How to wear Saree on Lehenga (Dolly Jain)

How to wear Saree on Lehenga (Dolly Jain)

Hi my beautiful friends, this is Dolly Jain this side and today I’m going to teach you how to drape a saree on a Lehenga I mean and I picked up this saree from the store Panghat which is in Kolkata And I hope you’re going to like it because it’s a very unique kind of a style that I’m going to teach you today Here we go with the saree She is wearing a beautiful crop top and a skirt. It’s plain because the sari that I picked up is embroidered. So how we start You start with the Tuck here And I really like it when a little of the lehenga is visible rather than covering the whole lehenga And then you make your second pleat which comes on top of this Then you make your third pleat And we get a fourth pleat as well So no matter what your structure is It’s calculated that you get around four pleats. And after that what you do is the leftover sari that I have taken from here To save time what I’ve done is I have pleated it. Don’t worry I’m going to show you how to pleat saris Make these are upper pleats. So I’ve just done these and I place this on the shoulders here I’m just adjusting the pleats from behind So that it looks nice and neat So, yeah after you’ve done this we’ve got a pin here You’re going to take this pin off and put it with your attach it with your blouse This is it and if you want you can just take this And this is how you can just pin it up there pin one here and one with your blouse and the Saree is done

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  1. Hey dolly.. after draping can u plz ask the model to turn around, so v can c how it looks on the back as well. Thank u ❀️

  2. Ohh Mam….this was lovely.Mam can you please explain if the model is wearing a satin peticoat which we wear under sarees or is it a different make?Also please clarify which type of peticoat we should normally wear in any sarees Coton or Satin?? Or does it depend upon the fabric or sarees? Please explain mam.

  3. How to reduce the heavy ness for the breast while wearing saree without hiding the side much pls…. And also what type of blouse suits heavy breast people

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