How To Wear A Saree In 2 Minutes| Trick

How To Wear A Saree In 2 Minutes| Trick

30 Replies to “How To Wear A Saree In 2 Minutes| Trick”

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful video.

    I love sarees but was always baffled when tried to drape it at the last minute.

    This video has been my saviour for three functions ☺

  2. U were like an angel to me when I had to go to school wearing saree regularly for teaching…. Thank you so very much

  3. DO NOT! use safety pins!! They damage the fabric, and can open, hurting the wearer! A simple hand stitch, or measured snaps, are infinitely better options!! NO ONE WHO deals in fabric would advise the use of safety pins!

  4. Thanks, that doesn't look so hard to pull off! I hope I can wear my saree the right way 🙂

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