Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic Wig Review (My First Time Wearing A Human Hair Wig)

Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic Wig Review (My First Time Wearing A Human Hair Wig)

hey guys so as you can see from the title of this video I am reviewing my first human hair wig ever but not only that but I'm comparing it to a synthetic wig so what there's a lot going on today if you guys are already subscribed then you know that I do a lot of wig review videos knowing that I have dried on our human hair wigs how am I gonna feel with someone else's hair on my head that I don't even know I feel like that's a personal thing the human hair wig is from dye hair seventy seven seven seventeen seventh of diwaii hair dye hair dye hair I want to say die I don't really know they we're super nice and they sent me this whole like little bag thing and I am Wow excited Wow I don't know what to think I'm nervous for this human hair wig I'm gonna do the human hair wig second because I'm a little scared to be honest like we have these synthetic wig that is from Yoona wigs if you guys have seen my other wig haul videos you know I review you know ways all the time there are pretty solid wigs guys for both of the ways all the links are going to be so make sure to check those out I have coupon codes feel free to click around down below as you're listening to my beautiful commentary we got the unit wigs wig let's see what she looks like I believe this is a red dough when I was right haha this is like Little Mermaid oh my got it so excited I you should be wearing I should be wearing a purple shirt oh oh my god the brush do you oh my god I love their brushes the brushes we have this synthetic red long wig from you know eggs a look at this guys i am i'm erielle i didn't even put the wig on yet but I can tell guys I can't I can't I can't I can't I wish you guys could feel this right now please get in this wig and then feel it and we can talk about it oh my god it's so smooth okay let me I'm sorry I'm just so weird guys if anyone's watching this video and they don't know anything about wigs like you won't understand I don't want exclude you if you've never held a week before but they feel pretty good okay look at this oh my god oh my god I could have throw up this is so beautiful oh it's not even a bad length Wow some weights are like way too long but this is like good this is a synthetic lace front wig lace front means that the hair is actually like weaved through this in the front instead of it being a solid like line of where the wig leg starts it's kind of gradual so it looks pretty real when you're wearing a solid wig cap or if you um have matching hair color and then you can like pull your hair through it but like I can't so I'm going to put on a wig cap and I'm going to cut this lace to match my hairline and then we're going to put it on again review it shall we yeah boys okay let's see what she oh oh oh my God look at this wig though what's the scene from The Little Mermaid what can we do I must have something purple oh my god wait wait wait wait this t-shirt is the only purple thing I own it let's channel our inner little mermaid shall we oh look at this stuff isn't it neat but daddy I love him I know that movie wait so well so we're all in agreement that I am the new little mermaid right take a screenshot tweet this picture to Disney and be like we have your little mermaid we found her it's me thank you Thanks so with lace front wigs that you can always make them look a little bit more realistic by plucking out the parts but I'm not gonna mess with this way too much we're doing your basic review so right now all I can tell you is that because of the length and the thickness it does get a little tangled so if you were trying to wear this all day every day keep a brush in your bag and not just any brush you have to use one of their brushes that oh this looks gross right now you have to use a special brush that will not like tangle it and pull out these strands of hair that happens a lot you know the color and everything looks great it is literally exactly like the picture which is always great you know wigs is very good about that so this just in I am quitting YouTube and I'm gonna work for Disney now goodbye Ariel is going back under the sea let's go okay so now we have the human hair wig done I'm gonna take out of the back for the first time okay here we go Oh oh my gosh this is someone's hair it's so long it feels really nice oh my god it is so soft I feel like I have to be really fragile oh my god oh my god this is real human hair this is real I am touching someone's hair right now whose hair is this where are they from where do they live what do they do now so it is a lace front wig it actually has some like little wisps like some little short hairs in the front that makes it super realistic Wow guys what if this looks too good on me what if I never want to take it off okay so I guess it just like any other wig I am going to put it on my wig out and I'm going to cut the lace and we're going to try it on Oh oh my god who is she oh my god Wow I don't even know where to start okay so this wig is pretty long look at that not that at all it is not super thick which is great because that would be a lot of human hair on my face would my natural hair was this long it was definitely this thick and this is extremely realistic because this hair is real hair that means I can wash it this means I can curl it this means I can straighten it this means I can dye it if I wanted to it's like endless I understand financially it is hard to be able to throw hundreds and hundreds of dollars into wigs but with human hair you can do so much more without severely damaging it enough that it's noticeable unlike a synthetic haired wig where if you run heat over a synthetic hair wig over and over again the quality depletes like there is no tomorrow you know wigs actually does a very good job at having their hair feel very nice and conditioned there ways are a little bit thicker which is nice because you have a lot to play with if you were going to cut them or anything like that want you guys to understand that wigs should that be something you should hide behind they are basically in addition there's something fun they're an accessory whether you know wearing wigs is by choice or you feel like you have to you should really understand that beauty is on the inside 100% so once you are comfortable with yourself it does not matter what you look like on the outside at all I want to see what you guys do with your wigs if you wear them you can DM me on Instagram you can tweet me just send me pictures of you wearing wigs I love it I want to see what you guys do I want to see what you guys look like so the Emmys every pictures I want to see it you guys are so amazing thank you so much for watching this video and you know happy a wig wearin [Laughter]

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  1. My hair is really thick and passed my butt seriously but had to give it to him cuz my dumb mom JK I had to get chance cuz dead-ends and I wanted to grow more so yeah

  2. I have a really long over 22” wavy wig (rosegal) made really nice looks great on..but… it is a tangling NIGHTMARE!! Any suggestions ? I had several people tell me to use a dry silicone spray to make it slippery and silky ?

  3. I want a human hair wig so bad cause it last longer and makes life easier. I mean yes u can wash and style synthetic hair but it is harder and after a while of washing it with synthetic shampoo and conditioner and styling with rollers it can just ruin it. However it does help to use cool water when rinsing and washing. U probably know that but still human hair is way better and congrats from 2019.

  4. Girl! Your natural hair is so nice like thatttt! You look great with all hair colours styles and even at its shortest it looks really good <3

  5. You look beautiful in and out you don’t need wigs to make yourself beautiful be true to yourself. Just remember that You are beautiful just the way you are. I love your hair with out the wigs

  6. Love your videos in my name is Addison this is just my sisters phone I love you so much can you send me one of your wings

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