hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I'm going to share with you guys this balm wick do you like it though let's go okay so this week is from my first wink calm and it came in this beautiful box as well as with this super cute bag that says quality wigs for baking so cute that being said this feel is gonna be for you you who wants to wear a wig has no idea where to start but you want to join this like don't worry I got you so what's under your wig is super super important it needs to be extremely flat at the top that's a dead giveaway you got a hunk going on at the top everybody knows it's a wig so this is a preferred braid up that I absolutely love and live by but if you can't breathe and you need to get yourself a low bun and one of these caps to keep your stuff flat and nice and luckily when you order away from my first wig calm you get this little kit here that comes with your cab it comes with some clips it comes with your tail comb with a mannequin heads down and your essential bobby pins okay so when you get the wig fresh out of the package it will always look super Wiki never judge it based on that first initial trial we're gonna make this look fabulous because this is for ultimate beginners we're not going to even get into trying to customize the entire hairline because if you're a true true true true beginner who is intimidated with all that stuff then all that is just going to scare you and you might mess up the wig so let's just let's just start somewhere let's start with a full lace wig but we're going to focus on the main part that we part so I'm going to go right ahead and I'm going to cut off Elise so I know there's a lot of people who are actually afraid to cut the lace themselves don't worry don't be alarmed just follow the hairline the hairline is given to you it's a guy take your time and just slowly cut right along that hairline all right so now once you've cut off your legs it's time to try it on again for fit you can see what kind of adjustments that you need to make and where you'll need to put your bags it's now we're trying on for fit so for me it's it's too big right here right so I'm going to add a band inside right in here to allow it to fit right back here I'm actually going to measure from here to here where the band's going to actually be sitting and then I'm just going to remove an inch from that that will give me good tension and now that I have my measurement I'm going to sew just beneath that little flap right there on each side so you can see this is the first type that I did and then I sewed the next piece onto the other side really straightforward it's simple all right forehead to the front strap back took the clip in flip it up now I'm just making sure that everything is sitting good my braids are tucked in and I'm going to let that little flap sit in front of my ears and now I'm going to find my middle part which I'm a middle part girl so if your side part girl do that side part but I'm going to focus on the middle because that's where I'll mainly wear this unit okay now let's talk about positioning where exactly in your hairline should it sit some people have smaller foreheads like my form is not very big so I don't have that much room but if I put my frontal in front of my hairline like my wig in front of my hairline like this it just doesn't look as natural because I don't have any more curve in my forehead but if I shift it back just a little bit sit right on top of my hairline kind of leaving out it just a tad bit of my baby hair then I find it makes a world of a difference it's off my face a little it's not as heavy and it's a lot as Planet of the Apes pitch you know I'm saying so once you've found your preferred part it's time to lock it in so the best way to do that is to wet it what's the frontal went the closure and that's going to help you direct the hair in the right position and allow it to lay as flat as you would like another option is to also use styling moves and that as well will help to keep the hair in place so after you've used your liquid of choice it's time to dry it so you're going to dry it in place and make sure that all the net top is nice and flat it's coming together okay now we're get and close and clean up this part so you see I'm just taking out the little hairs that are in the way that are not making my part look as defined and I'm setting it up to then use my tweezers and pluck out just little hairs along that path you don't want to overdo it you just want to take one or two hairs and then move along to the back move towards the back so one or two hairs towards the back towards the back I don't like to do a perfectly clean straight part just because my own hair never parts that way so I might as well do it as close to what my natural hair would look like as possible so at this point I pulled the wig further down onto my forehead reason being because my forehead allows me to see right through the lace to see where I need to remove little hairs you can see right there I need to kind of remove those pieces so I don't wear it there but I do pull it down just so that my scalp kind of shows through a bit more to help me tweeze better see that just take your time take your time don't go ham on this take one little hair at a time reposition it and then check in and come back don't do too much because unless you're into ventilating you ain't putting it back so when it's gone it's gone so after you've tweezed your part of it I'm just going to comb out the extra hair there see all that does look like you're taking out much but you're taking out a lot so be careful now it's time to shifter back next up I take my Beauty Blender that has old product I do not put any new products on it and I just lightly Pat it and you see that spot right there that's super light that's where the lace changes in the wig so see I'm adding pigment there just so it looks a little bit more like my skin and not like a weird as she like gray then I take the little flaps that I placed right before my ear and I flip them under and tuck them right back underneath the wig so this is not useful right now to you especially because you're just starting out and you're not gonna be tweezing your whole hairline so not don't really mean you could cut them off if you like but I like to just tuck them in one of the great benefits of a full lace wig is that it's so flat look at that flat that is – my head and although this week is war just long I got a little spontaneous and I was like yeah I'm gonna get it awesome so I did if you guys want a video on how I cut this look it's really easy it's really quick I can make a different video for that but yes cut it off and then I decided to waive her honey with this Conner curling art I will have the name of this curling iron in the description box below because it is the best cheap curling iron I will say that I have ever bought so you guys can read the description box where they pull on this crowing as well as all of the details regarding this wig and to find out how you get faceful shut down on me alright guys I'm in love what does look right lokah fall is my time to Jack it up with the color I want to be like the leaves outside it changed tones oh I love it alright guys that is all for today thank you so much for watching don't forget to hit that subscribe button over there where all the magic happens as well as you guys can follow me on snapchat Instagram or just Instagram because now really don't use neck head anymore to be honest and what else comes alone let me know what you guys want to see in my next video I have a lot of stuff on the way I've been m.i.a for a while but I'm back honey I'm back I'm back but look all right guys love you mmm knows me


  1. I have a question i never wear a wig before and i always was natural (like my entire family) just to say that i dont know anyyyything about wig,i just bought one that i love but there is a smell on it that is awfull i wash it spray it but this smell is still there who can help me from France

  2. @makeba —- i feel a bit pressured by these women trying to sell me wigs and idk what they're talking about. i want a very natural style especially around the forehead with baby hair and a part that doesn't look severe. is a full lace front what i want? btw i love your wig…i'm tired of the "Ronald McDonald". It's nice to see a hot ombré that's a deeper rouge. it looks very classy.

  3. Thank you. Ive been trying to find a video where I can understand how to add the elastic! By the way LOVE this wig after you cut it!!!

  4. I'm interested in learning about lace front wigs and the color this wig is beautiful. But she wasted damn near a minute posing.. can somebody tell me why these YouTubers spend so much time trying to be extra..just get to the damn point! 🙄

  5. You had to sew in a band, pluck it, tuck in front sections, and cut it. They need to change their name from my first wig bc that ain’t for beginners.

  6. Thank you!!! I am soo scared of having to wear a wig due to fallout, I haven't been able to find anyone who broke it down like this!

  7. Everybody complaining about the price must’ve never bought bundles and had somebody make them a wig before 😭

  8. I'm in the parking lot of my local beauty supply googling wigs like "how tf do i do dis?!" and your video answered everythingggg. You over here saving lives

  9. Just starting out with wigs. This is a good first step video, especially how you discussed the band.

  10. I dont even know anyone that wears a wig, but somehow I ended up watching this video and I have NO REGRETS! Girl, you are gorgeous!!! And entertaining 😊

  11. Thank you! So beautiful and with a calming and reassuring voice! Amazing instruction, I have watched it three times now and will watch again when the wigs come! I have been to the website to get ready for my first purchase. Your prices are hundreds cheaper than the synthetic wigs we have here and yours look amazing. I've got the starter kit in the cart too. Thank you again for a happy video 🙂

  12. This is the best how to wear a wig for the first time video I've seen! I am brand new girl you definitely helped me in a very simple fun way!

  13. I bought my first wig from a shop in town for $60….why would anyone pay nearly $200 or more for their first wig?!?! Holy cow!! Also, the store owners helped me pick mine out very nicely and told me NOT to pluck the part!! They say too many youtubers tell people to do that and it's wrong. I think adding concealer is much more ideal, but hey….to each their own I guess?

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