Huge Thrift Store Clothing Haul!! – Turn $125 into $600-800. Watch & Learn.

Huge Thrift Store Clothing Haul!! – Turn $125 into $600-800. Watch & Learn.

36 Replies to “Huge Thrift Store Clothing Haul!! – Turn $125 into $600-800. Watch & Learn.”

  1. thanks for the video. New to selling knowing about name brands men prefer really helps. thanks ukiahjan

  2. Hi do you mainly do auctions or buy it now? You're saying I hope to get on a lot of the clothes what is your pricing strategy?

  3. Sorry… I did find the answer to the question I asked below. Thanks again for the videos.. they are awesome!

  4. Hello and thanks for the awesome videos. I was just wondering after looking at that Polo shirt you showed if you have noticed the thrift stores who have the brands either marked out or even the tags cut down in the middle? I've seen them marked out like the polo you showed and also cut in many stores. I'm just curious as to why this is done. Do you have any ideas? 

  5. I enjoy your videos and love the advice you share. I've been reselling for over a year now. I don't get nearly the amounts that you quote on your items. I'm lucky to get $10 bucks a shirt. Great shirts but people don't want to pay.

  6. It's a great idea….but would ebay purchase really be a $15.00 profit?  Most consumers realize that they can get item of clothing off ebay at goodwill, themselves…that's why I'd be afraid to invest…what if you are left with all of these clothes?

  7. those Prada shoes….the price looks like it's written on the sole. I found a great pair of shoes that I still have, but I'm scared to list them because the price is on the sole. I don't want the buyer to know how little I paid! What do you do to get around this problem? I've considered using marker to cover it but that looks bad too – I dunno. Thanks for all these haul videos. – Nick

  8. Can you talk about shipping?  Do you include free shipping with the prices you mention selling these things for?  If not, can you mention what you charge to ship shirts and jeans? Thanks

  9. My advice is DEFINITELY take all clothing up to the windows so you can get a good last look at your picks in good lighting and look them over well. I missed seeing stains and some holes. I still managed to sell an OBEY T-shirt with a hole in it (I did a close up of it so the customer knew) – I still made profit but not as good as it could have been.

  10. I've watched a lot of your vids (very good, BTW) and I don't recall if you said laundering, iron or steam iron makes a difference? Some of the shirts are very wrinkled and I am very curious. Thanks!

  11. Hi Steve, another great video.  Have you heard of the brand "Vantage". I found an awesome jumper.  Very high quality but I I cant find "Vantage" on ebay UK or USA.  It says its made in USA.  You ever heard of Vantage?

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  13. i agree RL used to sell great even 2 years ago,the problem is that videos like this help ppl to make money -nothing bad its great- BUT years ago RL -any kind- just to sell quick and about 20-40 dollars NOW 8-18 dollars,so here we have this nice guy teaching ppl, -which is great- how to do it,but just remember that when 500 persons do it it does hurt your business no matter how many RL,north face,territory ahead,pendleton,lacoste shirts you have,the more ppl sell the price goes down

  14. I live in North Carolina and you don't see a lot of the cold weather stuff very often. I was wondering if you knew how often goodwill changes up their stuff? I went there 2wice in a week or so, and it seems like it's all the same stuff. I'm new to this, thanks.

  15. Look for Cabelas Deerskin Soft Chamois in just about any condition. They go for over $40 (like new) on eBay. I sold one in what I would consider 'poor' (faded) condition for $14 in a day. Only paid $2.

  16. TOO much information, aaaaagh! I wrote all of these brands down, and I'm gonna do me some thrift shoppin soon…..

  17. Thanks for your hard work. ps2 fat easily goes for $50 each. Got mine at GW for 8 sold buy it now for $50 in one day. Two will fit into a medium flat rate box.

  18. What's your ebay Id bro? Just want to see your descriptions, pics, etc. if you don't mind god luck with that haul! I hate posting clothes but ill give it another Shot lol…

  19. Loved this! Got family in Naples, FL. Gonna see if they'd send me stuff from there for resale! I don't seem to find many good brands from where I'm at, but I think it has to do with cost of living and tourism..maybe. Anyway, you make me wanna sell clothes, lol!

  20. You have a bunch of things that are very suspect of being knockoff "fake" designer. Something I've run into. Found a Lacoste shirt that was made in China. The tag has Chinese writing on it, and the alligator insignia on the chest was sewn on, not set into the fabric like it should be. DO your research. Could save your ass.
    Check the Prada shoes. There's a dress I saw once that had those same rubber tags sewn into it……! Was a fake.

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