How Your Dress Shoes Should Fit | Stop Buying The Wrong Shoe Size

How Your Dress Shoes Should Fit | Stop Buying The Wrong Shoe Size

How Your Dress Shoes Should Fit Stop Buying
The Wrong Shoe Size [0:00:00]
Your shoes are the foundation of your outfit. Having a great pair of dress shoes powerfully
increases your style, however it’s important to ensure comfort and function are overlooked
when shopping for shoes. Poor fitting dress shoes are painful and can
cause problems like blisters and bad pain. Guys, it doesn’t matter how good they look,
like all items of clothing, fit is king. So, are you wearing the right size dress shoes
for you? In today’s video, gents, we’re going to
cover exactly how your dress shoes should fit. Now, gentlemen, throughout this video, you’re
going to see some beautiful shoes. All of these shoes are brought to you by the
paid sponsor of today’s video, Paul Evans. I want you guys to go check them out. I’m going to link to them down in the description. And I’ve got an amazing discount code for
you, RMRS100. That’s for $100 off your first pair of shoes
from Paul Evans. Guys, I’ve been working with the founder
of Paul Evans since 2012 and I’ve got over a dozen pairs of their shoes. I can tell you I love the different styles,
I love the fit, I love the quality. All of the shoes of Paul Evans are Blake-stitched
made with high quality calfskin leather. They’re all hand-painted made in Italy by
cobblers who have been doing this for generations. Paul Evans also offers free shipping and returns. Again, gents, I’m linking to them down in
the description. Use that discount code, RMRS100 for $100 off. It’s not going to be around forever. It’s a great deal, take advantage of it. A great place to start is with a Brannock
Device designed in 1927. This device tells you what shoe size you need
by measuring the length of your foot from heel to toe, the length of your arch, and
the width of your foot. Place the heel of your foot against the back
of the device and look straight down over your longest toe to see the measurement. This number marks the total length of your
foot. Next, slide the pointer to the ball joint
of your foot. This number will give you your arch measurement. So now, you have the numbers from the two
measurements you just took. Whichever number is bigger will be your shoe
size. Now, it’s time to measure you foot width. Slide the width bar to the side of your foot
and make note of the corresponding letter. A, B, and C are narrow widths. D is considered average. E, EE and EEE are considered wide. Now that you have your foot measurements,
you have a great place to start, however understand that sizing and widths vary across the brands. The reason is because each brand has their
own shoe last. A shoe last is a wooden mould which the shoe
is formed around. Now, because each brand has their unique shape
their unique last to their shoes, you’re going to find that there is variation across
the brands. So, the most important way to know if a shoe
truly fits is to try it on. I know Captain Obvious here, but guys you
need to know what to look for when you’re trying on your shoes. Now, first off, when putting on a dress shoe
always use the shoe horn. Failure to do so overtime can damage the back
heel of the shoe. Now, let’s look at the areas that you need
to pay attention to when you’re trying on a pair of shoes. The ball of your foot should sit comfortably
in the widest part of the shoe. This is called the shoebox. It should grip closely around your foot, but
not too tight. You want it to be just right. When it comes to the length, understand that
your mama’s rule of pushing to see where your toe is doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the fit in the shoebox. Now, you want to have plenty of room for your
toes, you don’t want them to be crushed up. But, understand that different shoes have
different shapes. Some are intended to be longer, some have
a pointed end just make sure that your toes aren’t touching the end of the shoe and
you’ll be fine. Finally, check the heel of the shoe. Your heel should not be slipping around. If the back of the shoe is riding up and down
when you walk, you’ll need either a smaller size or to go with a different brand. Now, I need to point out this rule really
applies to laced shoes and boots. If you’re buying a pair of slip-on Chelseas
or you’re getting a pair of loafers, understand you can have a little bit more play back there
in the heel. It’s also very important to walk around. Merely sitting or standing in the shoes isn’t
enough to get proper feel for the fit. Lastly, make sure there isn’t any pain or
chafing when you walk. That usually indicates the shoe is too small
in length or width and your feet should not be sliding around inside because this means
the size is too large. All right, guys, here are a few protips. Tip one. Only walk on carpet when trying on leather
sole dress shoes. If you walk on hardwood or concrete, you’re
going to scuff the bottom of the leather soles and they’re going to be unreturnable. Tip two. Try on new shoes later in the afternoon or
evening. Your feet they’re going to be a little more
swollen as the day is gone on and you’re going to find the right fit that’s going
to be comfortable all day. Tip three. One of your feet may actually be slightly
larger than the other. In this case, make sure to go with a slightly
larger size. All right, gents, that’s it. No excuses now for wearing the wrong size
shoes. And, guys, if you’re looking for a company,
again, go check out Paul Evans. I’m linking to them down in the description,
I’ve got that awesome discount code, RMRS100 for $100 off. That discount is not going to be around forever,
go use it or lose it guys. Oh, and by the way, they’ve got frees shipping
free returns because fit is king at Paul Evans and I’m proud to support them, a company
I’ve worked with since 2012. And if you’re in New York City, make sure
to stop by the Paul Evans shop in Manhattan. It’s a beautiful shop with even more beautiful
shoes on the inside and that’s actually where I filmed today’s video. Now, gents, if you want more information on
how your shoes should fit, check out the detailed support article over at [Music]
[0:05:58] End of Audio

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  2. If they are actual fullgrain, welted with Cork filler they are expencive, and most guys will pass on it (do not feel good and loooot of $$$$), that is way it is an extra important detail.

    It's complicated, but try a half sizes smaller, until they are a little too tight. The shoes are stiff at first, but unfortunately, vrinkle and the cork will flatten out. Leather stretch unless there are lot of seams and stuff. Too much leather might be a problem and in the way to, so tighter is better, if not so uncomfortable so you can not walk in them. 5 min, 10min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 h, 2 h, 3h, 4h (have them on your foot at office and at home). A little bit of blistering ok. In the end after a few month you might even fit an insole in there, magicly you do not get it, those thight shoes.

    You break them in once, and then resole them.

    The same last model and size is no garante at all, different models and lether feels differently anyway. It might be like 3 mm to tight in the wrong place.

  3. Hey bro!

    My channel got terminated and I lost all my 190 subs 🙁 and was out of radar because of a death in my family …12 year old cousin..but I am back! Hope to SMASH IT again.

  4. Great advice! I am a big guy, I wear a size 13 wide. Often I have to go up to a size 14 which is a bit extra in the toe.

  5. I bought a paul evan chukka shoes. Very shiny leather.
    I would advice them to send us their shoes tree/mold though.
    And which shoe polish did you use? I bought tarrago shoe cream and they looks rather dull.

  6. Again a very nice video. The information is useful and clear and the footage was awesome aswell, really interesting to see how they make these type of shoes! Thanks Antonio

  7. Thanks for making this video. You and Gentleman's Gazette both covered the topic over the past week. I just go by what feels right, but now I have some specific factors to consider to help me get the best fit.

  8. Antonio, thank you very much for your videos and your service. I've become quite a fan. I believe I'll be ordering myself anpair of shoes in the near future.
    I don't know if you take suggestions or not, but after seeing videos about shoes, wallets, rings, and the mentioning of watches, I'm curious about your thoughts on ink pens. I turn pens when I'm not in uniform and would love to hear an opinion.

  9. This came at the PERFECT time.
    Sunday I stopped in at a shoe store and I checked out some Chelsea boots, some loafers, and a few other very nice shoes. I tried them on and spent time with them. I decided to wait a couple days to consider my purchase before investing in my 1st pair of nice shoes. This video answered the last of the fitting questions I had in my mind. I didn't even know till now that shoe horns are necessary.
    I'm getting my shoes later today thanks to you and I'm leaning toward the Chelsea boots.
    Last question: Is there anything special I need to know about shoe horns or are they all the same?

  10. I ordered my first pair few weeks ago and their size is 1 size bigger in the US. When I returned it to get a smaller size, it was out of stock. Then I decided to pick a different color with my correct size but they were out of stock with those as well. I struck out twice which is weird for a big company who sells great shoes. I was a bit disappointed. Wondering if anyone else had this trouble with sizing and out of stock issues.

  11. Great video Antonio. I appreciate this. This is a paid sponsor video but the content was truly valuable because of relevance Vs on the previous video on “stacking vs rolling”. I hope I don’t offend. Thank you again for your valued content which has really aided me in upping my game on dressing more appropriately.

  12. There's a video about properly cleaning and polish shoes about 2 years ago and another about a year ago by rmrs if anyone is curious about it, there's also quick cleaning video, I didn't know there was until Antonio told me.
    Thank you!

  13. So as a watched this, I thought I need a new shoe horn. then I opened this month Sprezza box (subscription box) and there it was a new shoe horn…amazing. I like the subscription boxes what do you think of them?

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  15. Those are really beautiful shoes. However, my feet are very long and narrow 13A to 13B. Shoes that "run narrow" are more often than not too narrow.

  16. I had a buddy who had about two sizes of difference between his feet. When he bought climbing shoes(masochistically about two sizes smaller than street shoes) he would by the two sizes and return a set of mismatched shoes.

  17. Antonio, where can we buy one of those measuring devices? I know there is no need to buy it because most shoe stores have it but I would like to have one at home.

  18. Paul Evans is great and all, but since they don't have wide sizes none of them would be the right fit dress shoe for me.

  19. Its worth noting unless you have bespoke. Youll find that there will be initial hot spots or blisters as your foot moulds to the leather. There's no getting around it. I own 3 pairs of loakes they all did it as well as two pairs of Goodwin smith. Unless by chance their last is identical to your foot. Expect some break in

  20. 1 important tip before trying dress shoes: try the shoes with the socks that you will wear age sport's socks are thick. Suit socks are thin

  21. I know I'm probably very late to the party on this one, however, if the best way to buy shoes is to try that particular shoe on, first… how then does ordering them fit into the equation? How would I do that and narrow the margin of error as much as possible, especially given that the mold for each company in terms of size and fit, is different?

  22. Good Job Capt. Obvious, if these criteria are not obvious especially toe touch and heel slip maybe you should be looking at sneakers.

  23. Please do a video like this for boots. You may have already. I'll skim through your boot videos again. The thing I'm conflicted about whether or not not invest in a pair of Fryes. I really want to support an American legacy (especially one that offers a %20 military veteran discount!)I wear a wide 11 in Brooks running shoes as my primary shoes, but the guy at the store says I wear a 91/2. Supposedly this is common. They were torturous. Fortunately they were honorable enough to offer me a replacement pair. The size 10's seem to fit, but I made declined them due to a change in color from the originals. A third pair has arrived at the store and is awaiting my approval. How can I be sure to avoid a decade of torture???

  24. Toñito are you size 8 ? I sometimes do 8 in dress boots but in loafers I go down 7 specially on To Boot New York even on their sneakers 😳🤣

  25. I always think it matters what socks a guy is wearing when he tries on shoes and insist my husband wears the right socks for the style of shoe and season he’s going to wear it in. So thicker wool socks for winter boots and thin mercerised cotton or nylon for loafers for summer. And please none of that no sock look, it’s horrible particularly if no socks are worn. The shoes will be ruined in no time and they and your feet will stink!

  26. I just returned my first pair of Paul Evans, the shoe box was strangling my feet, I ordered according to P.E. Recommendation size 11, I asked if sizing up to 11.5 would solve for E width? and if that would affect length? But the answer didn’t cover my questions, it was more in the, we are sorry and here is how you can return the shoe.

    At the same time I also bought an Ace Marks, 12 E, they fit well, a bit snug in the shoe box, but nothing bad really, I used the monkstrap all day and my feet survived, just need to break them in.

    I purchased 8 more pairs of shoes, to replace my old ones, I’ll probably repeat the ones I like the most.

    Thank you for your videos, they helped a lot, it is the first time I venture in buying shoes online.

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