What’s up guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Alex and today I am showing you a few different ways you can wear and style your easy 350s now I know not all of you have those shoes, but don’t get discouraged. They are coming out with new Colorway is very soon So you can use this as inspiration for when you hopefully cop them later in the next few weeks Or you can actually use these tips on your n. Mds or ultra boost or any other sneakers that you might own? I just got the V2s of the 350 so if you want to check that out I have the unboxing video in description Below the cool thing about the 350s. Is that you can wear them a bunch of different ways I’ll show you how I like to wear them first things first socks. I like to wear no show socks [I] live in La it’s warm year round here, so I can pull it off you can get any kind of no show socks But I’d recommend a darker color or great Just in case it does show at some point if you’re going for [the] no show socks I’d also wear some skinny jeans And then show a little bit of your ankle by cuffing the jeans to give your outfit a nice tailored fit in look This will also help you show off the shoes instead of hiding some of it with the jeans Make sure to let me know in the comments below if you want a video on how to cuff your pants properly so you can Show off your sneakers or your favorite shoes if it’s a little bit colder where you live or if you prefer to wear socks? I’d still rock ankle socks It’s just a much cleaner look then you can just let the jeans stack and go all the way down to your sneakers Now as far as the lacy I’ve been feeling the really loose kind of wild vibe right now This is how Kanya usually wears it and I think it fits my casual style better You just have to pull them all out to make sure the laces aren’t too long in the end but depending on the occasion I will lace them up to give them a cleaner look so if you’re wearing something, that’s not a schedule Then I would recommend this look right here as for the rest of the outfit I try to keep it within neutral colors Just because the bright stripe already has that pop And I really don’t want to overdo it gray 10 or black would be the way to go with these three 50s ok guys let me know in the comment section down below what you thought of this video and if you’re [going] [to] be trying to Cop the new [easies] coming out soon I know, I will be so you know help us all because I don’t know if you’ll be able to cop them There’s new collar weights coming comment below like the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe for more. See you guys again soon peace

100 Replies to “HOW TO WEAR YEEZYS | HOW TO STYLE YEEZY BOOST 350’s | Alex Costa”

  1. Love the haters thinking these are fake. You obviously don't know much 😂 Watch my unboxing video 🙌

  2. thanks n_n, had a tough time to match this really helped me out w my yeezys thanls 😀

  3. Well seen it all now how to wear shoes holy fuckty fuck fuck put them on your hands for a real modern look tosser!

  4. Who are you people trying to impress

    The poor kids that only wish they had these elf shoes

    Your fucking losers

  5. Imo it Doesn't look nice at alll bro. It looks rather weird showing yoir ankle with these shoes. Most people wear them woth skinny or tapered jeans thay are tight and snug fitted around the ankle so that the jeans nicely transition directly into (or rather on) the sneaker (at least in EU west we do). Not hating, just pointing oit something.

  6. Theyre real, the beluga 1.0s dont have the pull tabs and the stripe is the longest its been

  7. I Only wear socks with shoes only if I will get blisters without the socks….

    Currently am wearing ultra boost laceless sockless no problem

  8. I honestly dont do the hypebeast lacing that much i usually do it when i just feel for it… Not loving the loose way but since Kanye wore em like that I usually do them for somewhat reason…

  9. Bru Nahhh we don't wanna see your ankles pull them socks up boi

    Also why tf are you wearing some Primark ass fit with yeezys… My man looks like he works in Starbucks lmfao

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