How to wear Cufflinks, and how to modify your shirt to use them

How to wear Cufflinks, and how to modify your shirt to use them

Hey, everybody, it’s Andrew Esquivel here
and today I’m going to show you how to wear cufflinks. I’m going to tell you a secret
that most people don’t realize when trying to wear cufflinks: not all dress shirts for
men are made to wear cufflinks. Which means, if you’re the average Joe like me, you’re
not going to realize that. And I’m going to explain to you why. What I have here is
a shirt from the brand “Arrow” and as you can see one side has a cufflink, the other
does not. Let me explain to you why this shirt is not made for cufflinks. On this side we
have the cufflink. If you look closely, you’ll see that there is four layers. One, two, three,
four. Four layers. That’s because if you take a shirt and you fold it like you’re
supposed to, the cuff is supposed to fold. [Folding the shirt sleeve] You fold it nice
and neat. And instead of folding it like that you are supposed to have it flat like that.
As you can see the other side is like that. Moving back to here, this is the part where
I explain why most shirts aren’t made for cufflinks. You have got the four layers, but
as you noticed, only two of the four layers are capable of having holes. To modify, you
have to cut this button off and then you’re going to have to make a hole through the other
two inner layers to go all the way through, so that it comes out here. And that is how
you put a cufflink in. Some shirts are made to wear cufflinks, so they already have four
holes ready. If you, like me, have a bunch of shirts that don’t have the holes, then
you have to make a quick modification. It can be done with a single pair of scissors
within a minute. Going into more detail about what it looks like when you modify the shirt
– I’m going to take this cufflink off. As you see it just slides right off, it’s
a modern cufflink where you push down like that and you get the cufflink. So this was
the original hole and down here is where the button used to be. I took it off, made a hole,
and then above it there’s a hole. And right here, there’s another hole, on top of that,
of course, is the original hole for the button to go through. Once you have made those holes
with whatever method you choose, you simply slide the cufflink through all the holes and
sometimes it’s a little tricky. Keep going through each one of the layers and once you
are through all the layers you turn it and voila – you have a cufflink. It’s not
going to look perfect if you do it yourself, because it’s a mediocre job. !!! That’s
because I made a quick job out of it, it’s nothing special. I’d say take it to a tailor.
So you do that with the shirts that are not made for cufflinks. And once you do it, it’ll
be fine. However, big note: when you’re buying a shirt, you’re probably going to
be like me: you put the shirt on and you think: “It ends on my wrist – it must be the perfect
size.” No. If you want to wear a cufflink, you have to fold it, which means it’s going
to be a few inches shorter than when it hits your wrist. To give you an example, it’s
going to be right here, because when you fold it, that’s how it works. If you unfold it,
it reaches your wrist, you fold it – it doesn’t. So when you’re buying a shirt,
make sure that when it’s unfolded, it at least comes a few inches above your wrist,
because that way when you fold it, it compensates and then fits your wrist perfectly. If you
don’t do that, you will end up with what I did and it will be this short and it’s
not going to feel very comfortable and it’s not going to look good under the suit. There
are a few tips for you and that’s how you make an easy modification to your shirt for
cufflinks. [Folding] And there you go, once again, that is the flatten part without the
cufflink, this is the flatten part with the cufflink. A lot of videos on Youtube do not
tell you what just told you, because they’re assuming you have shirts that are already
designed to wear cufflinks. None of my shirts are made to wear cufflinks [laughs], so I
thought this might be an informative video for a bunch of you, guys, who never really
wear cufflinks. So, I hope it was informative, hope it helped. If you have any questions,
put them in the comments, maybe I’ll know. Thanks for watching, guys. Please rate, comment,
subscribe if you like. I do a lot of informational videos, and thanks for watching.

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  1. Moral of the story: DO NOT RUIN A GOOD SHIRT by trying to turn a typical button cuff into a French cuff. Anyone with half a brain will immediately recognize this sort of foolishness due to the oddly shortened sleeve placket, interior stitching, messy (unfused) interior fabric, fraying self-cut holes, and inevitable improper sleeve length. French cuffs are made quite differently from button cuffs and simply turning “normal” cuffs inside-out will not magically create French cuffs.

  2. Further, you cannot poke a hole through any sort of fabric and expect the alteration to last – the weave will completely come apart upon laundering if the hole is not properly sewn and finished. If you want to wear cufflinks, you need to buy a shirt that is specifically made to accept them (either double French cuffs or single / convertible cuffs).

  3. LOL – do you paint your suits with black sharpie marker when you need a tuxedo too? Just buy a shirt with french cuffs. Cufflinks aren't a redneck fixit job. They're a formal accessory.

  4. I'm glad you made this video. I need to modify a tuxedo shirt that does not have the cuff hole ready made. wow! go firgue.

  5. for koopa's sake, don't go slicing up your shirts with scissors and buying shirts with 3-4 extra inches of sleeves. just buy tailored or off the rack french cuff shirts. wearing accessories like cufflinks is practically an invitation to others to check you out and see if you're in the club, so to speak. this unholy monstrosity will only get you laughed at.

  6. If you look further up the sleeve of the shirt there is usually another botton through which you can place the cufflink by folding over the cuff and unbotton the botton to expose it's hole. I will try and post a video.

  7. You really should just buy a french cuff shirt. It's not hard to find a french cuff that will properly fit you. Why go through all this trouble?

  8. I agree. This guy has made a total mockery of the "French Cuff" styled shirt. I waisted six minutes thinking this fool may have finally told his viewers that this is NOT the right way because the seam shows at the bottom of the cuff. This is proof not all things on YOU TUBE are good. Don't waist your time watching this nonsense. He was even afraid to show his face.

  9. This guy is as he said himself "an average Joe" and he wanted to show how to modify your own shirts, DIY.
    Oh, and not showing his face has nothing to do with the instructions. I find it more pleasant in this angle to view the details. His face is not important.

  10. When a shirt is designed for cuff links, it's called a French cuff. Thought that might be useful since he didn't say it once in the video.

  11. Thank you for the info just bought some cufflinks and of course my shirt didn't come with the hole so I'm gonna use my scissors right now so I look cool

  12. and its spelled as WASTE. Waist is what u have as a size for your pants and so on. If you are gonna be a bandwagon about something, at least a bit of decency in spelling please! thanks. 🙂

  13. This is why when you go to buy a dress shirt, and you want a shirt that you're able to wear cufflinks withs.. you ask the sales clerk if they carry shirts with french cuffs.

  14. Not all shirts that use cufflinks have to be french cuff (with the fold over) some just have 2 holes. Look at shirts by Bergamo New York for instance.

  15. I'm afraid you don't know about it either. 
    French cuffs (the ones that you fold back) are made for cuff links and will come with the needed 4 holes. The one you're showing off here is called a double button barrel cuff which means that is meant to be fit by the outermost button and the second should be showing. No cuff-links. 
    Look for french cuffs or singel cuffs when you want to wear cuflinks, those are the only 2 made for it.

  16. Why not just buy shirts that are are made for cuff links and will come with the needed 4 holes. These French Cuffs shirts that folds back to fit an array of Cuff-Links – Average price for a French Cuff Shirt starts from $15,00 to $125 for  quality wear. Look for french cuffs or single cuffs when you want to wear cuff-links. Nice expensive Cuff-Links goes with Nice expensive Shirts. Shirts that are Double Button Barrel Cuff are a cheap way to get by if you were hand down a shirt from your big brother – or got it from Good Will – However Shirt designers are miming the French Cuff So they give you the fit by wearing shirts for the second to be showing. You can buy buttons that Looks Like Cuff links, with gold and stone inlays  Would you buy ONE shirt made to wear with cuffs links for $210.00?  How about a designer shirt No Cuff-Links for $175.00 and wear them once per year. Would you?   For Quality Affordable Shirts – contact me @ BobbyBlack Signature – Blog site

  17. French cuffs are not needed.  Just make a button hole beside the button.  Then your sleeves will fit on a shirt not made for cufflinks.

  18. Thanks man great video! I guess I'll just buy a few new shirts no need to run around looking like an idiot lol The extra tip about the sleeves needing to be longer was really helpful thanks!

  19. Thumbs up for this video. I was watching a couple others and got confused because my dress shirts are the ones with cuff buttons as well. Thank you!

  20. Thanks for the "life hack" for cuff links. Sorry you got so many hostile replies. I think it was clear that you understood what french cuffs are. It was clearly explained that this was just a way to wear a more casual or novelty cuff link if you do not own a french cuff, & have a shirt with long enough sleeves. Thanks I may have forgot to get shirt with longer sleeves had i not watched your video. Maybe post with a different name so more of the right people & less of the wrong people get your video. like cuff link hack or something thanx, lisa

  21. You dont need to fold the cuf over just put a hole were the button was easy had few done by a seemstriss

  22. Wy are you making French cuffs. ordenary shirts have holes for cuf links or just do it one any shirt this video is pointless

  23. very good! I’mLI PENGHUI  ,Iam chinese,This is my first time on YouTube! I LOVE U! hehe! I. want kown girl,I waitting u谢谢扣扣415479742

  24. Just add the cuff links as is where the button are. Thank you. "Let me tell you a secret" not all shirts have to be folded for cuff links.

  25. he's very informative and many thanks to this guy! and to all of you who left negative comments! learn how to spell before trying to be stylish! lol

  26. Why are you folding the cuffs? I don't get it. You can put on the cufflink without folding the cuffs, which means any dress shirt that fits right will do.

  27. I'll just buy shirts that take cufflinks…its easier. Thanks though I'm not saying i learned a lot here I did.

  28. I love this guy lol. "If you're an average Joe like me, you're not gonna realize that." Exactly what happened to me when I bought my first cufflinks lol. Thanks for the video!

  29. you need some sewing classes before making that hole. there is no point in having cuff links if they go through holes that look unfinished.

  30. this help alot, I appreciate it and you sound similar to the main character in the movie how to train a dragon

  31. OMG what a piece of bullshit :-/ If you "modify" the shirt for cufflinks like that, you will look like a freaking hobo … Just pay a bit more for a proper cufflink-ready sleeved shirt

  32. Technically you could wear them with only two layers if you have the right cuffs, folding your shirt really would look bummish, your better just using a cuff as a button folder under rather then pushed together. But the correct thing to do is just buy a French cuffed shirt, of which comes in like two 3 colors in simple styles cause they are formal button downs.

  33. That method leaves a bad front edge that is not in a French Cuff shirt. IMHO It looks cheap. Spend the money for a real French Cuff shirt.

  34. best teacher everrr!!! i am the average person like u…lol i watched other videos like wtheck what hole they talk about where do u buy those do i really have to tailor all the dress shirts

  35. Of the 5 videos I watched this morning, yours is the only 1 that made any sense and was the most informative!

  36. With a standard 2 button barrel-cuffed shirt you can get away with making a hole next to the button nearest the edge of the cuff after dabbing some washable fabric glue on the 'inside' – it stops the fraying. This does avoid the shortened sleve problem,and leaves the option open of still using the button if you don't want to wear cufflinks that day.

  37. Thanks man, you're a lifesaver. I just thought about grabbing a pair of scissors but after folding the sleeves as you showed, I saw the disaster you describe. Cheers.

  38. This was the best help for cuff links because I brought a few from 2nd hand shop .. I used to see Rich styled guys wearing them on there shirts in movies . So I got them for 50 cent each now this black dude can be Just like those rich white guys thanks heaps 😂😂😂

  39. An other way to do this, is to make your normal cuff to be a convertible cuff which didn’t really require to have 4 layers. Simply make a button hold right beside your button, therefore u can hide your button behind the cuff while letting the cuff links pass through.
    Convertible cuff have been in the market for a Long Long time.
    Maybe you can see how convertible cuff work next time.

  40. Always so many people with their expert knowledge commenting. Yes, obviously you could do all those things. Just like when people try to fix stuff instead of "Just buy a new one". Maybe we have a choice to do what we want. Maybe, like he said already, people have a bunch of shirts they don't want to throw out. My case last minute shopper. My son picked a shirt he liked out of like hundreds. We bought cufflinks came home and realized the shirt doesn't have cufflinks holes. Hence why I'm here watching this video. Thank you for your help. Don't feel like going back to the store for another shirt. Most boys and men don't care to spend time shopping either. Make use of what you have.

  41. u dont fold over a barrel cuff, it just looks off, i think u r mixing up french and barrel cuffs
    – u can make to make a barrel cuff able to work with the cufflinks simply by stitching a buttonhole between the fasten buttons and then cut it open

  42. Seems like this would only be a good idea if your shirt sleeves are too long to begin with. Otherwise, your shirt sleeve is going to be a few inches too short.

  43. I don't get the point of this video.

    Your hack to make a shirt use cufflinks seems like its for people who want to get into cufflinks, but don't have any shirts for it.

    People are going to buy shirts that fit their arm length. So this wont work with their current wardrobe.

    If you have to buy longer sleeved shirts anyway, just buy a shirt meant for cufflinks.

  44. Makes it a helluva lot easier for me, too, since cheap dress shirts come in sizes I understand and trust (call me dense but I've had my measurements taken multiple times and they NEVER fit, but gimme even a super cheapo shirt in 'large' from Wally World and damned if it don't fit perfectly fine) and also seem to have a rather generous sleeve length. That or I have really short arms…

    Regardless, this solves both problems for me!

  45. Awesome tips.. thanks. Too bad I'm a taller guy so every "average joe" shirt I find already never reaches my hand. Guess I'm doomed to not being able to cuff my links!

  46. Exactly my situation. Have cufflinks, didn't know I needed a special shirt. And everything I read is like "you either need to buy a new shirt, or be incredibly hand with a sewing machine" this guys just like you need a pair of scissors and it takes about a minute lmaaao

  47. Thank you so much I'm a female and wanted to Jazz up my shirts for work I had no idea that all shirts were not made for cufflinks thank you for the tips

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