I Became a MERMAID For A Day! (New Game Master clues in WORST 24 Hour Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

I Became a MERMAID For A Day! (New Game Master clues in WORST 24 Hour Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

– Hey Zam Fam, it’s Rebecca Zamolo and today I’m doing something
that I have never done before and I’ve always wanted to do. Today, I’m becoming a
mermaid for 24 hours. So my friend Chloe
Couture was the first one I saw do this 24 hour
challenge as a mermaid, and I was like, Oh my gosh,
I wanna be a mermaid too. So I have a backpack filled
with mermaid clothes and items. I have a sleeping bag, not sure how I’m going to
use that yet as a mermaid, and I have have something
secret right here. You see, guys, I’m a mermaid,
but I want some merman. So, Daniel and Matt, surprise! – What? What? – I got you guys
– [Boys] No! – Some mermaid tails too, yes! You guys are gonna be merman.
– [Daniel] Oh no. – This is gonna be the
best 24 hour challenge ever – This one looks like my color. – Smash the thumbs up
button if you are excited to see Matt and Daniel
transform into merman. Come on guys, let’s get dressed. – Here we go. – [Rebecca] There’s foot holes. – Oh. – Look, two mermaids
– Look at that. – [Rebecca] touching fins.
– What is this? What is going on? – Come on, Matt! You guys know we signed
a contract with the GMI and I guess all of the Game
Master stuff wasn’t even real. It was just something I signed up for, so they said that we can just go back to doing fun challenges.
– [Daniel] I don’t know. – I’m so happy we’re doing
fun challenges again. – Yeah, see! Like this, we get to be
24 hours as a mermaid. – How do you get around? – I’m enjoying this challenge, you guys. – [Daniel] We all know you’re enjoying this challenge, Rebecca. – Okay, I’m gonna give you
guys a mermaid challenge. I want you guys to subscribe,
have notifications on, click all and thumbs up the video. If you can do it before
Daniel gets his tail on, I want you to comment 24
hour challenge mermaid squad. Five, four, three, two, one. Daniel, are you done? – Not at all.
– [Matt] Not even close. – Okay guys, you have a little
bit more time to do that, so go ahead and click that bell right now. – [Matt] Daniel. – I’m trying. – [Matt] You have to put your feet inside. – That’s what I am attempting to do. – I think this is taking a while, so I have everyone that’s
watching should be subscribed, have notifications on, and have
thumbs up the video by now. Oh, and you guys, a ton
of you guys commented that you saw some sort of hidden camera in the gift we got from Andrew, but we’ll talk about that later, okay? It’s challenging being
a mermaid, you know? – Look, it kinda matches my outfit. – [Rebecca] Yes, that’s why I picked it. – Okay. – [Matt] When you woke up today, did you think you were gonna be – Nope.
– [Matt] Pacman, half-merman. – I love how high he pulled it up. It’s like right up here. Time to get in the water as a mermaid and start this 24 hour challenge. – What it that? – Did you hear that? – That was loud. – Is this thunder?
– It’s about to be a thunderstorm tonight? This is gonna get weird. – What do you do in a thunderstorm? Should we all get in the water? – Yeah.
– Is that the safest place? – I don’t know if it’s the safest space. No. Guys, we need to hurry, we have to. – Okay. – That unicorn thing is callin’ my name. – Whoa. – There’s all these bubbles coming up. – Whoa, that’s not–
– No it’s not me. Let me try to swim as a mermaid. Look, I’m a mermaid. It’s merman. – Merman. – Wait, should this be easier to swim? – You would think. – [Rebecca] Yeah, it is easy. – [Matt] Here I go. Whoa. – Oh no. There he is. There he is.
– [Rebecca] Oh wow. – I feel like I’m doing okay. – Okay, I’m gonna do a
back flip underwater. I’m gonna see if I can
do it with this tail. Ready, three, two, one. – Whoa, first time with the fin. – Daniel, here, grab this side. – You got it, man, you got it. Almost there. – That was real bad. – What do you mean? It’s so easy to be a mermaid.
– No. – Matt, you go. – Oh, impressive! – Look, look, look, look.
– Something happened. – What happened? – Don’t look, don’t look.
– They came off. – Don’t look! – I think we need to do some choreography. – Choreography?
– Yes. – It’s raining. – This mermaid 24 hour challenge just got a little bit more wet. – [Daniel] You get out there, I’m just– – Wait, before we start, because
it feels like it’s raining, can you grab my backpack,
there’s a couple items. – Okay guys, wait, I got it. – Is there like Doritos or something? – Feels a prank is coming. – Yeah. – Good, we need mermaid waves.
– No! – We need mermaid waves. This is mermist. – What’s mermist? – It makes you sparkle. – No.
– Got him over there. – Not over there.
– Yeah. – It travels. – I feel like this
isn’t mermess right now. – Mermess, yeah. – This better be good.
– Well I just needed that. – All right, should we
got on the floaties? – Yes.
– Floaties? – Aka, our beds. You guys need a merboost? Three, two, one.
– Okay. – All right, now I understand why Ariel wanted legs so badly. – Hey Matt, I had this
really fun mermaid challenge. It’s called a push your wife
around challenge in the pool. – I’m coming over. – Where is he? Oh, there he is. – Okay, Matt, now use your mermaid skills. – [Matt] Merskills.
– Merskills. – [Matt] Got so many merskills. – Okay. Okay guys, I though about a challenge. I don’t know– So many other people
made this a lot easier. – Why are those bubbles coming out? – Okay, Matt and Daniel,
how bad do you want to get out of your
mermaid tails right now? – So bad.
– So bad. – Okay, we are going to
do a challenge right now and the person that can get there and back in the fastest time can choose someone that
can leave this challenge. – Ooh.
– Perfect. – They are the first
to leave the backyard. Okay Daniel, you’re gonna go first. We’re gonna count out loud. On your mark, get set, go! – One, two, three, four, five, six. Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. – Okay, wow. – Unfortunately Daniel,
it’s there and back, – Oh, and back.
– [Matt] Yep. – Yeah, but you’re– – We’ll just count that as your time. – Daniel’s not really good
at this mermaid thing. – No. – So I’m gonna go next. I’m gonna try to beat Daniel’s time. – Go, one, two, three. Seven, ten, eleven, fourteen. – Sixteen, not bad for first-time mermaid. – Two, one, go. One, two, three. Seven, eight, nine. eleven, twelve. – Whoa, Matt wins! – Thirteen. – [Daniel] Thirteen? – All right, I guess you
won, so you can decide if you wanna leave the pool, you get to pick someone to
leave 24 hour challenge. – And I won ten thousand dollars? – You don’t win ten
thousand dollars, I’m sorry. – Okay. – Not for this 24 hour challenge. – So I see three of us
in the pool right now. – Yep. – Two of us kinda get it. – Okay. – One person couldn’t even make it back. – I’m okay, I’m okay. – I think I’m gonna vote Daniel out. – Really? – Yep. – Aww, great. Thank you, I guess I could
just film now, right? – [Rebecca] Yep. – So can I have the camera back now? Please, come on. Can I please have the camera? Okay, thank you. – Okay, yep, it’s a fun challenge, so– – Daniel, let’s get you out of that tail. – Yeah.
– [Daniel] Yeah. – Okay Matt, well I’m actually really glad you decided to stay with me
for this mermaid challenge. This is husband wife goals right here, because I actually planned something. – Planned something? – Yeah, so like a while ago,
Carter Sharer and Lizzy, they did an underwater date. So I may have planned a date for us. – What? – In here underwater. – What if I lost that last one? – Well, then I would have
had to take Daniel on a date. – What?
– But yeah. That would’ve been weird.
– But I was just hoping. I was counting on you, Matt.
– Okay, okay. – We did it.
– Okay? – What if Daniel and I had–
– [Daniel] Oh. – I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that’s gonna be doing
this 24 hour challenge. – [Daniel] Coffee bros. – It’s coffee bros. – [Daniel] Here’s the basket. – Here you go. So in this picnic basket
is our underwater date, just like Carter Sharer
took Lizzy Sharer on a date, I’m gonna take my
husband, Matt, on a date. – Wow.
– I’m the Carter. He’s the Lizzy. – Come over here now.
– What? – Oh yeah, I set this whole thing up. – Who did this for you? – Oh, the GMI, is that the… – [Daniel] There’s a
person right there, yeah. Well, like a car
– Is is like a white van? – just slow driving by. – Was that a white van? I think it was a white van. – Best date ever. – Whoa, whoa, careful, careful. – I got it, I got it. – It’s a little more
challenging as a mermaid, but I figure they must have a
lot of underwater restaurant. Oh my gosh, we got one table down. We’ve got a chair. – Is this where you wanna do it? – What, right here. – [Daniel] Looking good, looking good. – Okay. – [Daniel] We need another chair. – Now we just need the other chair. So now we have the second chair. We need to go set the table. Let’s get the picnic basket. Okay, so I got some juice, I
got some cups, I got a plate. Look at this, flowers. This is gonna be the most romantic date I have ever given Matt. Matt, you’re gonna be excited about this. I got more rocks just
in case, to hold every– Oh look, Matt, Game Master bracelet. – Oh nice. – Imma wear this, ’cause
it can go in the water. Setting the table. Oh no, it’s falling. We’re moving to the deep
end where it’s flat. – Okay Matt, are you ready
for your underwater date? – So ready. – Okay, let’s do it. – Almost forgot, okay. – Okay. – Okay Matt, it’s raining really hard. I didn’t bring food, so I think we’re have to go
inside for the food, okay? – What? – But it’s a fun date, right? I didn’t pack any actual, real
food, ’cause it’s underwater. We’re gonna have to go in the kitchen. – Yeah, we’ll get it in the kitchen. – As a mermaid. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh.
– What? – I think if we just do this. – Come on. – I’m rolling, I’m rolling. – Okay. – [Daniel] Here we go, careful. – I know, it’s slippery. – [Daniel] It’s called crawling. – I know.
– [Daniel] Crawling. – Crawling, that’s smart.
– Yeah. – We got this. – Whoa.
– [Daniel] Careful. – Okay, come on. I can slide easy on here. This turned into a whole nother challenge. – Oh no, are you mopping? – I’m like cleaning the
floors as a mermaid? – We made it. – [Daniel] Yeah, snack
time, how’s it going, Matt? – [Rebecca] Going good. – It’s not going good. – [Daniel] Not going good? – This date, we didn’t
have food at the date. – [Daniel] Yeah, true, but– – Okay, I planned an underwater date. That’s pretty awesome. I didn’t plan food because
it would have gotten wet. – [Daniel] Good point, I guess. – Yeah, true, we could have
had it poolside, though. – I mean. – I guess it is raining
outside, though, so. – Yeah, the food would’ve got
wet, so it worked out great. And now I was thinking when
we spend the night out there, we can be on a mattress
and it’ll be so cool because we can see the
stars, we’ll be mermaids– – Wait, we’re going back out there? – Yeah. – Hold on. – Whoa. – Matt! – [Daniel] Uh oh. – Matt.
– I can’t anymore. – [Daniel] You’re out, you’re out? – I’m done. – What do you mean, you’re done. – And you should probably hang out in here a little bit or something,
until the rain stops. – It’s getting dark, though, I need to be out for the challenge. I’m finishing the challenge, Zam Fam. I think I’m gonna go in the hot tub. I’m gonna wait it out in the hot tub, it’s nice and warm, and then hopefully I’ll be okay when it gets dark. Hey Zam Fam, so it is night now, and I am relaxing like
mermaids do, in a hot tub. – [Daniel] Feel good? – It’s actually really
nice, it’s not so bad. – Nice. – I could do this mermaid
thing for 24 hours. – [Daniel] I’m kinda
getting tired, but are you? – I mean, I’m a little
tired, I don’t know. – [Daniel] Are you gonna stay
in the hot tub all night, or where’re you sleeping? – Well, I’m a mermaid, I feel
like I need to sleep in water, but obviously I can’t be in in the water. – [Daniel] Yeah. – So I’m thinking I’m
gonna use like a raft. I’ll put the sleeping bag on a raft and I’ll just sleep on the pool. I’ll be fine. – [Daniel] Okay. – And if I roll off, I’ll wake up ’cause I’ll be falling in the water. – [Daniel] That’ll be
a very cold awakening. – So I guess I’m gonna
have to get out now, and I’m probably gonna change
shirts so I’m not so wet. Hang on, this is– – [Daniel] Do you need
a hand, are you okay? – This might be harder than getting food. – [Daniel] Careful. Oh my, oh my, oh no.
– Okay. – [Daniel] Wow.
– Look at this stuff. – [Daniel] Wow. – Much easier to be a mermaid
in water, just so you know. – [Daniel] You’re moving
pretty quickly, though. – Yeah, gotta get up to make my bed. – [Daniel] Okay. The scoot’s better than the crawl? – Yeah.
– [Daniel] Okay. – Yeah, I’ve learned it’s
a little less painful. – [Daniel] Oh, okay. – Okay. Aw, look, Daniel, Matt
set up the sleeping bag. By the way, Zam Fam, this
is party mode for the pool and it switches colors the whole night. Like, isn’t that cool? – [Daniel] Whoa, that is neat. – It’s like red, green, pink, blue. I mean, I just the pool’s already blue. Thank you, Matt. – Rebecca, I set up a little bed for you. – This is what I wanted.
– Yep. – Okay, and we cleared all the pool toys, so I’ll have the whole pool to myself. – Yup, 24 hours in the pool overnight. – As a mermaid. Matt, do you wanna join me? – It looks like it’s a twin mattress. – That’s fine, you can do it. You could get on another one. Okay, I guess I’m the only one doing this 24 hour mermaid challenge. – [Matt] Yeah. – It was party mode, now
it’s just gonna be blue. I just didn’t want a
party, like a disco party, when I’m tryna sleep. – [Daniel] Just gonna slide onto the bed and then slide into the pool? – Yeah, I feel like that’s
what most mermaids do. I’m gonna quickly change into this. Okay, three, two, one. – Ta-da! Mermaid magic. – Yes, very good. – Here I come, I’m pushing ya in. – Yeah, don’t get me wet
’cause I gotta sleep like this. – It’s the only time a mermaid doesn’t want to be in the water. Okay. – [Daniel] Whoa, there she goes. – Wow, wow, I feel at one with the water. – [Daniel] One with the water? – Yeah. – [Daniel] Like a mermaid? – Yeah. – [Daniel] Like a true mermaid? – Like a real mermaid. I’m sleeping on this, and
I’ll wake up if I fall in. It’s the perfect alarm.
– [Daniel] True. – [Matt] What are you gonna do at 3 am? – I mean, now that the
GMI did what they did, we have nothing to worry about, right? – [Daniel] I don’t know about this GMI. – No, it means that we
can just do fun challenges like this mermaid one. – [Daniel] I don’t know, I feel like there’s
more going on, Rebecca. – Daniel, don’t say that. That’s not true. – [Daniel] All right. – Guess I’m just gonna lay here. – [Daniel] All right. I’m getting kinda sleepy. Okay, Zam Fam, so I guess
I’m gonna be going to sleep and sleeping on my pool overnight and Daniel and Matt, you guys
are gonna have cameras, right? In case anything happens? – [Daniel] Yeah, I’m gonna set up a camera right around here,
it’ll be a little higher and we’ll be able to keep
an eye on you, all night. – This is totally safe here. – Good night, Zam Fam, and I’ll guess I’ll
see you in the morning. – Rebecca, hey. – [Daniel] Rebecca, wake up. – She’s sinking, she’s sinking. – [Daniel] Rebecca, wake up.
– Wake up. Oh my gosh, come on, you’re
sinking, you’re sinking. Oh my god, good morning.
– What happened? What, oh my gosh. – [Daniel] That would have been
a pretty crazy wake up call, had we gotten here a few minutes later. – Why would that do that? Did you guys prank me? – [Daniel] No, we just walked out here. – We literally just walked out. – Oh no, it’s sinking,
get it, get it, get it. – [Daniel] Why, what’s wrong? – How did that happen? – Until that moment, how
did you sleep, how was it? – Oh my gosh, this is soaking wet now. – [Matt] Your bed’s underwater now. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh.
– [Rebecca] Oh my gosh. You guys, my bracelet’s gone. – [Daniel] What bracelet? – It’s probably in the pool. – That GM bracelet, I’ve had it on. – [Daniel] In the pool? – Yeah, or maybe it’s with the bed. – [Daniel] Oh yeah. – [Rebecca] Hurry, get the bed. – [Matt] Okay, hold on. – [Rebecca] Wait, I’m gonna
look, maybe it’s on the floor. – [Daniel] Wait, it was the yellow GM one? – Yeah. – [Daniel] That should
stand out in the pool. I don’t see anything.
– See under this thing here. Full of water now. – [Daniel] No, no luck. – You guys, no, it’s like not in the pool. – It’s just a bracelet, who cares? – It doesn’t make sense, though. You guys left me here last
night for this challenge. Like, what if someone came here? Why would it fall off my wrist when it’s been on the whole time? I literally just woke up. It’s either here or in
here, but it’s not in here. – I don’t know, I– – You guys, seriously though, can we at least look at the footage? – [Daniel] Oh, from the camera I set up. – Yeah, you said you were
gonna do that to keep me safe. – [Daniel] I did, I set up the camera. – Did you guys watch it,
did you check the footage? – [Daniel] No, I mean, we
just set it up just in case, but now there’s a just in case. – You guys just fell asleep? You guys, can we please
just look at the footage. – It’s a waste of time,
it’s just a bracelet. – Then it won’t matter,
I wanna look at it. I’m serious, I was here
last night all by myself. – I don’t have a bracelet,
it’s kinda weird. – [Daniel] Okay, okay. For everybody to be happy, let’s just go check out the footage. – Okay, got my phone, let’s
open up the security footage from last night.
– Okay. – [Daniel] This is a little
bit of a waste of time, but the good news is, Rebecca, you finished the 24 hour challenge. – As a mermaid, but this isn’t
a waste of time, you guys. I will at least have peace of mind. I don’t know if it’s
still in the sleeping bag, even though I didn’t find
it, just kinda weird. – [Daniel] Oh, you know what? It could be in the filter
– Here it is. – [Daniel] We didn’t check the filter. – Oh.
– Oh, yeah. – [Daniel] It’s right here, look at that. – Hold on, hold on, look, look, look. Look, Rebecca. – Me sleeping. – But then look, who is it? – Stop.
– Who is that? – Stop. – You didn’t feel that? – No, no, no, no. Wait, that was last night. This is not a prank. – [Matt] Wait, what’s going on? – You guys aren’t pranking me, right? – [Matt] What’s going on?
– No, no, no, no, no. – Matt, look.
– Matt, look. Here let me… – Guys, I told you not
to leave me last night. – There she is, sleeping, and then. – What? – Matt. – Was that a guy? – Yeah, I think it’s in the suit. – It’s the briefcase dude. – You think that’s someone from the GMI? – I don’t know, that is so. – Why’d he sneak out like that? – Zam Fam, I’m gonna go inside. If you guys saw that on
the footage, comment below. Smash the thumbs up button,
shout out to you guys in the Game Master Network that scored a hundred percent on the quiz and you guys that tagged me on Instagram wearing Zam Fam merch, the
link is in the description. Check out the video right
here where we did the Don’t Push the Wrong
Mystery Box into the Pool. I think we need to go inside. – Wait, wait, wait,
there’s something else. Look, look!

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