How To Wear A Sport Coat

How To Wear A Sport Coat

Hey guys, what’s going on? This is Tripp from and today we’re talking about male fashion advice with Kimberly Seltzer.
She is a dating and makeover expert from And today on video number four, we’re talking
about how to wear a sport coat and a shirt, just like this. So here’s the thing about
sport coats. It goes back to if you watched the other video about your frame, it’s really
important to know your frame. Tripp has a very thin frame as you know and what’s important
for him is to have something that fits him really well. This jacket fits him amazingly
well. You also, by the way, could do a double breasted jacket. It’s not really trending
right now, so it’s not…Yeah I feel it looks better to do the two buttons. Yes. Double
breasted looks a little old. Yeah, it’s a little old. It’s a little old fashioned. However,
I’m just saying, you could handle it if it ever goes back in, whereas guys who are heavier
set should avoid that. So again, it’s all about adding bulk. The fact that he’s layering
it with a nice colored shirt underneath actually the pattern as well is creating a nice bulk
to him. You’ll also notice that if you want to turn around for your audience, the back
of his jacket is fitting him really well. You want to make sure that it’s hitting your
shoulders at a good length, because sometimes it will either be too baggy up here, it doesn’t
fit across the shoulder, but this is fitting him almost perfect without tailoring, but
I do want to mention, you can turn back around unless you want to do the rest of the video
turned… A lot of times, people who are smaller frame don’t want to worry about tailoring,
but the thing is you’ll have a better cut. I’d rather see you get something that fits
you all the other areas and just do a little bit of tailoring to make it that perfect fit.
Okay but what about guys who don’t have this thin frame. They’re a little bit bigger. What
are some tips for them so they can wear sport coats and shirts like this that will still
make them look good. Definitely. Well this style is still really good for bulkier men,
but I would definitely, if you want to take it off, definitely I would tend to wear it
open. Another thing about it is that see how he has his shirt tucked, you can again do
that because you have a smaller frame. For men who aren’t as thin, I would the shirt
out. And now here’s a clue for the shirt. If you want to take the shirt out, I want
to give you guys also about dress shirts, because I get this question all the time.
How do I know whether or not I tuck it in or out? The shirt itself can dictate it as
well. If you look on the side, can you see how it almost scallops right here? You see
how there’s almost like a V? That means that this shirt is meant to be either tucked in
or out, so you can definitely wear it out. If it goes all the way across, that means
that it’s a dress shirt and it’s supposed to be tucked in. So those are kind of my couple
tips for the day. One is about knowing about your body frame and what looks good on your
weight, your height, it’s what I talked about before, but also knowing exactly the kind
of shirt that you’re buying. That will help you. Okay, I love it. Kimberly, thanks again.
If you want to find out more about her, you can check her link in the description box
below. I’m Tripp from Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more
videos coming at you every single week. I’ll see
you soon.

21 Replies to “How To Wear A Sport Coat”

  1. Tailor that jacket PLEASE!!!!! it hurts my eyes to see such a bad fit and ugly skinny lapels!!!

  2. What about an athletic build? I'm 6 feet tall and 182 pounds pretty muscular and a 33 inch waist. How could I wear this style? Any feedback would help. I'm going to college soon and want to make a better impression for some situations. Thanks for your help!

  3. This is terrible advice. A Bum Freezer will make you look idiotic… The texture, style and colour of the coat don't fit the pattern of shirt, thin lapels for bigger blokes? Essentially anything she said is rubbish.

  4. Shirt tucked vs untucked 100% backwards. See:

    They also have a page on how a properly tailored suit should look like.

  5. That thing fits him horribly. I'm thin and I hate looking thin in a jacket. I wear American so it can put on some extra pounds

  6. Um , that jacket doesn't fit that guy at all , first thing I noticed was the huge bind leading to the top button and it all just went downhill into a train wreck from there . Word for the day DRAPING . I don't think the girl has ever heard of the term .

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