How to Wear & Pair Neutrals – Combining Subtle Colors

How to Wear & Pair Neutrals – Combining Subtle Colors

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we discuss how to wear neutrals together so you stand out from
the crowd in a subtle yet sophisticated way. Most outfits I put together contain
at least one neutral, usually a white shirt, for example but combining only
neutrals in one outfit can sometimes be a bit more challenging because you don’t
want areas that all look the same. You want to provide enough contrast yet
still keep that tonal range very limited. Nuetrals were very popular because they’re very
easy to combine with other colors such as red, navy, or black yet when just
combined on their own, it’s a little more tricky. You’ve probably seen many
celebrities pulling up monochromatic looks and that means a look containing all the
same color. I always think of Christian Bale at the Oscars, it seems like that
what he’s always doing and he always looks bad. So how do you do it in a way
that makes you look dapper? Before we answer the question, we have to look at
why we should wear all neutrals in the first place.
The good thing is chances are you already own a bunch of neutrals in your
wardrobe because they’re just a staple of every man’s wardrobe. You probably
have those chinos they are in khaki would you say neutral, you probably
already have white or off-white shirts, another neutral, maybe you have solid
brown shoes in your wardrobe another neutral. These colors are classy
because they never go out of style, you can wear them now or 10 years from now
and there won’t be anything new. They’re also not bright and bold but rather
mellow. Now that being said, you can still make a statement out of it. The Navy
blazer with a white shirt is very pedestrian. On the other hand, wearing
this gray jacket with an off white or ivory pair of pants combines two neutral
colors yet it really stands out and pops. So when we talk about neutrals, what exactly
do I mean by that? It is a color that works well
with other colors that are stronger and contrasting yet it doesn’t really draw
the attention to itself. They help tone down other colors and
make them stand out and they’re basically grouped in cool colors and
warm neutral colors. The warm neutrals include tan, taupe, beige, ivory, khaki, or
any shade of brown under the sun. Cool neutrals, on the other hand, are shades of
black and gray as well as white. Sometimes, you also find people who
expand that look a little bit and include tones of navy and blue, as well
as olive green, however, strictly speaking, they’re not neutrals. That being said,
they pair quite well with neutrals. On the other hand, just think of denim for a
moment, it has become so prevalent and the blue is so standardized that I think
it can definitely be called a neutral color. So how do you wear neutrals
together? First of all, start with something that is close to your skin
tone and how you do that is really step by step explained in this video here.
Once you’ve chosen the right colors, you simply combine them. The goal is to have
a certain amount of contrast between your items, otherwise, it just all blends
in together, it’s too monochromatic and boring. For example in this outfit, I’m
pairing a tan Brown turtleneck sweater with a dark brown and ivory houndstooth
suit. Now apart from the color, you can also see there’s a difference in texture.
The suit is a slight flannel but the knit of the sweater is a lot more hairy
and it has a pretty much uniform color but a fuzzy finish when you touch it
that helps to provide the right amount of contrast. The pocket square, on the
other hand, picks up the ivory of the houndstooth and combines it with brown of
the sweater using a different pattern once again. You can see, I have this solid
neutral for my sweater, I have the houndstooth which is a small pattern
paired by with a bigger pattern which is the Paisley. That’s how you want to
combine a neutral; you’ll have different canvasses, you have patterns, and you have
them in different sizes. That way, it’s visually interesting yet the color
palette is so neutral that it’s all very harmonious. Whenever neutrals are too
close in color, everything looks washed out. For example,
if I wore this jacket with a gray turtleneck sweater, it would simply look
boring. At the same time, if I wear the same turtleneck sweater with let’s say a
charcoal flannel, you can see there’s a certain amount of contrast yet it looks
very sophisticated. Now, the further you move away from your face, the easier it gets
to play with other neutrals simply because your face has that skin tone
right next to it and it’s more clashing than if you have different pair of shoes
or a pair of pants, for example. So with this ensemble, I opted for a brown pair
of suede boots. Again, they have a different texture that is matte and
works with the overall softer and fuzzy textures in this outfit. They are also
contrasting enough, they are in the brown family yet they’re not quite the exact
shade of brown as my sweater. Could I have worn the exact same brown?
Absolutely, but sometimes it’s hard to coordinate the color of your shoe
exactly to your sweater or your shirt. On the other hand, if I would have worn a
gray pair of boots, everything would have looked more washed out and it would not
have been as good as this pair of brown boots. If you don’t want to wear a
sweater, a great way to implement a neutral is to have a waistcoat in a buff
color or kind of a tan color. If you combine it with a white or off white
shirt and a tie in a let’s say Brown grenadine such as this one from Fort
Belvedere, it’s very easy to create a harmonious outfit that is warm, that
works through the colder months of the year but it is not boring. In my opinion,
one of the most underrated neutral colors is ivory for pants simply because
it makes a bolder statement and admittedly, it stains more easily but as
a gentleman of taste, wearing it with a brown
sportcoat whether it’s something like this houndstooth jacket here of this
suit or something more of a medium tobacco Brown herringbone or even a kind
of charcoal Brown, it always works. You can even wear it with a navy blazer or
you can wear it with a charcoal flannel jacket, it always works, it always
provides a lot of contrast, and it looks particularly handsome. Since brown shoes
are a staple of every gentleman’s wardrobe today, it’s very easy to combine
everything together. If you feel like you’re all neutral outfit needs a pop of
something special but you don’t want to add a really strong color such as red or
green or yellow, I suggest you simply opt for a boutonniere. My favorite is the
Edelweiss because it’s off-white, it is subtly textured like a velvet on top so
it’s very soft but it’s a perfect neutral accessory that makes you stand
out from the crowd because likely, no one else in the room is going to wear it. Now
when it comes to neutrals, you can also wear them in the summer. You can have a
kind of gray polo shirt with a darker grey pair of shorts and some black
sneakers for example if that’s your style. Alternatively, you can have summer
pants such as seersucker, pair them maybe with a pair of light brown or tan shoes
and a polo shirt in a brown, for example. Or of course you wear a jacket in any
form of brown tone with a slightly brown shirt or an ivory shirt and you combine
it with some Brown neck wear or a brown pocket square. To
see more pictures and get more outfit ideas, please head over to our website and
in today’s outfit I’m wearing an all neutral combination consisting of a
houndstooth suit in chocolate black with ivory, paired with a tan brown turtleneck
sweater from Uniqlo it’s 100% merino wool
it’s rather inexpensive I’m wearing an undershirt underneath otherwise it could
be too scratchy on my skin the pocket square is from Fort Belvedere it is
off-white that picks up the color of the jacket and Paisley and brown that picks
up the tone of the sweater my shoes are suede
boots chukka boots and they’re a little stronger in color but since
they’re more away from my face they still work overall for a ring I went
with a citrine and gold because that underlines the warm colors I’m
incorporating in my outfit otherwise

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