How To Wear Neon: Models’ Corner

How To Wear Neon: Models’ Corner

Hello, and welcome back to Models’ Corner
with me, Annaliese. Now this episode is the fun one, because it
is all about the fashion. Not just any old fashion, we are going to
be styling the neon trend. Now there is no denying that it is absolutely
everywhere. From celebrities such as Katy Perry, Nicki
Minaj, Gwyneth Paltrow and even J-Lo have all been rocking the look. [Music] Alright, so we have got this great rail here,
full of some fantastic neon pieces. One of the first things that stands out to
me, is this amazing Laura Moore dress. I would probably team it with a black jacket,
you know, just to tone it down a little bit. One of the ways that I like dealing with style,
and bright colors like neon, is wearing white basics or black basics that kind of work with
it. So maybe like, this vest for example, with
this fantastic skirt, which is by Bethany. That would look quite cute, right? I love
that. Or even, working with varsity jackets that
actually have the white and the color in it, this jacket is by Brian Chan.
And another tip for toning down neons, for people who are not quite as brave as myself,
is by wearing some black lace over the top. It gives quite a lovely effect, without looking
like a light bulb. Something else I like doing, is wearing an
entire black outfit, and giving it a pop of color with a bit of neon.
Like, check this bag out. I actually got this at a boutique in L.A.,
but they are all over the high street at the moment, and I would suggest, definitely pick
yourself up one. And of course, it would not be a styling session
if I did not mention my very own frilly sock boutique.
These are my socks that totally fit with the neon trend, with the bit of neon green around
the trim on the crocodile patent frill. And teaming these with some black shoes always
works well. Now, I am totally and utterly obsessed with
bright colors, bold prints etcetera, this is exactly why the neon trend is right up
my street. Other items that I am loving on this rail,
we have got this jacket from Bethany Jacob. I love it, quite bomber style, almost quite
futuristic. And this dress is literally the love of my
life. I actually wore it to the hair awards last
month. You can actually get it at H&M, so it is definitely
very accessible. We have got this lovely little piece from
Top Shop, very festive-like. I really love this from Hennes, as well.
One of the things that I love about it, is the fact that it has got the white running
through it, so it is a bit of a subtle touch on the neon trend. But for those of you who are not into being
subtle, I would say that this is the way to go.
This is a fantastic look that has been put together by Laura Moore, the jacket is by.
The dress is actually from Top Shop, and we have cinched it in in the waist, with a bag,
fat waist belt. Nice and chunky.
Then we have got this lovely Primark necklace just to set off the whole look.
This is what I want to be seen wearing. So now, I am going to style my own outfit,
and these bad boys are coming with me. I am definitely feeling pretty snazzy. Alright, so this is my kind of smart, casual
look. You never know, maybe a date, or dinner with
friends. I have got on a black blazer with some silver
embellishment along the collar, and that is from Warehouse.
We have also got this lovely A t-shirt, A for Annaliese.
I got that from a Camden Market in London. These jeans, so fabulous, are from H&M.
The socks are frills by AD, by me, and the shoes are from Warehouse.
Not to forget the bag, it is from H&M as well. You have got to love a bit of H&M. I have chosen this outfit to put together
mainly because I love neon. These trousers do it for me.
But at the same time, I do not want to look like a walking light bulb, so I decided to
team it up with a little bit of white, black, and beige.
I think that it makes the neon pop even more. And one last touch to this outfit has got
to be a pop of pink lipstick. And so there we go, my neon look is totally
and utterly complete. We have had a lot of fun in this episode,
and I have had an absolute blast with all of the clothes. So if you have missed any of the episodes
of Models’ Corner, you can check them out in the playlist.
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We love to hear from you, so get involved. But for now, from me, see you.
Time to go to the cinema. [Music]

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  1. So cute and very reminiscent of 80's styles! Reminds of Ola Ray's cute outfit in the Thriller video,also. Thanks for posting!

  2. I watched a few funny videos about telemarketing on this channel and said I'd take a look at their other videos. When did this channel turn into some dumbass fashion show? Its not even the same channel.

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