I Bought My Wedding Dress On Etsy [CC]

I Bought My Wedding Dress On Etsy [CC]

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  1. I wish I had seen this before I got marriedm. I have red hair and green eyes. Would never have thought of those colors. It was magical. Like old day princess next to a unicorn. You are stunning!

  2. I’m glad this was recommended! And thank you for showing video from your wedding! You looked absolutely gorgeous, and I loved that dress on you. Congratulations!

  3. The only fault I found abt this video was there was not enough pictures..Lol curiosity killed the cat, and such a cool choice in dress! It looks like your wedding was so fun, what a great memory to make. ❤

  4. Beautiful bride, dress and photographs! You definitely give off an ancient Celtic Princess vibe in that dress on the stones near the ocean. My favorite part is the cape!!

  5. I don't know if I'm the only one think that you elongated a 5 min content to a 14 min one. In both of the videos about the dresses.

  6. You inspired me to get the wedding dress that I want, even though its not white! I got a blue bridesmaid dress from a local shop and I’m so excited about it!!

  7. That photo of you on the rock looks like something out of Game Of Thrones! You look beautiful! I love the dress! It is unique and gorgeous 💙

  8. I love your husbands face when he first saw you walking up, priceless and awesome. I really enjoyed your videos – thanks for sharing your story. I watch say yes to the dress USA ( i am in San Francisco) and have not seen the Irish version. loved your insight and comments.

  9. I almost bought my wedding dress of Etsy but it unfortunately wouldn’t come in time for my wedding. Your dress was was stunning and you looked amazing in it! I love unconventional wedding dresses

  10. You are just delightful. Your wedding ensemble, including the additional pink skirt, was brilliant. Your bridesmaids were so beautiful.
    I wish you and your husband all the best in your marriage. Congratulations!!

  11. I was really thinking about getting a dress off of Etsy because I just did NOT want to have a traditional dress for my wedding in June of 2018. I found lots of awesome dresses, but I just couldn't really find one that really said ME! Choose ME! I live in the U.S. and I did a search for blue dresses or tie die dresses and I happened to find the dress of my dreams! It was at David's Bridal. But it wasn't a wedding dress. It was a prom dress. I also looked through their prom section as well as a couple other vendors that are around my city and nothing really compared to that dress I found. There was another couple that I did find at David's bridal too that I wanted to try on. So when I went in for my dress shopping, I saw MY dress on a mannequin as soon as I walked into the shop and I just had that butterfly feeling. It was also the first one I tried on too. And I have to say, for 400.00 it was right in line with my budget. But, they wouldn't alter the dress for me because it was not a wedding dress. So I found someone else to alter it for me. Was not as bad as I thought either.

  12. Love the idea of you wearing the top again and people being like Where'd you get that? And you're like oh this old thing? It's my wedding dress

  13. I ordered my bridesmaids dresses custom online and the girls were understandably very nervous (as was I) but when they came in they were so gorgeous that I wished I had ordered my dress from them too. (I could’ve saved a ton!) Love yours by the way! I also chose a dress with color.

  14. I struggled to find a wedding dress that I liked and my MOH sent me a custom made one on eBay? I've slept on it for about 2 weeks, had sleepless nights thinking about it. And last night I bought it. It'll be here next month. I'm terrified and have a backup dress planned just incase. I'm so glad yours worked out and it gives me hope 👌

  15. I'm getting the dusty blue Nora skirt from Dulcinia and the Dolores bodysuit for my wedding next year and I'm over the moon excited about it. She's been so lovely and helpful so far and I can't wait to see it! You looked stunning in yours!

  16. Thanks to you I discovered the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen – model Rue by the same Etsy dressmaker. I am in love. THANK YOU!

  17. You are literally so adorable and funny. I just watched the first video on why you didn’t wear your “say yes to the dress” dress and I was eager to watch this one! You just earned yourself a new subscriber. Stay weird. ❤️

  18. Man, simply stunning! From the gorgeous red hair to the quirky, charming brogue all topped off with that endlessly ethereal gown… Breathtaking.

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