HOW TO WEAR A WIG | Alexa’s Wig Series #1

HOW TO WEAR A WIG | Alexa’s Wig Series #1

Hi everybody! It is finally time to kick off a series that
has been a long time coming here on my channel. A wig care series! In this series, I will show you some basics
of how I care for my wigs, um, how I style my wigs and how I clean my wigs
and all kinds of things! And this will be an on-going series, so if you have any wig questions – from
very basic to more advanced – that you would like to see addressed in this
series, please leave them in the comments below! Before we even start this series, I think that it is important to mention the
wigs used in all of these demos are nice mid-range wigs. They are not super expensive full lace human
hair wigs. But they are also not cheap party store wigs
either. Wig quality goes a long way and makes a big
difference when it comes to how you care for your wig. Usually nicer quality wigs are easier to care
for and will last longer. So keep that in mind when you’re trying to
decide what wig to buy. I will link all of the wigs used in these
demos in the description boxes below the video. All of the wigs used in this series are synthetic
wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs or RockStar Wigs. And I do have discount codes to both of those
brands. The code changes a lot so it depends when
you watch this video. If you are watching it now, like right when
I upload it, the discount code is Alexa10 and will get
you 10% off. But it does change a lot. Sometimes it goes
up to 15, 20, or even 25% off, so, um, you can try putting those in and see
if they work if you’re watching this video at a later time. And the last thing before we finally start
this series is I just want to say that these videos are about
how I care for my wigs. This is not to say that this is the only way
to care for wigs. Just how I like to do it. You may do things a different way, and that
is totally fine too! If you have advice or suggestions for others
about how you care for your wigs, feel free to leave them in the comments below. I love to see you guys helping each other
out in the comments. It makes me very happy. But please keep your comments positive and
respectful because this channel is a nice happy place.
Ok? Ok! Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get started on the most basic of basic
wig tutorials. How to wear a wig! So, let’s start off with wig caps! I use these two different kinds of wig caps. This kind which is a sheer stocking cap. These are usually the easiest to find and are almost always the cheapest option, but they’re actually my least favorite kind
for holding my hair back because they tend to slip off of my head a little
bit more than some of the others but hey – it works if it’s all you have. Usually if I am going to use this kind, I
will use it over top of a netted one if I’m worried about the cap showing through,
like, a thin wig. This full cap will cover up the netted pattern
and give a more solid look, a little bit closer to what your head would
look if it were bald. And another reason that I don’t like them
as much is that the stocking caps are also much hotter than
the netted ones, which makes sense if you think about it. Air can get through the netted cap, but gets
trapped inside this full stocking cap. So, if you can get your hands on the netted
ones, they are better in my opinion. These are the ones I wear most of the time. You can get wig caps online or at your local
beauty supply store. To prep my hair to go underneath a wig cap, I will do one of three things: pull my hair into a low ponytail at the base
of my head, put it in a low bun, or braid it and twirl it up and pin it flat
to my head. I don’t think any of these methods are particularly
better than the next one, so try them out and go with whichever one
holds your hair up the best. This is all I do to prep my hair for an every
day kinda wig wearing experience. You know, going to the store, going to school,
going out to eat, whatever. Nothing that is really too demanding. But if you are planning to be very active
with your wig on, like if you are a performer, or a dancer,
or a cosplayer, or a LARPer, I will link you to a video that is helpful
for more advanced hair prep. But for my normal, uneventful day-to-day life,
this is all I do. Now we’ve made it to actually putting on the
wig cap. Because I’ve been wearing wig for over six
years, this is totally second nature to me, but I
will try to break it down as best I can. The stretchy band is always going to go along
your hair line. That band is there to hold the cap in place
so that it doesn’t slide off of your head. Okay, so one way to do it is to put both of
your hands into the cap, stretch it out a little bit and pull it over
your head. And then I just push all of my hair up into
the cap and make any adjustments that I need to, and I just kinda smush my hair around to make
it as flat as I can. And then I free my ears from the wig cap. And you’re good! That’s it! Another way that I do it that is a bit more
fun only works if your cap is not completely closed off on
the top. If both ends are open, you can stretch it
out and pull it down around your neck. And you’ll want your hair on the outside
of the cap, so pull it through. And then I put the stretchy band up near my
hairline. Hold it in place if you need to because you
want it to stay put. Then I take the other end of the open cap
and pull it up. When you pull it up, it should automatically
catch all your hair in the cap. Again, you can smush your hair all around
from your ponytail or braid or whatever all around to make it as flat
to your head as possible. Even though my hair is long, it’s relatively
thin so I don’t have much trouble getting it into a wig cap. I do get asked all the time about how to do
this if you have super long, super thick hair. And obviously I can’t demo this for you
because my hair isn’t like that, but I will link you to a video of someone
who does have hair like that. Basically, you can stack more and more wig
caps on top of each other to contain and flatten your giant hair. Here’s
the video. Okay, so now that my hair is all up in a wig
cap, I can put on my wig. But before I do that, I want to show you some
of the features of the newer caps from Gothic Lolita Wigs, so I’m going to switch from this Classic
Wavy that I was wearing earlier, which is an older wig to a Baby Dollight which
is new. Stay with me here. First I’ll start by adjusting the cap to
fit my head. Ever wonder what these little straps in the
wig cap are for? Well, that’s it! Leaving the straps unhooked will give you
the biggest size. And you can shrink down the size of the cap
by hooking these little straps into the notches in the base by the tag. The closer to the center that you hook them, the smaller the cap will get. Or if you have a REALLY small head, uh, like
if a child wants to wear the wig, you can even cross them over and hook them
on the opposite side to make it much, much smaller. I feel like I should note that not every wig
in the world has an adjustable cap size, so this may not apply to your wig. I’ve also seen a drawstring type thing on
other wig brands, and that has the same general purpose for
sizing the cap. The other thing I want to show you while this
wig is off my head are these little combs. Most of the newer Gothic Lolita Wigs have
them. They are amazing because once you have the
wig on your head, you can just push these little combs into
your hair and it will help hold the wig onto your head
way more securely. Okay, so now that we have the inside of the
cap covered, let’s put it on! There are lots of different ways to put wigs
on. There is the flip method, where you put your
head down, hold the front of the wig on your hairline, and then pull the cap over your head and over
your ponytail, push in the clips, and then whoooosh. Flip
your head over. Then you brush out the bangs. Style it however
you want. I don’t usually put my wigs on this way
unless it’s a little short boy cut or something, but people do this with long styled wigs all
the time. Uh, it’s not really my favorite, but hey.
Whatever works for you. The way I do usually do it… it is hard to
explain. You kinda just… put it on. I take my hands inside the cap, put the front of the wig at the hairline and
just pull the wig on. I realize that it’s super hard to see what
I’m doing with this giant wig, so let’s try it again and switch to a bob
for a minute. Starting with the wig behind my head, I pull
it on. At this point, I’m not really worried about
the back being situated quite yet. I usually start with the front, but that’s
just my preference. Once I have it pulled up far enough, I take
the little clip in the front of the cap, and push it into my hair. Then I take the back of the cap and pull it
down over my ponytail. Once it feels like it’s covering the whole
back of my head, I take the two clips at the base of the cap, and push those into my hair to lock it in
place. If you are having trouble placing the wig, like you don’t know where the part is supposed
to be or if the wig is straight, you can use these little flaps that are by
the ears – these aren’t always flaps that come way down, but you should be
able to tell the general shape of where the cap cuts back around the temple
area – and straighten the wig out that way. You’ll want to straighten the wig out before
you push the combs into your hair so that you’re not pulling your hair when
you try to adjust it. But once ya got it where ya want it, go ahead
and push those little combs in. You can add additional security by putting
bobby pins all throughout your wig, uh, through the cap and locking into your
hair, but I normally skip that step unless I have a really big day planned. Then just brush out the bangs and style it
if you want to! That’s it! Have fun wearing your wig! Okay, so I know that that was all so tedious
and long, but that was me TRYING to break it all down
for you. Like, really digging there. In reality, putting on a wig is sooo much
faster for me, um, than trying to style or do anything with my
own natural hair. The more you wear wigs, the faster you can
put them on confidently and securely. It just takes a little bit of practice to
get used to it. I hope this tutorial has helped some of you
who have just gotten a wig for the first time, or if you have been thinking about getting
a wig but you had no clue how to wear it, oooor even if you have been wearing wigs forever
– I hope you picked up some new tips from this
video. Thank you so much for watching! If you learned something or if you just liked
this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so that you don’t
miss any upcoming videos in this series. Next up, we have “How to Brush a Wig” so stay
tuned for that video! Thanks again so much for watching. I’ll see
you next time. Bye!

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