How to Wear Flannels 5 Ways

How to Wear Flannels 5 Ways

What's up you guys it's Jose Zuniga from
Teaching Men's Fashion, and for today's video we're going to be talking about
"How to wear the flannel." This is the perfect transitional piece to take you
from the hot summer days, to the crisp cold fall nights, but when it shines best
is when you know how to properly layer for fall and winter. And that's exactly
what we're covered today. Today we're gonna go over five ways to wear the
flannel also some tips on buying the right ones.
Number one, find the right colors. Colors like red, yellow, blue or grey are my
favorite colors. Try to avoid a combination of too many colors, like the
mad dress style because it's just an eyesore and way too difficult to style.
The second thing is picking out the right style and what to look for. The
first thing, make sure it's a thick fabric like this, again it's fall in
winter you want to insulate heat so make sure it's a functional one not something
that's too light. And then embrace the checks, I personally prefer the more
complex plaid print as opposed to something more regular and balanced like
a gingham. So when it comes to flannels, plaid and thick. Now let's move on to
number three, and I'm gonna show you how to style these bad boys the great thing
about a flannel is that they're super practical they essentially look good on
almost any body type. So everyone can benefit from owning and the beauty of it
is that you can wear it as a solo piece, with some light denim, and trainers, for
us stylish comfortable and put together look. Of course, you can wear it just by
itself like I said, the bold print of the flannel makes it a great centerpiece for
any outfit. It's kind of like a more creative approach to just wearing a
basic t-shirt or a long sleeve. As for where to buy these amazing flannels? Can I share a little secret with you? Come closer.. If you want to start building a
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clicks. Click the link below, click to download it and you'll have it on your
browser, working for you behind the scenes. If you guys want to check out our
sponsor Honey and add it to your browser as an extension, which I highly recommend
you do so, definitely click the link down below. It is a must when you are online
shopping to make sure you're saving money. But if you're thinking "nah, Jose
this is too basic for me. I need a little bit more flair, something a little bit
more creative." I got you. Flannels are one of the easiest and best garments to
layer when it comes to fall in winter. And don't go crazy start easy grab a
white or black shirt, then just keep the flame on top of it, leave it completely
unbuttoned, for one of the easiest layering looks you can do for fall. What
I do recommend is you try something a little bit more grungy and modern when
it comes to your t-shirt, whether it be a raw hemline or a deep scoop knit. Kind of
like I'm wearing, it goes in line with aesthetic you're trying to promote. But
the outfits don't stop there, let's try something different for number three.
You know, the flannel is so versatile. Can we layer it over a hoodie? Let's try it
out. For a more young guys approach, try layering your flannel over a hoodie. Only
real style professionals can pull something like this off and most of your
friends aren't smart enough or creating enough to do it. Now I'm not calling them
dumb or anything you're just smart enough to watch this channel. There are also
smarter approaches to wearing a flannel. You can easily throw a simple great
jumper, keep the neutral flannel underneath, if you're going for a smarter
approach you don't want something bold, too crazy and pattern. Keep a neutral
flannel pair that with some raw denim or tailored dark denim,that fits well,
without any tear distressing to stay in line with that
smart approach. And finally for my dapper crowd, I wasn't gonna leave you guys
hanging. You can still wear flannels too. You can easily wear it with a suit, now
the only thing you need to beware is that when you're going for a classy
approach, again stay with the muted colors.Avoid the bright yellows, the
bright reds, stick to the neutrals like your grays, and blues, and you're safe to
go when you're matching your flannels with your suits. And that's basically it
boys, those are 5 ways to style the flannel and how to pick the right ones
for fall and winter. If you guys liked this video and found it informative,
don't forget to drop us a like down below. Also don't forget to check out
Honey, like I said it only takes two steps to fully install. Definitely check
them out, I'm gonna have them linked down below. That's it for me today, see you
next time!

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  1. Plaid dress casual shirts or plain dress shirts are always the way to go , if you wear Long sleeve dress shirts , fold and pull them up above the elbows , that’s a great way to rock them , I leave the first top 2 or 3 unbuttoned 😊✊👍

  2. I wore a flannel over my hoodie at my school and in the hallways and in the classroom ppl kept starting at me

  3. That stupid, drawn out advertising bull shit ends at 3:13 if you don't feel like being marketed to.

  4. Hey what flannel are you wearing at the start of the video? (The blue, white orange one) it looks awesome and have been trying to find it online

  5. Just go to goodwill or salvation army and you can find these and a bunch of other pieces like denim jackets for less than $10

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