How To Wear Polar OHR Watch Correctly

How To Wear Polar OHR Watch Correctly

To get accurate heart rate readings
during training make sure that you wear your Polar watch correctly. Wear the
watch on top of your wrist at least a finger´s width up from the wrist bone.
Tighten the wristband firmly around your wrist. The sensor on the back must be in
constant touch with your skin and the watch should not be able to move on your
arm. A good way to check that the wristband is not too loose is if you
push the wristband lightly up from the both sides of your arm and make sure the
sensor doesn’t lift from your skin. You shouldn’t be able to see the light
passing between the sensor and your skin.

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  1. Thanks for the video! Just what I needed. I am having problems with inaccurate heart rate data on my Vantage V and think this might be the solution.

  2. Hi I just bought the polar m200 but cant get the heart rate alarm vibration to work. I just want to go on a single training run and not let my hr gove above zone 2. How to achieve this. Have I bought the wrong model? Thanks

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