How to Wear a Seat Belt Properly

How to Wear a Seat Belt Properly

How to Wear a Seat Belt Properly. Seat belts save lives…but are you wearing
yours the right way? Size up yours for a safe ride. You will need A seatbelt Knowledge of proper
use An aftermarket restraint or extender (optional) (optional) (optional) and professional installation
(optional) (optional) (optional). Step 1. Sit in any of your vehicle’s seats and secure
the three-point harness in its buckle by pulling it across your body. If the seatbelt is too short, consider an
aftermarket restraint and extender. Make sure they meet federal safety standards
and are installed professionally. Step 2. Adjust the lower belt snuggly across your
lap and pelvis area — never your stomach. Pregnant women should wear the lap belt below
their belly, not on or above it. Step 3. Adjust the shoulder belt to fit comfortably
across the collarbone and chest. It should never rub on your neck or face. Never put the shoulder belt behind your back
or under your arm. Step 4. Check that the belt is secure before driving. Did you know Did you know? New Hampshire is the only state without a
seat belt law.

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  1. next time on howcast: how to wipe your ass properly.

    You will need:

    An ass.
    and knowledge of proper ass usage.

    thanks Howcast!!!

  2. HEY HOWCAST. Can you do a video on how to blink? My eyes are getting really dry and they're starting to burn. Love you long time!

  3. at least New Hampshire doesnt have crap vids like this on how to wear a seat belt cause they dont care….quite frankly, NEITHER DO I.

  4. you know the videos they make are based off viewer recomendations. so enough people recommended "how to properly use a seatbelt" so they made it.

  5. the ideas are based off viewers ideas actually, not theirs. so its people like us that dropped them messages requesting videos like this one.

  6. Really? Make a how to video on something more useful than how to wear a seatbelt. Its all prior knowledge for christ's sake!

  7. My mom was in a crash her suv rolled end over end and landed upside down if she had her seatbelt on she would not be alive. Wearing seatbelts is a money making scam!

  8. the main reason you shouldnt wear the seatbelt on your stomach is. that if you now crash. the force would crush your insides.

  9. New Hampshire is actually the only place in the world where the seatbelt isn't a mandatory requirement. You must wear your seatbelt in the UK but you don't have to wear it when reversing or manoeuvring a vehicle. You only have to wear it when actually driving, as this is when you go at 30 mph and beyond, which is where a crash would be squeaky bum time.

  10. Review penggunaan seat belt : saya rasa tutorial penggunaan seat belt ini sudah benar,yakni sabuk bahu sudah melewati bahu dan menuju dada,lalu sabuk pangkuan berada dibawah perut yakni tepat di pinggul.Lalu sabuk sudah dikunci pada gesper yg tepat,dia juga menyesuaikan panjang sabuk pangkuan dan dada agar sabuknya tidak longgar.Lalu sabuknya tidak dalam keadaan terlipat.dan untuk penggunaan seat belt pada ibu hamil juga sudah benar,karena sabuk pangkuan berada dibawah rahim.Lalu juga mencontohkan kalo penggunaan yg salah yaitu sabuk bahu tidak melewati bahu atau sabuk bahu mencekik leher.Secara keseluruhan totorial penggunaan seat belt ini sudah sesuai dengan materi yg sudah saya pelajari di sekolah.Sekian reviewnya(Achmad Cahyo N./XII TO2/02).

  11. peragaan penggunaan seat belt diatas sudah bagus dan diterangkan secara rinci ,dan dapat memberikan pengetahuan cara mengunakan seat belt dengan baik&benar untuk pengemudi dan penumpang yg belum tau.

  12. pengunaan sealt belt tersebut saya rasa sudah cukup bagus dan detail, di situ juga di sajikan akitbat salah mengunakan sealt belt

  13. This is fake and doesn't work. We did this and drove into a rock slide and like 3 of us got seriously hurt.

  14. I like How people are lying about safety of seatbelts because are not safe in fact they are actually very dangerous it specially if the vehicle should be on fire

  15. New Hampshire is very smart by not having a Seat belt that law It goes against people's constitutional rights by having a seatbelt law

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