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  1. If i have a peplum dress that is like pinkish peachy on the top and black skirt what kind of jacket or blazer could i get to match it? I got a black one but my friend thought it was too much black and since im attending a wedding it doesn't really seem appropriate. Someone help!

  2. Well, I think Jess is lovely – I could watch her and listen to her all day. Peplums of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your ruffles!

  3. Not wishing to demean the nice lady with trivial comments…..but she is a pretty stunning looking woman. Well, she would be if her forehead wasn't immovable & smooth as a babys buttocks. She did try to raise her eyebrows several times to little effect. I'm sure it's not botox though, just extremely good & well honed control.

  4. @babescanfly I know what she meant, I am just saying that spelling out a word then instantly adding a spelt out acronym is fucking retarded.

  5. P-E-P-L-U-M-F-Y-I ? Wtf is that?

    Seriously, saying acronyms at the end of spelling out a word is kind of retarded.

  6. Just what every woman wants……'makes your hips look bigger'. Only for the young, skinny and definitely not pear shapes.

  7. it makes me laugh how she describes as "beautiful and simple" that awful skirt at £600!! just because it's a "designer" doesn't make it beautiful. objectively it's a horrible color and pattern, but hey each to their own.

  8. Sorry but jess really doesn't do this video justice. With all due respect, it could have been made a lot better.

  9. I just saw the girl and thought yum. I don't think I will using my new found knowledge about peplums any time soon
    Jess is very cute though 😉

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