recall ever before seeing him so fulfilled. Kinda makes me sick.

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    Now-a-days, men wear a fool's cap, and call it a liberty cap.

  17. hidden control panel?

    wait girls have control panels? why didn't anyone tell me 🙁

    i guess it's not the control panel i am thinking of

  18. For the benefit of the woman doing the commentary, I prefer to see women in control top pantyhose. My favorite part is the waistband, so nice to touch.

  19. love how it opens up "put some sizzle into your sec life, or just feel more sensual" not just to hold up your stockings? garter belts were worn by men and women a like even children from 1yr old and up to hold up stockings. I accidentally clicked this while searching something else. it gave me a good giggle

  20. Don't forget, if you wear panties with your suspender belt (you're an AMATEUR! sorry, beg your pardon) wear panties OVER the garter belt to support the garter belt and also to make it a LOT easier when you have to use the bathroom.

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