How to wear Bandhani Saree |Dolly Jain|

How to wear Bandhani Saree |Dolly Jain|

so hi my beautiful friends this is Dolly
Jain this side and today I’ll be teaching you how to drape a bandhani saree
which is half crushed and half open. Ao yeah, so this is the bandhani saree and from
this side it’s open as I told you I’m teaching you how to drape a sari which
is half crush and half open so the crushed part is on the Pala and this is
the open part so you just do your basic tuck and I’m just finishing off with my
tuck the key to wear a perfect bandhani sari
is, don’t pull the saree too much, I mean just let it go as per the flow because
if you pull too much then you open your bandhani, after you’ve done that, see this
is the crushed part, this is full open I mean till here they’ve kept it full open
and beyond this it’s crushed so the crushed part what you do is
come and tuck it here and tuck the rest also like this. okay after that what you do
yep you start making pleats of your yeah see this is how you make pleats after you’ve done this
I always request you all to add a safety pin here so that the pleats you know the
pleats doesn’t go haywire so after you’ve done come here and just remove this part
of the sari and tuck it right below your navel, this, so after you have tucked the
whole pleat inside what you have to do is this fabric that we left here goes in
yeah and you have to tuck this fabric from here with the other fabrics this
way and take this rest it on your shoulders pull as much as you can from here now
after you’ve done this just take this place it on your shoulders and add a pin
behind normally when you are doing a pleated sari you put the pin on the
shoulders on top I mean right at the shoulder joint but when you’re doing an
open palla you put it little bit behind after you’ve done that just take the
sari from here and rest this on your arms and you’re good to go

33 Replies to “How to wear Bandhani Saree |Dolly Jain|”

  1. Aapka sari draping ka style bahut achha hai mam hum hamesa waise hi pehante h aur kisi aur ko bhi pahna lete h tnks mam🙏

  2. Beautiful new logo design, Miss Dolly! – The saree silhouette on the D.
    I appreciate the mix of endearing, less formal videos that are filmed in your home and this type that are beautifully professionally produced.

  3. Absolutely Stunning 😍😍 Ma'am can you also please do a tutorial on how you did the saree drape for Isha Ambani on Akash Ambani's wedding day. (The Pink lehenga which she wore) 😊

  4. Hello mam.. m a beginner in saree draping n a follower of all ur draping videos.. m having a problem n I know no better person than u to solve it… Vnever I try to drape saree the first pleet doesn't go straight bt goes to side towards my right.. vt m doing wrong …plz help

  5. An Indian silhouette which was a compulsion for a women to wear u made it so versatile n open minded concept like any other clothes!!! Hats off to u mam n keep going n inventing new ideas to drape a saree☺️👍

  6. Many times when I drape a heavy border embroidered saree. It sometimes gets folded . The border across the body folds from below and gives a shabby look. In a open palla saree. How can I prevent it?

  7. Where did you buy the kurta that you are wearing..please let me know.. I am searching for this type since long… Thanks in advance..

  8. Is there a way to create a similar look using an “Infinity Dress”? I’m attending my first Indian wedding this week and would like to use a dress I already own to save money!

  9. Ms. Dolly it is a request next time take a model who is of your shape.
    This will help the ladies who are healthy to understand how to drape it

  10. I love all your saree draping styles.Can you please show how to wear a Gujarati style saree. I have a wedding to attend this June I will really appreciate your help.

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