How to Wear Your Wristwatch the Right Way!

How to Wear Your Wristwatch the Right Way!

So today on Watch Your Style, I’m gonna go over the correct way to a wear a wristwatch. Many people give me difference opinions and
there’s also difference ways that people like in their opinion to wear a watch, but I’m
gonna go over the basics on how to wear a wrist watch. [opening music] OK, when it comes to wearing your wrist watch,
you obviously have to use what’s comfortable for you. There’s a lot of different theories thrown
around, like for example, many people like to say that the watch should be worn above
the bone. That’s something that I hear all the time
and the only reason that I did this video is because I’ve heard this question so many
times that I kind of said, �People really need to hear about this!� I got people saying, �What’s the correct
way to wear a watch?� One gentleman in the room would say, �The
correct way to wear the watch is above the bone.� The bone means, right here your wrist bone. They say that the correct way is above your
bone. I’m gonna go ahead and say that that’s incorrect. Alright? I think that it’s about opinion. I do not wear my watch above the bone. Now, if you like it above the bone, that’s
your problem. Nothing wrong with that. My opinion is just for me man, it’s just the
way it feels, when I wear a watch above the bone, it almost feels like I’m wearing a pair
of jeans all the way up to my bellybutton. That’s just the way that I feel about it,
but at the end of the day, this is a topic that’s really about the way you like it or
what’s comfortable. Everybody has different sized wrists and different
sized bones on their wrist. So it really just depends what works for you. There’s three ways to wear the watch on your
wrist. It could be above the bone, below the bone
or on the bone. I kind of wear my watch on the bone. That’s kind of just the way that I wear it. And believe it or not, when it’s on the bone,
it goes below the bone or above the bone. Either way, but it always centers back on
the bone. So that’s one thing you want to know, first
of all, is what location on the wrist do you want to wear and really it’s what is the most
comfortable for you. Some people don’t like to wear it so low because
the crown would did into their had, the top of their hand. I agree. I agree, you definite don’t want the watch
too low, to where it’s kind of digging in. Which leads me to my next point, which is
probably the most important for me when it comes to how to wear your watch, is… Loose or Tight? Now, that’s something that’s really up to
opinion. Again, I have seen all sorts of things. I got guys that cannot wear a watch too tight. Then I got other watch I sell a watch too
and they’re like, �Take one more link off.� I’m like, �Brother, you’re gonna loose your
circulation and you might need the jaws of life to remove that watch later. He’s like, �I like it snug!� I for one cannot wear a watch too tight, because
what happens is it starts off a little bit loose in the morning and one might think,
�Hey, this watch is too loose. Let me tighten it up a bit.� But what happens
is is that you have breakfast. You have your Cuban coffee. You have extra soy sauce on your sushi for
lunch. You start retaining water and by the end of
the day, I feel like I’m gonna die. I cannot wear a watch that’s too tight. By far, I would rather have a watch that’s
loose than tight. Of course, too loose is a problem. But that has to do with the way you like it. Some of the guidelines that I like to use
are these: When you put a watch on and I fit a watch
to somebody, I look to see if their skin is tightening up. If it’s stretching their skin in a little
bit, that might be a little bit too tight. If it’s too loose, one of the things I like
to use is the twist test. If you can turn the watch above the bone all
the way around, then chances are the watch is too loose. So that’s a little guidelines that I like
to use. I like to leave the watch a little bit of
play, just a little bit, because throughout the day I’m gonna realize that at times, it
actually gets pretty tight. Sometimes in the morning, it might get loose. But you gotta find that right medium and at
the end of the day, you just gotta wear it the way you liked it. Like that one guy that I know that wears his
watch so tight that, I’m talking about that you literally see it squeezing his hand. I’m just like…I don’t get it, but everybody
wears it different ways and I guess the meaning of all this is there is no wrong way to wear
a watch. The only way I would say is wrong is way too
loose. That’s a problem. If you wear the watch way too loose, it causes
excessive wear on the links and stress because it’s always banging around and it’s just going
everywhere. Also too tight might stretch out the band. Keep that in mind. So people have asked me, �What side should
I wear the watch on, the left or the right?� Brother, that really has to do with, if you’re
right-handed or left-handed. I am right-handed. I wear my watch on my left. I’ve actually tried to put a watch on my right
hand before and it actually feels so weird that I just cannot stand it. Like, I couldn’t imaging having to wear a
watch on my right. It’s up to opinion. You should know by now what side you like
to wear your watch. So it’s really however you wanna do it. With there, flexibility is everything. If you wanna wear two watches at the same
time, you better make it some heavy hitters. That’s just what I think. Don’t be walking around the street with two
Submariners, one on each wrist. If you’re gonna be wearing two watches, it
better be two Pateks or two Richard Milles. So please leave me a comment how you feel
is the right way to wear a wristwatch. And if you liked this video, please like and
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100 Replies to “How to Wear Your Wristwatch the Right Way!”

  1. Cannot stand a loose watch because it keeps going up and down that way. Also funny you mentioned the fact about retaining water cause when I got my newest watch with a bracelet, I almost lost my marbles being pissed at it in the morning and content with it in the afternoon. You could have mentioned that you should be able to fit your index finger between your wrist and the bracelet, otherwise it's too tight.

  2. I was a train engineer and job required all matter of things timed as well as constantly moving hands and arms for speed adjustments of the locomotive, I have worn it loose and warn it almost snug, but always defaulted to a tightness that it would stay in one position on the wrist, usually below the bone almost snug, to this day the same

  3. Just Armando Maradona is wearing two Hublots at once, he says one is for seeing Argentina’s time and the other one for seeing his local time in other planet’s side..🤣🤣🤣, he doesn’t know anything about a GMT

  4. I like my watches semi-tight.
    I wear leather strapped ones and i like it so it doesn't move around but i can rotate it a bit if i want to otherwise it can get unfomfortbale. I could make it tighter but then the skin under the srtap gets all moist and cannot breathe.

  5. Funny…I have that same exact pic of your background that I took ..When I snuck in one day….Versace Versace Versace.

  6. Eric, I really like your channel. (The sunglasses are cool and don't bother me a bit). And by the way, the background for this video is beautiful, and that gold Sub looks great on you. I want to respectfully disagree with you on proper wristwatch wear, although as you say, it's an opinion. I would say that "the Boy Scout method" for securing your watch to your body is: just inside of the wrist bone with enough tightness that you can easily push a pinky finger under the lugs. That method ensures that the watch will not hula hoop on the wrist, and by being inside of the wrist bone, your watch will not be subject to the stresses of all the maneuvers your wrist and hand has to do throughout the day. This method protects your watch from damage and from bracelet stretch. Also, when you need to see the face of your watch to tell time or to see how much air you have left in your aqualung, the watch is tight enough that it will obey and you can see it to observe the data you need from your watch with ever having to use the other hand to bring the watch face into proper view. Although you say this feels too tight for you, please try it, after some time you will see this is the superior way to wear your wrist watch. With this method, the back of your hand will never be able to touch the crown of the watch and put pressure on the springbars, possibly popping them out when you have a blue marlin on the hook and the rod and reel is in your left hand, lol. I see people all the time over at Hodinkee wearing watches like they are hipster bracelets. This is incorrect. That is why it is called a "watch band" or a "wrist band"—it should carefully bind the watch to you securely and comfortably. Think of the pilot's who wore their watches over the sleeve of the flight suit, or divers who wore them over their wetsuit sleeve. Give it a try. Great channel.

  7. I wear my watch, believe it or not, on the INSIDE (underside) of my wrist. I believe it is a habit that started many years ago. Have you heard of anyone else wearing it in that position? Nice, informative video.

  8. I recon many Africans like wear watches too loose, and often too big but that's another story. Also, too loose or too tight, apply only on bracelets as no one wear a too loose leather or NATO strap

  9. I wear my wrist watch on my left hand. Only because I'm right handed, and I use that hand more for doing stuff. So this way there is a smaller chance for me to damage my wirst watch.

  10. I suppose with that casual outfit you’re wearing it should be above the bone & with a formal attire like suits it should be below, can’t be on the bone then for sure !

  11. If your watch is on your right hand, I will straight up ignore you if you talk to me. Even family. Morons.

  12. I notice if I’m working and moving my arms around it’s more comfortable to wear the watch bracelet a little more snug and above the bone. If I’m relaxing after work or weekends I’ll adjust it a notch bigger because I think it looks better with a slight hang but not hanging so low that it’s covering the hand. But nato and leather straps look better more snug and properly above the bone. To each is own whatever makes you happy who cares. Plus if it’s hot your skin swells a little and contracts in cold.

  13. The reason you wear it above the bone is that if you fall that gives you a chance to not dislocate or break your bone around your wrist you can move your wrist in a more natural way instead of having it near your bone in a restricted way


  14. Oddly enough, my watch is very tight first thing in the morning. As the day progresses it remains fairly snug but is no longer as tight.

  15. I totally agree with the opinion he has… but it determines what size watch you are wearing at the time I have as small as 36mm an as big as 55mm an don’t like the crown digging into my hand an giving me the calluses spot. But I agree I hate the to loose watch wearing people who have to do the old man wrist shuffle to see the time 😂 great video

  16. Your point on loose or tight is true. I cannot stand having my watches too loose but people have told my me whole life loose is superior.

  17. How do you feel about people who wear their watches inward so the face of the watch is the same side as the palm? Do you ever see that?

  18. I was curious, and then I was thinking I was gonna hate the video… and then I realized it was over and I enjoyed it… 😂

  19. I'm like you a like it just a little loose just enough so I can get my little finger in, and ho yes I always wear it on my left wrist,and above the bone.

  20. my watch is above the bone but kinda loose, im lucky, i got a bone sticking out, ya, if my watch is low i feel like im stretching out the 18k band.

  21. I personally prefer to wear my watches below the bone and not to tight. Just so tight that the watch does not slide too much when moving the arm. When I raise my hand there is a 5mm gap between my wrist and the clasp or bracelet. That's the perfect fit for me.

  22. I agree with you…I like it a little loose but closer to my hand,and I REALLY REALLY HATE Seeing guys wearing 2 watches.Just looks foolish to me,May as well strap one on each ankle and go full on flavor flat around the neck.

  23. I tend to wear my watches fairly loose. Can't do tight. Especially a heavier dive watch, got to have quite a bit of play to avoid feeling claustrophobic of sorts.

  24. I think it looks the best on the bone, but it will slide around a bit, which is normal, so it's not like it's glued to your skin.

  25. that's true, people just like a size t shirt or a fashion that have a certain type and they should wear what's make them really fit and comfortable and just like u, i'm also wearing my watch right on my bone.

  26. Hi just a quick question I’ve recently bought a new watch and have had 3 links removed. It still feels slightly loose, it slides below the bone and above, roughly 5 cm above the bone. I can fit my middle finger in the gap when it’s on my wrist, do you recon I should have another link taken out? I recon I would feel more comfortable if it wasn’t moving about. Worst part is I had the links taken out at a watch experts and he said it was fine. Cheers Sam

  27. You are totally right in my opinion, I like it on the bone. I think it looks stupid, and feels uncomfortable off the bone. Tighten it properly and it won't hurt. If it's too loose it won't sit properly either. I go by a finger thickness of loose play.

  28. your watch is too loose for my comfort brother.. could not deal with a watch moving around my wrist

  29. I’m a lefty BUT when I was in the Marine Corps, all males were required to wear their wristwatch on their the left. Same with belts(a traditional regular belt), you always put your belt through the loops started on the left side first. Females from what I was told were suppose to wear their wristwatch on the right.

  30. I agree with you 100%. A little loose and on the bone – but if it falls either way – it is OK. Great video!

  31. I have a permenant mark on my hand from wearing below the bone. I have a small wrist so looks better there to me.

    Im ambidextrous but to wear a watch on the right does nt make sense as you have to set on the opposite side. Many years ago I had a Tag Autavia which seemed to be made for a left handed person and could work fine being word on the right hand. Really ugly watch though tbf.

  32. Someone seriously asked the question? Out loud? And this guy actually made a video to answer? Wow. How can I make a video how not to be a dipshit? Do I hang my son over a barrel of shit and NOT drop him in? Where's the fun in that? And where can I buy a barrel of shit?

  33. Honestly, I like wearing it on my right, but after a while I learned that I have to wear it on my left even though I am right handed. I mean I don't have to, but I just don't want to be that weirdo, also I like wearing it above or on the bone…but on my left, above the bone because I feel like I am stretching the band and I feel my watch hitting the bone when i look at it.

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