How To Wear Yellow & Look The Part – Gentleman’s Gazette

How To Wear Yellow & Look The Part – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about how to wear yellow
in menswear and it’s a continuation of our series on colors. If you have not already done so, please check
out our videos on green, orange, and black in menswear. Some men are reluctant to wear yellow in their
wardrobe because they think it’s too bright . While I agree, a yellow suit is very extraordinary
and flashy, yellow accessories on the other hand, can bear really well with classic menswear
colors. On top of that, yellow just doesn’t come in
one shade but in a really wide range of mutard, darks, all the way to light yellows, medium
bright yellows, sunflower yellows, chamois yellows, you name it. There’s a very broad spectrum often influenced
by brown tones, beige tones, and anything else you could think of. One shade of yellow I really like is buff,
you can also think of butter, maybe ochre, and even light tones of brown, such as tan,
have a form of yellow in them. Depending on its tone intensity, yellow can
be either treated as a neutral or as a strong accent in your outfit. In the spring, a pastel yellow is light and
airy. During summer, a silk knit tie in yellow can
be a really great accessory versus in the winter, yellows can be a little more darker,
can have more brown tones such as mustard and you can even wear them as a pair of chinos. So what colors go well with yellow and how
should you combine them? First of all, the number one classic is to
pair it with blue. Honestly, it’s the easiest way to pair yellow
because the colors are opposite on the color wheel and everything it’s opposite from one
another always pairs well. It’s one of my go-to combinations for yellow
and because of that, I created a pair of socks that is shadows tried with navy blue and yellow
because it’s very easy to combine it, it provides enough contrast and it’s always dapper. I also picked up that color combination with
my shirt and my tie, as well as my cufflinks. Generally, if you choose lighter tones, blue
and yellow are really great for summer, no matter if you wear seersucker, maybe fresco,
or a light worsted tropical suit, however, you can also wear it during the colder months
of the year. For example, here I’m pairing it with a cashmere
jacket and brown tones. Chances are, also you probably have a blue
suit or a navy blazer in your wardrobe and so you can easily combine things. I suggest you think about a knit tie, maybe
a regular tie in some form of yellow, a pocket square, maybe socks, maybe even a light pastel
shirt, which is not quite as intense as white and therefore, pairs really well with sport
coat combinations and more casual ensembles. Probably the item I pair the most with blue
is the knit tie. The second not so obvious candidate is grey
and yellow. Grey can be quite dark and dull but a touch
of yellow certainly brightens things up. A lighter gray, or mid gray suit, work well
with a pastel color. A darker gray flannel suit for example, works
well with the orangey mustardy sunflower yellow. Stay clear of harsh strong neon yellows or
very bright yellows because it’s just too clashing with the rest of the gray; or you
decide to combine it with another softer tone such as brown as it’s done in my sport coat. It consists of a light brown mustard yellow
and grey. Overall, if I had to pick just one shade of
grey to pair with yellow, it would be the gray flannel. Three, one of my favorites to combine is yellow
and brown. They are both warm colors and they simply
go together exceptionally well. For example, in that outfit, I’m wearing a
brown jacket with a waistcoat and a mustard yellow pair of chinos. Brown is the ideal muted background color
for a yellow accent unlike grey, it also allows to create enough contrast without being too
harsh. Obviously, there are lots of shades of brown
that contain yellow and because of that, it’s very easy to combine. At the same time, brown remains a solid background
without disappearing and being overshadowed by the yellow. If you just take a second and don’t think
about the core colors you can see, for example, this pair of socks from Fort Belvedere, which
is kind of a caramel yellow paired with a burgundy brown and a stripe, and even though
you wouldn’t think about those naturally as yellow and brown, you can totally see those
tones and it’s one of the reasons it works so well together. The fourth combination I want to talk about
is pairing green with yellow. As you know, I’m a big fan of green in menswear,
simply because it’s very versatile and green is made out of blue and yellow; so pairing
yellow with green is always a winner. It doesn’t matter if you take a darker bottle
green such as in this madder silk tie and paired with a sunflower yellow, or if you
go more with a lighter green and yellow, or maybe a darker olivey green and yellow. Green is also a popular jacket for tweed coats
and therefore, it’s very easy to combine it with yellow. During the cold months of the year with a
pair of chamois yellow gloves such as these handsome ones in peccary leather from Fort
Belvedere makes for an excellent combination. Of course, you can also pair a buff yellow
tie with a green jacket or suit. if you want a bow tie, works as well. The fifth combination is burgundy or maroon
paired with yellow. It’s very classic and it has these brown tones
and because of that, it likewise works very well together. Whether you add some blue to it or you just
keep it at that, those burgundy and yellow tones, it will always look harmonious together. Burgundy suits are the exception to the rule
and most men will not have one in their wardrobe. The same is true for yellow, however, it’s
a great color for accessories to pair together and maybe dress shirts if you choose light
pastel tones and in my opinion, it’s a very fall/winter kind of combination and yellow
neckwear, or pocket squares, work particularly well with burgundy vests. To learn more about odd vests and waistcoats,
please check out this in-depth guide here. Personally, I also think this Fort Belvedere
buff bow tie with lots of tones of yellow and blue pairs exceptionally well with a burgundy
brown velvet jacket. So now that you know what colors go well with
yellow, how should you wear it? First, start with accessories. Most men will probably start out wearing a
tie or a pocket square in yellow because they’re very easy to combine with existing color tones
and items in their wardrobe. Using them in that way also allows you to
experiment with them with different outfits and combinations. Once we have those two covered, you can maybe
add a bow tie, or maybe a pair of socks, or a pair gloves, also a mustard yellow, and
gray cashmere scarf such as this one from Belvedere. It’s very easy to combine with other things
in your wardrobe. An important piece of advice, avoid solid
yellow silk ties in shiny satin because they just looked cheap. In general, the premise for yellow accessories
is less is more. Try to use them sparingly and your overall
outfit will be better. As you can see my outfit, the only visible
elements of yellow are my tie and my pocket square, which is a small percentage of my
overall outfit. Soft pastel yellows and warmer shades that
are more muted are much easier to combine than bolder brighter ones. If you’re not ready yet to get a solid yellow
necktie, maybe start with yellow in a stripe, or yellow in a micro pattern of your tie,
maybe just get a pocket square in yellow, or something in light blue with a yellow edge
stitch. If you want to add yellow in a different more
unique way, you can branch out to boutonnieres such as with a yellow carnation. It’s an inexpensive investment that adds a
touch of freshness to your lapel. If you have lots of brown shoes and you don’t
want to spend too much money, I suggest to invest in a yellow pair of shoelaces Two, once you master the art of using yellow
in accessories, you can graduate towards using it in sport coats. In the US, many people will be familiar with
the yellow blazers from the hall of famers at the NFL which they call them gold because
it’s associated with a precious metal. Now that’s a step over the top for everyday
wear but when you start out, I suggest to go with yellow tones such as mustard as elements
of your sport coats. As we discussed before, yellow goes well with
blue which is very true for indigo blue denim jeans, or let’s say with a gingham shirt. Rather than going with a strong sunflowers
yellow blazer may be made of linen, opt for a slightly more tan like sport coat maybe
with an over plaid. When I say yellow, I don’t mean lemon yellow,
but more a dark mustard yellow. Personally, I get lots of compliments for
my mustard chinos which I had made custom in Sri Lanka. They’re so easy to combine with all kinds
of winter outfits but I can even wear them in the summer. It’s definitely a bold choice and not for
everyone. If you’re in places like Rome, Naples, or
on the East Coast, and Martha’s Vineyard, you can definitely go with brighter yellow
colors, maybe even a combination as a go to hell pants. To learn more about go to hell pants please
check out this guide here. In my experience, brown jackets, as well as
blue jackets, and green, are very easy to combine with mustard colored chinos. As a general rule, lighter yellows pair well
with lighter blues versus stronger richer yellows go better with richer deeper blues. Four, invest in a yellow waistcoat specifically
a buff colored one because a buff waistcoat is wide enough to be worn with morning dress
but you can also combine it with all kinds of tweed jackets and your suits no matter
whether they are navy, gray, blue, brown, or green. A pastel colored yellow sweater such as a
tennis sweater can be very elegant or you can opt for a cardigan maybe. Five, think about incorporating yellow into
your outerwear. If you look at Pitti uomo you’ll see people
wearing yellow overcoats and I give it to you, that’s a quite bright endeavor. In my opinion, a better and easier approach
is to incorporate it into your gloves or to your scarf. Traditionally, elegant gentlemen would not
wear black gloves but they would go with grey and especially chamois yellow gloves; they
did that because it’s easy to combine, it provides a nice contrast, it just always looks
dapper, at the same time, while going with a yellow overcoat may be very peacock like,
dandyish, and over the top, having just one accessory that stands out on your gray or
navy overcoat is very subdued and elegant. If a bold yellow is too much for you, I suggest
to go with a tan camel overcoat because likewise, it combines with all the items you already
have in your wardrobe, yet it’s lighter than a dark grey or blue overcoat. Through the transition season from winter
to spring, and summer to fall, I suggest to go with a trench coat in a typical khaki color
which is also a shade of yellow. Six, Invest in a pastel yellow shirt. While most men have white shirts, or maybe
off-white shirts, a slightly pastel yellow shirt is excellent to combine with all kinds
of casual wardrobes and you can even wear with a formal suit because of the contrast,
it looks almost like you were in a white shirt, however, wearing a white dress shirt with
a tweed coat is too clashing, whereas the pastel yellow shirt really fits in well. So what are the things you should avoid with
yellow? First, stay away from really bold yellow dress
shirts because they just looked cheap. If you want a bolder yellow, maybe think about
incorporating it as a stripe rather than a solid shirt. A pastel shirt can look particularly well
if you have a certain tan. Seven, think about a yellow polo shirt. Personally, I’m a big fan of strong colors
during summer and I like to wear my yellow polo shirt when I combine it with seersucker
and a pair of boat shoes. Now I give it to you that’s not a quiet combination
but personally, I think the blue of the seersucker goes very well with a yellow polo shirt and
I simply like it. Two, avoid to wear a lot of yellow at the
same time. If you have too many tones of yellow, it’s
just overwhelming and it looks bad. Ideally, keep it at a max of two visible elements
of yellow. Three, don’t try to combine too many visible
yellows that are all kind of off. If they’re in different places such as your
socks, and your tie, the yellows can be slightly different but otherwise, if they’re right
next to each other, it’s usually more clashing than complimenting. In the outfit that I’m wearing right now,
the pocket square is a very pale yellow and it works really well with a jacket however,
in other situations, it may be better to go with a different kind of pocket square. Four, as I said before, stay clear of shiny
yellow ties because it’s over the top. Usually, satin ties or jacquard ties with
bold colors are what I would stay clear off. Five, don’t ignore seasonal conditions. Like a camel color is typically associated
with fall winter weather, versus a light pastel sport coat is probably more associated with
summer. So as a conclusion, yellow is not just limited
to spring/summer outfits but you can wear them year-round. If you’re new to yellow, start out with accessories
and then work your way up. Try to stay clear of strong bold yellows and
rather go with more muted tones or pastel tones. In any case, if you don’t have anything yellow
in your wardrobe right now, definitely incorporate it because it will brighten up your day and
give your outfits more energy and panache. In today’s outfit, I try to combine quite
a few different yellows simply to show you what can be done in a context of yellow in
menswear. So first of all, I have a hundred percent
cashmere sport coat which is vintage it has a bold Prince of Wales check and it incorporates
brown tones gray and mustard yellow. my dress shirt is custom made it’s a light
blue cotton flannel and pairing it with a rather bright but somewhat pale yellow silk
knit tie from Fort Belvedere which is complemented by a pocket square out of yellow linen with
a mustard yellow contrast x stitch you can find it in our shop here because I have bold
colors and a patterned sport coat my pants are very subdued and solid Navy I combined
them with a brown pair of Norwegian shoes from Mannina in Florence and the brown is
picked up in my sport coat that way is all tied together the socks on the other hand
are a pair of navy and yellow shadow striped socks and therefore they go well with the
pants and they fit the theme of yellow in menswear I decided not to wear a yellow boutonniere
because it would have been simply over the top the shirts are French cuffs and so I opted
for a double-sided octagonal pair of cufflinks with bold yellow and blue colors now most
of the time those won’t be visible but once you see them you can tell it fits the overall
combination if you enjoyed this video please make sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe
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