How To Widen Hips and Reduce Broad Shoulders | 6 Outfits

How To Widen Hips and Reduce Broad Shoulders | 6 Outfits

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  1. i have broad shoulder, and big chest, so i can't even use boys clothing! but i have very slim waist and it freeks people out😂

  2. This is my body shape. It's hard because it's not a common one and it makes me feel so masculine. I have no butt and big boobs. It's so awkward.

  3. As a transwoman I have wide shoulder but a little waist and a little bit of hips but not wow

    It fcking sucks and Im trying my hardest to accept them but when you look like shit it’s hard

    If only there would have a surgery or something to make them smaller 😫

  4. i wouldn't say she has broad shoulders. IMO she has no hips andd waistline but her shoulders are typical

  5. My body is so weird, I have broad shoulders, and my arms are fatty so that makes it even worse, my waist is kinda of small but because I have a little bit of stomach fat and a pudge. my curvy figure doesn’t really show, I have loose back fat from weight loss and I have hugeee legs and my butt isn’t small but it isn’t super huge either, but I have love handles so it makes me look weird in jeans

  6. Girls, you will thank me for this: if you have this body type then you have an adrenal body type. This means you are prone to have higher "male" (cortisol/adrenal/testosterone) hormones levels in your body. This can be corrected to a certain extent by balancing your hormones in order to favor a more feminine fat distribution (we need to restore the oestrogene and progesterone balance) This won't narrow your shoulders (although you may lose some strong muscles there. It is the bones that will remain the same) but will widen your hips and tighs and fatten your butt. You will see improvements in your waistline too. 1st of all: ditch grains and sugar. These are very damaging hormonally (affect primarily insulin and this impacts sexual hormones, in an ugly domino effect) and tend to make women look more manly and males more feminine. Stop thinking grains are healthy or nutritious: they are not. Legumes may have this effect too except soy (which causes oestrogen dominance… which is another kind of bad but won't go any further bc it is another topic). Don't dare defend them in front of me. If you still believe they are "healthy", go ahead and keep eating them meanwhile your body is still unfeminine. Also, you may want to try some adaptogenic food such as maca powder. But proceed with caution. Source: my own experience. I succesfully turned my mild adrenal body into a ravaging hourglass.

  7. Ughhh my shoulder are broad and then I have a big butt, a bit of belly fat which is just baby fat, thick thighs

  8. Im 12 and i have very wide shoulders but in my family nobody have shoulders like this. Can somebody tell me if its going to fix i mean my some body parts are bigger than other so it can change right?

    P. S i live in Lithuania too

  9. Does anyone else hate being a inverted triangle, i have such broad shoulders and literally no waist at all. It sucks and nothing looks feminine on me ;-;

  10. I never really noticed my shoulders until about six months ago, and now it’s my BIGGEST insecurity! I feel so oddly shaped! I want wider hips to even it all out but it’s like impossible! My shape makes me feel like a fat man!

  11. I have such broad shoulders that it makes my already toothpick skinny legs look..well skinnier 😂

  12. Omg y'all stfu you're freaking beautiful and amazing in ur own unique awesome way regardless of what u hv or don't have. As long as u r a human who has made someone smile in ur life, you define beauty 💗💗💗 ….and with ur broad shoulders in particular welp, someone out there in this world must need a wide shoulder to cry on then 😉

  13. I don't know but…I have really big hips and if I wear that they would be biggerrrr no tiny (I tried, and I look better with clothes stuck to the body)

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