How To Wear A Pashmina – 10 Stylist Suggestions

How To Wear A Pashmina – 10 Stylist Suggestions

>>YANIRA GARZA: Hi! I’m Yanira Garza, stylist at In this video I’m going to show you 10 different
ways to tie your pashmina shawl. I’m using the diamond weave pashmina, and our lovely model Carla. Now I have it folded in half lengthwise and I’m just going to drape it over her shoulder, so that we can get our first style. And this is a simple tie through and through. We’re just going to pull it a little tighter and separate the top layer so that it hangs just like that. A different variation. Just tie it a little bit tighter, towards
the neck, and again stretch it out. And this looks great underneath a blazer or
with a button up. Another way to tie your pashmina is again we’re going to keep it folded and we’re going to drape it along her shoulders and we’re going to tie it right in front but with a tighter knot this time. This is a simple very common way for an evening
out. Perfect with a little black dress, as you
see here! A third way to tie your pashmina is to open
it up completely. And it’s pretty similar to the last one, except it’s completely open and completely
covers the shoulders. And you can actually take a little knot here
and a little knot here. Hold them like little bunny ears. And you make a little bow. And again this is another look, great for an evening out great for a chilly fall evening or even a
winter. So completely covers up. You get this beautiful drape and this nice little knot in the front. Number four is my absolute favorite You’re just going to take the pashmina stretch it out and then fold it in half this
way. And we’re going to do a loop through, where you have the loop here and you pull
the scarf on through. Now this is a very popular way and as you see you can have it shorter on
one side and longer on the other, or you can have it exactly, so it’s very even, if you’re a little more precise. And look how beautiful that looks! This is a great way to wear it with your jackets,
with a dress or just with a shirt as an accent. Number 5 is a different style. It’s a variation
of the loop through. Again we’re going to start off the exact same
way. And we’re going to make sure they’re actually
even this time . And we’re going to loop it through right around
her neck, but we’re going to only loop one. We’re going to let this one hang here. We’re going to loop one, so this one loops right in the middle. We’re going to take this one over and loop it through the bottom so you have a very nice twist here. So it kind of looks almost like a little weave. I’m going to show you that one again because
that one’s a little different So here’s your loop. We’re only going to grab one side of the scarf and we’re going to go through the loop kind of like what we did with the loop through. The second one we’re going to go actually
over the scarf and we’re going to grab the loop through the
opposite side and loop it through again. So, and there’s a great variation of the loop through. Now we’re on to number 6. Now this is a very simple way. Again we’re going to fold your pashmina. Let me open it up this way so you see what
I’m folding, holding it up right here at the edge. And I’m just going to fold it in half and we can fold it again, so we get a really thin pashmina. And now we’re going to put it around her neck, and we’re going to tie it similar to like
a men’s tie. We’re going to loop it around and bring it on though. The only difference here is we’re going to leave this very loose and a little large, so it gives you a little bit of a variation
of the men’s tie. I’m going to show you that one again. We’re going to hold it here. We’re going to take one and we’re going to
fold it over the other. Bring it around and then back through the back side. Bring it up through the top. You’re going to stick your hand up right through
that little loop that you created and pull it on down. And as you’re pulling you keep your hands
here so you don’t get this really tight because we don’t want it tight. We don’t want it exactly like a men’s tie, we want it to kind of give you the illusion, without it being exact. We want it a little messy, a little loose,
and a little fun, because this is nice little casual way. Now this is great for a casual look, again it is another one of my favorites, kind
of like the loop through but a little different. Number seven we’re going to leave it along
her neck folded twice like we did with the last one,
with the men’s tie, except we’re going to make one shorter. Bring this one through and then, before looping it over like we did
with the last one, we’re just going to stick our hand in here
and grab it. Just right in the middle. And I’m going to move this so you can see. Open this up so it hangs like that and then this hangs over. This is a great way to really show the detailing
and really show the edging and you can just keep on pulling as thick
as you want it and as exaggerated as you want it It’s kind of similar to the first but shorter
and more compact Number eight is little different because we’re
actually going to tie the knot in the back. We want to play a little bit with the drape
of the fabric, so we’re going to drape it along the front
like this and let it hang to about where you want it. And we’re going to tie a simple knot… …and I’m going to have Carla turn around… just like you would any other knot. So you actually see the knot in the back and the drape folds in to a v in the front, so that way you get a 360 view of your pashmina. Number 9, again we’re going to play with the
knot in the back but the drape really is all about the front. You want to open it up. Let it hang forward, right here. Give yourself enough room to play with. And this side here we’re going to actually
twist the fabric and bring it right along the front, and hang it this way. And then, we’re going to go back to the bottom and bring it along the back, so we see the criss-cross here. And we’re going to turn her around and again the knot goes… bunny ears… Kind of like tying shoes… and make a nice, small, soft knot. You have a great drape in the font and a soft knot in the back. And if you don’t want to see the skin here
you can always play with the fabric and open it up… …the fabric underneath… …so everything is covered. The last way to tie your pashmina is very feminine, And we know how the femininity trend is huge
right now. So again, we’re going to drape it along her
neck. We’re going to make sure that it’s even and we’re going to tie a simple bow. Tie it a little. Not so tight. Make a loop. Wrap it around. And then we just want to pull on the sides
so it really exaggerates. And that’s great on the front, but really it’s more fun when you just pull
it off to the side. And you’re going to take this and drape it
over one shoulder, so it hangs that way. And that’s the final way to tie your pashmina, your diamond weave pashmina shawl. For more styling tips, and to view all of our pashminas, please visit us at

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  2. The girl who's wearing it is too good to try on different styles as even the worst style would suit her -_-

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  4. The model looked beautiful and sweet. I imagine it's challenging to look into camera lights while standing still for so long. Artful and helpful video for keeping warm and enjoying style. Great job!

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