31 Replies to “HUGE UNBOXING HAUL! *New/Favorite Makeup & Clothes*”

  1. THE HUGGEST UNBOXING HAUL IVE EVER FILMED! You get to see all my FAVORITE new products and clothes! MAKE SURE TO THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE! Comment if you think I should do ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! xoxo

  2. Hi Kylie, I am new here and I am already in love with you🥰😍 I’ll be watching your videos more often, and I did subscribe!

  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mys-teries-Box-60-1500-Value-ONLY-read-description-for-spoilers/273835926836

  4. i enjoyed this unboxing vid so much. it was a whole storyline before the actual boxing which made it more interesting

  5. Well, I disliked it and I can say why. Firstly, you talked nonsense at the beginning and at the of the video, it was not interesting at all and I was here for unboxing, not listening to smth uninteresting. Secondly, you didn't tried them on, so how we are supposed to know if they were good or not. I haven't seen your other videos yet but this is my first impression.❤❤❤

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