How To Wear Thin Jackets In Cold Weather

How To Wear Thin Jackets In Cold Weather

hey it’s me Marida with another video I
hope you all enjoy and if you’re not subscribed please do so okay so the
first tip is to wear thermals underneath the second tip was to wear a hoodie
underneath now I always wear my black hoodie it’s my favorite thing to wear
under my thinner jacket some time even of course in Chicago is super cold so
sometimes even under my puffy jackets I wear a hoodie just for extra layering
but for something thin like this that you wanna you know just kind of sport
but you it’s kind of too thin just put on a hoodie and of course the no-brainer number
three wear a warm thick scarf a blanket scarf
is usually the best for really cold weather
I love blanket scarf so it keeps me nice and cozy and warm for the fourth tip you may wonder what
as leggings have to do with wearing a thin jacket
well usually thinner jackets are shorter and you need to keep those buns warm so
put on some leggings trust me you I hope you enjoyed the video if you did
please give me a thumbs up and I hope you can use the tips and I’ll see you in
another one bye

5 Replies to “How To Wear Thin Jackets In Cold Weather”

  1. Love all the looks, especially the one with the camel colored leather jacket❤️ And you’re totally right! Leather can totally be trans-seasonal with layering! Love that tip!!!

    PS. I guess the 🐶 needed some fashion tips as well!😄

  2. I love this because here we have weather where you can basically wear jackets all winter! Except when we try to act like Chicago 🥶🥶🥶🤣🤣🤣🤣

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