HUGE WINTER 2019 TRY ON – Affordable Coat, Jacket & Sweater Haul!

HUGE WINTER 2019 TRY ON – Affordable Coat, Jacket & Sweater Haul!

hey no babes welcome back to my channel
today we’re gonna be doing a brand new clothing haul it’s gonna show you guys a
couple of coats jackets and a few sweaters as well this is going to be a
very super affordable haul it’s with chien products she is a very affordable
online website if you guys have never checked them out I’m always like or when
I get super passionate I closed my eyes and I talked to you guys because it’s
just what I assumed and it’s like I’m feeling it in my soul it’s probably a
Pisces thing all the items that I show you guys in today’s video will be left
down below so make sure you guys check out the links down there and I also have
a coupon code so you guys can save a little bit of money so make sure you
guys check that out if you guys want to shop any of the items that I show you
guys today this one in particular religion owes me because I love having a
ton of basics in my winter wardrobe I felt like I needed a few fitted ones
this isn’t the most perfect perfect nude color this one is a size small and it
kind of just hugs my body and has this little bell sleeve on the bottom over
here as you guys can see it flares out just a little bit the collar goes nice
and high too I love being super like secure and warm over here just as
definitely a must-have basic if you guys want the perfect nude sweater another
thing I love about this one is that you can carry it on to the springtime I love
the fit of this as well it’s definitely a more fitted fit around me this rib
detail is just perfect and this color oh my goodness I love the way this feels on
me it is so stretchy you guys this is what it looks like from the back as well
it kind of just hit a little bit below over here these ones are much easier to
kind of tuck inside of your jeans Afeni tube I’m in love with the collar and I
can’t wait to also wear this in spring next winter is this very deep sort of
camel tone again this is another really good basic it’s just ripped all the way
around as well and it has this really nice color neckline that you guys can
wear similar to this one as well I kind of just roll it down love kind of
layering the gold necklace when I’m wearing a lot of these sweaters that are
more fitted this might be a one size item they do have a few that are like
that where it says one side will be definitely down below in the description
box so make sure you guys check that out a little bit of room here nice and plain
on the bag and I brought down the collar as well these can be switched up with so
many different pieces to make so many different
books as well so these are definitely something that I’m glad that I have now
this next one is the exact same sweater as the one that I just showed you guys
but of course it’s in the most classic black
I don’t have a fitted black sweater it’s like it’s the weirdest thing you think
it’s the most easiest thing to find but I definitely needed this and I could not
find anything like it this is the ultimate ultimate piece that you need
inside of your winter and spring wardrobe to be honest with you because
you can wear this with anything this would look so cute with my new Nikes
kind of hold my necklace through here you guys can also pull it in and show
you guys both ways so you can make it super plain it’s a little bit more crop
so my jeans kind of go up to here and this one kind of hits me right over here
this is kind of where it hits me and it’s definitely above my thumb pockets
but this is also how it fits on the side gives me a little bit of room but it’s
still a very fitted fist high collar it’s just so classy
these are also going to be really good for springtime again if you guys want to
shop this necklace I do also have a 30 percent coupon code for these necklaces
and down below if you guys want to check it out I love to wear them with all of
these sweaters as well this piece I am so excited to wear it is super super
soft has these buttons on the top over here by the collar and you guys can kind
of undo it as much as you want to it has a really nice high collar neckline once
you bind it up which makes it super cozy because your neck is nice and warm I
love the color that it’s in you guys know I love my cream it’s actually very
similar to the collar that I’m wearing this one I got in a size medium because
I didn’t want it to be super fitted this is another PC you guys can bring it to
the spring as well she in has a ton of these sweaters these very plushy
sweaters that are super trendy right now and all this is so comfortable I didn’t
do up any of the buttons you can do it up so it kind of closes it is a super
plain on the bag I have a lot of room on my arms here as well this one is another
one where you can kind of cozy up with this is the perfect length on the arm
and it gives me some room here on the side and the front as well it just feels
so good so super warm as well this is something I would definitely sit at
Starbucks wearing I use a ton of these plushy sweaters to kind of just sit at
home and be super cozy I really love this one it’s just like
this death version of trying to do these Teddy sweaters because it has this sort
of like I don’t know if it’s coming through but I had like this sheen velvet
but mid Teddy it’s like kind of in-between
it has a zipper around the back here I was actually thinking of turning this
around and kind of wearing it like this this one I got in a size small with them
super plushy and soft you guys I can’t even tell you the inside is the exact
same material as the outside and this little looks like at the back here all
nice and plain or you guys can kind of turn it around and this will show up on
the back but I thought it was more cute for the zipper to be on the front so I
just removed um the actual tank that was on here I do that all the time with
sweaters that I kind of want the other way around but it is so super comfy you
guys it feels so super velvety I would even love to sleep with something like
this oh my god it’s just so cozy I love the color as well it’s just the most
perfect stone sort of color the fit of it gives me a ton of room on the front
here and all my arms as well I do have a lot of room if you guys want something
that has a little bit of like a sheen to it look a little bit more luxe then
definitely check this one out down below okay this one over here I’m super
excited about I know this is gonna want this license don’t steal this from me
always just end up giving stuff to her she’s like oh my god I love that I’m
like you can have it just just take it just here it’s flying low my left leg
just I’ll give you my left leg it’s up Pacey’s thing guys this one is
another one of the plushy sort of sweaters I got from them I got this one
in a size small this one does not have the same finish as the outside I just
want to show you guys but it is not a rough feel it’s very soft it’s just the
backing of the actual fabric this color has been really popular as well yin and
we’re like Nike or adidas trainers honey you gonna love mad Q we’re going to look
mad Keele sidetracked it is so super comfortable you guys this
is more of a crop look as you guys can see and we’ll turn around for you so it
kind of gets me right at the top of my bum there keeps your neck really nice
and warm and cozy but I really love this and I love the way the color kind of
looks on me this sweater over here funny enough
I think one of you guys tagged me on a picture that has these sweaters on it
and you guys are like this is so you step well you guys were right because I
actually picked it from them and has a zipper on the front I love this kind of
ring on the zipper it’s just really cute I don’t even know what size I got in
this one either but I will leave the Sun down below I feel like this is like a
size small or a medium sort of look not as long on the sleeves it’s a little bit
more of like a three-quarter sleeve this color is so cozy there’s nothing like a
color that has a very plushy feel this one on the inside is the exact same
plush enos on the outside so it is the same thing on the inside but it’s super
comfortable this is how it looks on the back it’s fit just gives me a little bit
of room even on the front here it’s very similar to the one that I actually just
showed you guys this one has more of like a mocha I actually think this was
the one that you guys take me in that’s what it looks like once it’s all closed
up you have like the mocha color all of the top here and then you have cream and
then you have the dual pocket I love these because I tend to put my phone in
there or if I have something with me it always goes inside there this one is a
size small I’m super obsessed with all these plushy sweaters this one is so
super cozy I’m going to turn around for you guys so you can see what it looks
like continues along the back same as kind of the front I have a zipped it all
the way down to show you guys so it shows a little bit of cleavage and it’s
open up or you guys can put it all the way and this is what it looks like it
looks really nice and cute like this as well and this is how the small kind of
fits me I do still have room all of these have a ton of stretch to them as
well so don’t worry you guys they are all super comfy this one I got in this
size large I kind of went with what they were describing on the website it comes
with a matching zipper on the front here and it is a little bit more cropped as
you guys can see and it’s just a really perfect like light camel sort of teddy
bear sort of color so as you guys can see it’s a little bit more crop so my
jeans stop right over here and it’s right there it kind of gives your body a
little bit of shape as well it is super plain on the back there it is very
stretchy as well kind of like an oversized fit but that is because I got
this type of large look like a mini teddy bear when I kind of like put it
all the way up there it is super nice and play
again is more cropped I really like this sweater and I think it’s super cute okay
so now we’re going to move on to our coats so this one over here is this kind
of trench coat looking jagged these have been super popular
now just wanted an extra small I’m going to see how it fits people have kind of
been using it as like the top instead of a jacket sort of look but I got one
where I can still use it as kind of both if I wanted to I love this color it’s a
very kind of muted neutral sort of camel it’s not too warm and it’s not too cool
either never been to be honest with you a fan of these coats
I’m not really a trench coat kind of girl I like more of the heavier teddy
faux fur kind of jackets but I’m going to try this on and we’re gonna see kind
of what it looks like this is how the extra small kind of fits me it’s a very
fitted fit kind of what I wanted and to be honest with you I have an idea in my
mind where I want to take a pic where I don’t have a sweater underneath and I
kind of just wear it as a top but if I was wearing this as a jacket I would
definitely go your normal size which mine would be a smaller I would go a
size up so I would do like a medium if I want a little more of a relaxed fit
these buttons are so super cute they even come up on the side over here this
will look really really fresh with a pair of light blue jeans or some tights
underneath and a pair of heels but it is very cute it has a very nice feeling it
this next jacket I’m so super excited about because I absolutely love it I
have been loving these moto jackets biker jackets which everyone you want to
call them this one has the most perfect like board shearling on the inside and
it’s a very rich taupe I found something that I actually tried on and one of my
blogs from Zara it was if I’m not mistaken 140 dollars this one is so much
more affordable from sheet in and I cannot tell you guys how similar it is
soft and smooth faux suede on the side here and around the back it is super
planned I will show you guys also when I’m trying it on
I don’t know size medium because whenever it comes to jackets and coats
whatever I want a little bit of room you have to consider the sweaters that are
going underneath your jacket so I always like to go a size up but it is such a
beautiful color it is so gorgeous oh my god I absolutely love this jacket and I
think it’s definitely something that you can also wear in the spring when it gets
cold at night time and you go up to dinner this is how it looks absolutely
perfect if you so someone because of the work on the
inside I’m gonna turn around for you guys super nice and plain as well I love
the way that it actually looks with the sweater that I’m wearing right now okay
this next one if I was excited to show you guys that one I’m super excited to
show you guys this one I saw this one at Topshop as well we all know talk shop
it’s a little bit less affordable but I must say that I was so impressed by the
quality let’s be honest when you’re not paying a lot for an item you think ok
it’s not gonna be that great of a quality this one I am super impressed
you guys with the quality of this I’m picking it right in front of you and it
doesn’t even check I have a jacket that I actually recently bought and they paid
over $200 for it including customs fees and it’s shedding a little bit of place
if you guys are looking for something you know a little bit more affordable I
would definitely recommend checking Yoshi in actually ordered a jogger from
H&M that I paid more for that one then this one actually cost and it was
shedding when I received it she in shout-out to you because I was really
impressed with your quality to be honest it looks like it’s leather but it’s not
it’s kind of like that sway that looks like leather it’s so beautiful this
super plain on the back as well kind of has this stitching detail too which is
really really cute this one doesn’t show me what size that I got but it will
leave down below what size they order from them but I am so obsessed with this
and this is probably like my fourth or fifth like biker jacket this winter this
is how it looks you guys it’s so beautiful I absolutely love it I love
these mobile biker jackets I never thought I would be that biker sort of
chick when it comes to fashion to be honest with you but I feel like when
they put the faux fur on the inside they make it very feminine I’m so impressed
with the quality I’m gonna turn around for you guys that’s what it looks like
at the back the color kind of continues it is just so classic it’s probably one
of my favorite jackets I have in my wardrobe right now this would not be a
coat haul if it did not have some sort of a leopard or cheetah Fralick let’s be
really but I don’t have a leopard or cheetah jacket and I really wanted to
get one because leopard is so hot right now it’s coming back so strong but these
are super trendy right now I got this one from them in a size medium I went a
size up I could have gone with a large as well
me a little bit more room but I will show you guys once I try it on I love
that this leopard is not like a tacky leopard I don’t like when it sticks out
too too much or there’s like too much of a contrast this one has different tones
throughout it that’s why I chose this one that’s been also go to the mall like
this if you wanted to because you know if you’re extra like me it just ain’t no
thing you know it fits good but I would say it fits well with a thinner sweater
like what I have underneath but if I had like chunky sweater there’s no way I
could fit inside of here this one I would recommend going up to sizes don’t
just go up one size by you guys I am looking like a hot leopard in this place
bring on this leopard it’s gonna turn around for you right now I wanted to
step back and kind of show you how long I am 5 foot one for those of you who
don’t know it doesn’t feel cheap at all this is another coat that really
surprised me with the quality and I’m really impressed love this you can make
this like super casual and trendy or you can completely dress this up for like a
dinner look this one I’m really looking forward to because this is another one
that I saw it’s our and it was like a hundred and something dollars
this one has faux fur on the inside it is a very like light very I can’t
describe it it’s so buttery that’s the type of faux fur that’s on the inside
and then on the outside we have it folks wait it has two pockets here on the side
as well and then it has a zipper on the front here to kind of close up the
jacket a little bit this one I will mention at the bottom which size I
ordered I’m pretty sure I got a medium as well I don’t see the tag on here
unless I’m missing all these tags you guys it’s nice and light too for a long
jacket I don’t like when they’re super heavy because you have to walk around
with them for a long period of time it is so cute I’m gonna turn around for you
guys to show you how it looks it this is so similar to that Zara jacket and I
wanted to get those like $100 and this one is so much more affordable
this one over here it’s very rich sort of greeny baby so we definitely say this
one I got is a size medium it is more of like a lighter jacket on the interior it
does have the polyester satin sort of material it’s more of a cropped kind of
look as well has this sort of quilted detail a little bit with the lines going
through again the crop just kind of adds something
different and it gives your body a little bit of shape this one’s really
cute if you guys want to do any sort of casual look where you don’t want to get
too dressed up I would love to wear this with a pair of Dockers this is how it
looks on me um this please are really nice and long as well see that’s kind of
curl up like I was saying before and I’m going to button it up I have a little
bit of room on the front over here and I’m gonna turn around the back
normally I would kind of just open it up and style it like this there’s two
pockets here on this side as well that you guys can use this one is probably
the most basic and new jacket you can possibly have especially if you guys
want a teddy jacket if I don’t mention any of the sizes that you guys just look
down below it this is just a very basic jacket you guys can also use in the
spring this one’s not super chunky or super thick it does have this sort of
Borg feel but it’s not super chunky and other ones are it’s what the new Teddy
jacket looks like this is kind of where it hits me goes a little bit past my
hips and then if I turn around it is super nice and plain and as you guys can
see I’m the typical kind of collar that goes obviously all the way around this
is what it looks like when it’s all tipped up this bottom band over here
does have like an elastic sort of interior so it’s a little bit stretchy
but I love the color of this one it’s like again a very like vanilla sort of
nude color so if you guys want a very nice basic
Teddy sort of nude coat I would definitely try out this one last but
definitely not least these coats have been kind of flying around all over
Instagram this one is kind of like an apricot camel there’s two buttons over
here and then it has these pockets over here on the side this coat kind of
mimics of course that Max Mara coating that chunky oversized coat you guys have
been seeing all over Instagram probably and this one does go super long I’m
gonna show it to you on me of course so I got this one a size small and I just
love the pockets it just looks so similar to that coat that’s super
popular why don’t you guys how long this one kind of goes and then I’ll do a
little bit more of a close up this is what the back looks like it is really
long and it has like that chunky sort of look to it so if you guys want to be a
little bit more oversized I would go probably one to two sizes up but this is
overall what it looks like these pockets are so adorable but overall it is so
super cute and it’s very nice and I see them open like this mostly when I
go to the mall and even when I’m outside and kind of just hold it like this in
the cold you guys are looking for a long camels heady coat I would definitely
recommend this one it’s one it’s going to be it much more of a portable if you
guys have not checked out Stefanie Macedo comm that’s where you guys can
shop all of my favorites everything that I showed you guys in today’s video will
be left down below in my description box I’ll also be a coupon codes that you
guys can save a little bit of money which she in if you’re gonna shop any of
the items if you guys are not following me on IG make sure you guys do at stuff
G Macedo make sure you guys subscribe to my channel and give this video a big
thumbs up if you guys enjoyed thank you guys so much for watching and I will see
all of my beautiful babes in my next video

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