How to Wear a Square Scarf 10 Ways

How to Wear a Square Scarf 10 Ways

hi ladies today I'm going to teach you how to tie a square scarf ten different ways so today I'm going to be using a scarf that is 54 inches square so this is very similar to the blanket scarf that I demonstrated a few videos back so let's get right into it so first what you're going to do is take your square scarf take it by the corner and we're going to take it to the opposite corner and we're going to make a triangle with our scarf so we're just bringing the two ends together there and you see that now we have it into a triangle what you're going to do is take the corners and we are just going to roll this down and we're rolling it and we're going to make it essentially into a tube so there we go we've got the big square scarf now into a tube and you just put this around the back of your neck and now you've got a really cool printed scarf here in the front and it adds so much color to this outfit and it brings everything together so to go one step further take your scarf and we're just going to adjust it up here a little bit so we're making one end shorter and the other ones longer take the longer side and then bring that up around and you've got another way here to wear your scarf now take your middle part like yours of your scarf take it down just a little bit now we're going to do the pretzel so you take one side and I chose the smaller side take this over now you've created this pocket and you're going to bring the other side over top of all of them and slip that right through and you've got a nice cool look here in the front so that's called the pretzel okay now the next tie that I'm going to do is this is a this is kind of a fun one and what I'm going to do is I'm just going to leave it in the Triangle and all you do with this one is you're just going to roll it oh I don't know maybe about 25% and then just take this and put this on the back on your back and now you've got cool color here if it's chilly out you've got your arms covered a little bit and now if you see in the back it's you know we've got the little pretty V back there so you know if you again if it's chilly or something like that this is a nice way to wear your scarf okay so now if you like the vlookup your scarf into the Triangle and we're going to roll it down and this time we're going to roll it probably about I'm going maybe 75% so as you can see I have it like that now just take the V and put that here in the front bring your two tails back around so you could wear your scarf just like this this is a nice pretty look with this scarf now if you want to go a couple steps further and kind of spice this up a little bit you can take your two ends here and let's go ahead and we just tie this to the front so you want to leave that down and let's just go ahead and tie this okay there we go we've just tied that to the front right over top of the V and and I always suggest like whenever you're putting your scarves on make sure to just kind of like you'll notice I keep fussing with it because all the scarves are doing four kinds of fabrics and so they all lay a little bit differently so I'm always fussing with mine after I tie it okay so if you've got that way now another way when you keep it here and the V so we've got it like that is we're going to do the pretzel so this is really cool take your take your one side again you're going to bring it over top and you can see I made that pocket and you're going to take this and bring that over that way okay so then you've got the pretzel within I guess the triangle so you have that look and let's go ahead and undo that now here's another cool look that I love that you can do is just take one side and we're just going to make a knot and once it's not I'm actually going to make it loose and I'm going to make it a little bit lower you can put the knot wherever you want but for this one I mean you could put the nut actually clear up here if you wanted to but I like this one a little bit lower and then if you want you can kind of tuck that down just kind of depends on how you want to wear it another way you can wear your scarf is the kimono style so what you do is you take your scarf and we're just going to bring it here and fold it in half and what I'm going to do is I'm just going to tie the ends together so I'm going to make little knots right here on that and I'm going to bring it over here down and I'm going to tie these two ends and a small little knot okay there we go and what you do now so you've got yourself a little jacket so I'm going to put this on and you can wear this out in the evening if it says hot summer night and you just want a little something to put over but you didn't want anything you know too bulky this is a great way to kind of pull an outfit all together but yet kind of you know if you want some coverage in the back or if you needed your arms covered this is a great little way to wear this square scarf okay now I'm going to go ahead and untie this and I'm going to demonstrate the next tie which I call the celebrity tie so if you watched my blanket scarf video I did the celebrity tie in that one too but what you do with this scarf is you're just going to hold it here by one corner so I've got it here and I'm going to take it and I'm just leaving it really long now I'm just going to drape it on my back a but neck and then just keep bringing this around and then what you do is you just take and just tie this and this you'll notice like um like you know when celebrities that are coming off the plane and or they're in the airport and you know get their photos taken by one of those magazines and always have these you know scarves wrapped up around their necks and it's like really chunky looking so this is what that one is and again I'm just kind of fussing with it because I like I like this to be kind of all together okay so that's the the celebrity way that you can wear this square scarf okay and then let's go into the last two ways that you can wear a square scarf so the next one is very very basic very easy so when all else fails and you can't remember how to tie your square scarf all you do with this tie is you're just folding it in half so you can see I just folded it in half and you just drape this around so you have it just right around your arms and it covers your back and again it looks like a jacket it's really really super cute okay and then the left tie that you can do with this is take your scarf put it into a triangle okay so we're going to put it into another triangle like this and then what you do is you take the corner and you're just going to wrap that down okay so I'm just wrapping that down and I'm only going to go I don't know let's say maybe 50% then you take this and then just put this over your shoulders okay so the difference between this way and the one that we did earlier in the video is that the first one that I did in a video the triangle was to the back but this one now it's squared off in the back so if you just want to do it's just over your shoulders and just a little bit on your arms this is a great way to wear your square scarf okay and that's it ladies that's ten ways to wear a square scarf I hope you liked this video and if you have any suggestions or comments please leave those below I would love to hear from you see you on the next video

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  1. Very nice video. I have tons of scarves and never wore them because I couldn't get the hang of it. Love my look today with my pretty square scarf!

  2. The weight and material really matters. Wished youโ€™d tell us what the fabric is so when we are buying it on line…So clear the way you explain it. Itโ€™s the best Iโ€™ve seen. Thank you.. LOve your colors

  3. A very good video. One of the best Ive seen and I sell vintage and other preowned scarves! ๐Ÿ‘

  4. Just found your videos and loving them. Can you share the best scarf ties for plus size women?

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