Hi everyone today, I’m going to show you the different ways to wear a trench coat I have this classic Burberry inspired trench coat that I’ll be styling in five ways I’m Monica a Canadian fashion blogger helping women elevate their style on a budget Because looking good does not have to break the bank on my channel I do shopping hauls styling tips outfit ideas and talk about trends to give you fashion Inspiration if that’s what you’re into then definitely hit subscribe The first way to wear a trench coat is the classic way that’s having the buttons done all the way up With the storm flap showing over top This is great when it is actually raining to stay dry and also keep warm I love the military look of this Fun fashion fact the trench coat does have its roots in the army and the classic trench coat is very much reminiscent of that I’ve got the belt looped around as opposed to tied up wearing the trench coat this way is a really powerful look I think you know you definitely feel like a girl boss you feel empowered you feel stylish and it doesn’t really matter what your outfit is underneath you could be wearing leggings and boots or a pair of jeans and Because you don’t really see the outfit you just look sophisticated, and you look powerful I think this is a really flattering way to wear a trench coat because the belt does cinch in your waist and it gives you a nice silhouette while also just looking really professional and Classy the second way to style a trench coat is what I call the elegant way here We have the collar down and the belt tied There are different ways I’ve seen to tie a trench coat Some people do a bow tie Perhaps with just one of the loops showing I just have a very simple knot here Just super easy to do but You know there are different ways that you can do the tie if you want something that looks a little bit different Or a little bit more elegant – then this kind of more casual way that I’ve got going on here This is actually my most preferred way to wear a trench coat It’s easy, but also looks very elegant I like having the neck exposed at the top it allows you to show off a little bit of your outfit or accessories perhaps Necklaces or a scarf and just allows you to add that element to your outfit It has a more relaxed feel to it than the classic military way, but also Looks very elegant The third way to look cute in a trench coat is by wearing it the casual way and this look the trench coat is Unbuttoned and the belt is tied in the back this cinches in the waist Allowing those curves to show through it’s very flattering and avoids that boxy Rectangular look that you can get often with coats Especially ones that perhaps are oversized or a thicker material like wool. This is great for warm days and dry days of course and The best part is it allows you to show off your outfit Even while wearing a simple pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt for example throwing on a trench coat Really elevates your look while still keeping that casual more relaxed style The fourth way to wear a trench coat is the trendy way so this is very similar to the casual look We’ve kept the buttons undone here, but The difference with this look is that the sleeves are pushed up? so this is fun because it allows your Sleeves to show through or if you’re wearing a shorter top than your bare arms so again We’re just increasing the casualness of this look, but it also to me. It feels very trendy I call it the trendy way because it is very fashionable to bunch up the sleeves like that bunching up the sleeves in this way is a little bit more difficult with this trench coat because it is more fitted and The material doesn’t really Stick to much so this would work better with the trench coat that was perhaps a cotton-blend And perhaps a bit of an oversized feel another cool thing that you can do here is to pop the collar I do feel that this is a very trendy way of wearing a coat and just Gives it another element of style it gives the trench coat a different look. It’s fun You can show off the the print if there is one underneath the collar What I like about styling the trench coat this way is that it makes it look like a blazer? And I love the versatility of that look for what is a classic trench coat I feel wearing it this way with the sleeves bunched up And the collar popped gives it a very youthful more edgy or fun street vibe And that’s what I like about this look The fifth and final way to style a trench coat is The Cape style this of course is just throwing the trench coat over your shoulder This is perfect for a date night, or if you are going out on the town You’re showing off as much of your outfit as possible But you’re still having a little bit of coverage and something to keep you warm This looks so elegant and sophisticated It’s really fun wearing a coat this way It’s of course not the most practical and you’re not going to be wearing it this way when you’re on Public transit or walking on the street or whatever this is just a really simple way to throw their coat over your shoulders While still showing off your outfit and having that little bit of layer and that warmth over your shoulders The trench coat for me is definitely a staple piece of outerwear because of the versatility of it look at all these different ways that you can wear a trench coat from a very casual way to date night to a more professional setting know that you can tie the belt in a number of different styles you can button up the code in different styles or Leaving a buttoned, and it looks good in whatever way you choose to wear it I just think this style of classic trench coat is so beautiful and so flattering for everyone I Personally love the beige color of this coat it goes with pretty much anything which is wonderful It’s lightweight. It’s water-resistant, but it’s also heavy enough of a material that it adds warmth What’s your favorite way to trench coat which styling tip? Did you like best? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear from you guys if this video helped you out Then do hit the like button and for more fashion inspiration to help you elevate your style on a budget subscribe to my channel if you guys are loving this trench coat as much as I am then you’ll definitely want to watch the unboxing and Tryon for this Burberry inspired trench coat next


  1. Monica, I really LOVE the ways your style your trench coat !!!! My FAVORITE ways of your styling are the classic and elegant ways. No matter how you style your trench coat, you still look VERY SEXY when you wear it!!!

  2. AliExpress brought me here, I have never bought anything from there, but I am looking for a quality trench coat for a cheaper price and I came to your review. I’m very short 5’2” and 34 c /28. And I usually wear topshop US 8/UK 12 )and other Small depending on the brand( free people(s)/loft (s) … do you think XL would be right, since you are size 8 too? I’d appreciate if you helped me on this.. and you look wonderful ❤️

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