hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Sydney if you're new here and today I am going to be doing a huge EMS arm haul for you so I am still waiting for two items to come in the mail I'm waiting for a matching dress for my daughter and I'm waiting for that to come in and then another floral dress I'm going to be bringing on vacation in a month or so so I didn't want to wait because I want you guys to go through these items if you are interested so if you are ready to see what all I got then please continue to it alright so the first thing I'm going to show you are mommy and me matching swimsuits so like I said we're gonna be going on a vacation here in about a month or so and I wanted to get back to bikinis for me and my kids and I asked my husband I was like what are your feelings if I don't get you the matching trunks and he just are like me he's like no that's okay but plus I plan on him being the one with our picture okay so for my bikini this is the top these are the bottoms and they're kind of high-waisted so I like that so here are the exact same bottoms that I have but they're a little six months the size and then here's a little table so it matches me perfectly I think it's so so so this is six to nine months and my daughter will just be six months when we go on our trip so I'm hoping it fits and I'm planning on trying this on hair care it's a little thing and then I have these super cute chunks from my side and I already tried these on them and they fit so good I believe these are 18 to 24 months and my son's pretty skinny and this fits him perfect I'll write so I'm gonna go ahead and do all the mom you mean matching items first since I started there I got this super two-piece royal dress and we've actually already worn this in church I couldn't wait to wear it out so that it's so that's my dress and then her little romper that comes with it looks like this and I love that it has a little bump pumps at the bottom there are white so I wore white heels with this and I just thought that was so cute we are actually greeters at church that Sunday and I got so many compliments all right so next I have this really pretty robe I wore this after I delivered my daughter we got and I bought this actually on Rosh Pina calm but I does that they actually sell on Amazon when I was on Amazon I saw this outfit which then showed me this was like on the recommend page too so I was like oh they did sell that same robe on Amazon so you can pick both up if you are interested this is size 3 to 6 months and it has a little ruffles on the bottom and it's so soft it's the same fabric as the robe it's super super soft so this will be so nice for her and then she already has this Waterland headband but now she's three months old so she won't be swaddled anymore so this she can wear and still mesh me so I think this is adorable alright so next I have this little dress and I'm actually waiting on the maxi dress for myself to come in so that's the dress I told you I was waiting on it's the same crazy as this it's a tropical print and I think this will be perfect for us to wear on our vacation that is too cute and I really like this overlay so whenever I did a picture with her in front of me it'll show it'll have a little bit of contrast it won't just be the same print okay I actually hold this a while ago but since I'm doing the Mommy and Me matching and this is still available on Amazon I wanted to show this again so we were this on Easter so it was a little large for her on Easter so it definitely fits better now that she's three months okay another mommy and me matching thing that I got is I got this goal so you can wear but this one for me and then a small one for my daughter all right and next I just got this basic tank top which I live in these type of shirts I love the button up for breastfeeding and I love this color this light and then the little tie is so trendy right now so yeah I wear these type of shirts almost every little bit all right so next I've seen ads for these outfits on Instagram which is all over the place and I wanted one so bad they come in like the pink cream but I really wanted the purple and that is gorgeous so I got that and to go along with this and picked up these gorgeous headbands and in this pretty box so there's this one here that I love so it's got the really soft fan so all hurt their heads and it's nothing really soft back so I took some pictures of them are already in this so the purple in this flower matches a little outfit perfectly so I saw some bows like this on Etsy that were double the price so I think that you if you're looking for floral conveyance should definitely check out amazon's because these are super good quality okay so since we're on headband i got a bunch of different bows headbands for my daughter so I already took this one out this is a white one but they're huge I love it they're really big and a little obnoxious but they look so cute and it comes in so many different colors like light pink purple green red blue mustard color black and this mint green so these are so adorable and I always like to get the boat now with a tan-colored soft band because they're so comfortable on your baby's head and then next I got this and what really sold me on this set was this white one another dainty that is and it goes with almost things she wears so yeah I love that and I also love this little pink one here in the gold and this one this one I have her wear already does little blue one so yeah I've seen a bunch of other sets very similar to these that I want to pick up for her in the future all right and for my trip I really needed a new pair of sunglasses and I wanted a mater's and I found these super cute ones I don't know the camera speaking about that they have like a light pink Aspen they might be a little smudge because my son was playing with them all right so that was everything I really hope you guys enjoyed this haul video I hope that you guys will check out some of these items for yourself I'll leave all the links down below for you and I hope you guys have a blessed day thanks guys bye okay so that's everything for my haul I hope you guys yeah Oh


  1. Omygosh, that little bikini is so cute..your bbs are adorable..I wish that they would have had these things when I had everything..have a great vacation..😍😍😍😍

  2. All these cute headpieces for your daughter and clothes wishing I have a little girl she so pretty in them and nice sunglasses

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