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  1. If only two people are exchanging data with private price then how will other peers in block chain will validate the transactions

  2. Once you have a basic grasp of Hyperledger Fabric you may consider to create some chaincode and then develop an application to integrate with it. The following article would help you for that, "Build a Blockchain PoC Application using Hyperledger Fabric", https://medium.com/coinmonks/build-a-blockchain-poc-application-using-hyperledger-fabric-6bbe633c2204

  3. Which consensus algorithm, who and how the transactions can be validated in this block-chain, quite unclear!

  4. Infos zu Oracle Blockchain Services und Hyperledger erhalten Sie auch unter diesem Beitrag > https://storageconsortium.de/content/content/oracle-blockchain-cloud-service-unterst%C3%BCtzt-schnelle-und-sichere-transaktionen

  5. Why the secret agreement could not be saved as on usual chain but encrypted and be visible (able to decrypt) only for parties involved?

  6. 1. is there a functional private block chain presently in existence as described in this Vid ?, 2. if the transaction between the Market and Radish Farm will not appear on the ledger of other participants, does that mean you would have different versions of ledgers in this blockchain ? and what happens when the Radish Farm decides to transact with another participant – how does that reflect in the ledger ?

  7. Are endorser, committer and consenter the same as the three types of nodes? Client, peers and orderers?

  8. I have question. Ok, i used hyperledger fabric and as you explained and saved my private "price data" from others. But isnt my data saved in less peers than it should be in blockchain logic. Souldnt it be saved everypeer so that my data will be securely and unchangeably saved in every peer. Isnt it a lack of security? Could i explained it?

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