yeah real quick special announcement this is Tammy three-second shameless self nudie booty it's back in stock as well as all of the bundles are back in stock everything is back in stock this is the first time my website has ever had everything on it in stock ever in the history of my prions oh girl um so yeah Judy's back in stock I'll have a link down below hey guys what's up welcome to my channel today's video is going to be a wish clothing haul and I've never done a wish clothing haul before now I think people have on the internet already so I didn't in this video but I wanted to I've tried out wish makeup a long time ago like did a full face of wish makeup on my channel and I've bought more wish wake and I felt more wish makeup so I want to redo that video and like test out what's new on the side because I think a couple product who did work out for me and a couple were just like total but I bought like all these sexual clothes and I don't know if you guys know this not at this site house of C B but they sell like these really expensive latex dresses except for on their site they're like $200 and like this literally looks like what they sell so I was wondering if you could pretty much get the same thing for like $11 so I'm gonna do is try on haul and I've never I think it's been like I don't want to say I've never done this on my channel because girl back in the day I used to throw down with a good ol youtube videos but I'm real excited to see what this long back girl has to offer you know this video is gonna be very interesting and we're gonna find out if these clothes are worth your money also these were like the trending clothes like the most popular clothes and the wish app so we'll see it's like you just go ahead let you know that shipping took almost a month for it to get to me out order these like over a month ago and each piece comes in individual from China so you have to gather up all the pieces so I probably got everything in and that's why the video alright let's sing sweet the thing subscribe song okay sometimes people say I talk a lot in YouTube videos and I'm like also YouTube video what do you want me to do see here silently I look at you girl we're gonna talk I got to tell you I get it though I am a talker I get it I hear you I bought this read sexual latex dress I mean this dress is like hot stuff very late sexy material and it zips in the back looks like a red trash bag oh my gosh wow look the fabric see this fabric right here is starting to fall apart right there we got a little ripich this is put together very poorly but you know what let's see what I pay for it looks so hot on the girl and I paid paid $8 with this dress it looks so good online they had it and knew that in black and had in red tone with the red one it Artie it feels like a monstrosity but I'm gonna hope for the best alright so this is it I am sorry the mirror but I am supposed to market there's like a bottle looms fabric through my crotch hole and hip region just like floating however the boob area and right here is so good but this little right here this little piece of meat just like it's this is a cat scratch but yeah but this is like I've no bra on by the way and it's lifting my girls so nice but this girl this this is like needs to be tucked or something it looks bad but then this area like it's just like flopping flops and then it's a real lose back here I wouldn't wear this out I I would it was a sure and I could cut this piece off and wear it out to play go what is that it's not it's not working okay next I got a sequin jumpsuit let me click on it and see how much I paid for it but this actually looked really pretty when it came in she looks amazing this looks really beautiful I was excited about this eyepiece 13:54 it so this is what it looks like and it looks like it does in the picture so I actually think this is the one I had the most high hopes for it looks and feels really good so I'm excited to try this on I'm just hoping it doesn't give me too much of a camel toe girl the siRNA confidence is the sequin jumper obviously and if I lift my hands up my vagina it's just like but I gotta say the jumper doesn't look bad it's very achieved because of the sequins but it it's like not bad and here's the back of it little almost butt cheek action I have if I wore by the way so if you have super long legs or a long torso you might have some problems but the sleeves might look good you know and fit nicely the boobage area is covered pretty well I would put tape here before I wore it out or tape the girls I don't hate this one I it's much better than the last one so that was a really good deal yep this is it it's not a two-piece set I thought it was a two-piece set it turns out it's a one-piece set but if you can see right here like the threads are all shooting out which might not be at the end of the world if it turns out really pretty on so this is a pretty colour though I like the color nude that it came in so we'll actually see see what happens okay next outfit is the flowy dress I don't think it quite looks like it looks like I wish like I by the guy in person but it doesn't look that bad person the area looks good but you would have to be careful with a bra because I don't know what type of bra you have to wear it's not show but you know I think it looks pretty good in your undies show on the side to whenever you actually walk some feet in nude underwear you might be able to get by what do you guys think for $11 and 70 cent I bought this two-piece tight skirt and sequined top set and it looked gorgeous on the girl online and then they had it in several different colors Hey red white nude black green and pink so here's the top yeah doesn't look so bad I'm hoping we have the stream yes we have the string so we just laced up ourselves so here's the skirt just like a plain stretchy material skirt it does seem kind of wide I got a size small and everything next up my flesh colored room is ooh butt pads was $11 and yeah I mean I have to try and I don't even have anything to commentate about those until I try em on cuz I think the proof is gonna be in the pudding with those I looked at the wrong one these are the actual ones that I paid for it I paid two dollars two dollars and seventy sweet dear husband is buttoning the next outfit because we have to string it this one up but what I'm gonna do with this one because the skirt is nice and tight and it is fitting well I'm going to show it without bud packed and then I'm going to show it with butt pads so we can see what's the difference with a butt pad I can also try on a pair of jeans before and after what but Pat so you guys can get an idea of what that's gonna look like this is legit like I'm placing up a shoe by the way the pink and this is by far the best quality outfit the inside of it is on fleece so it's really nice and then then tie the skirt is please the skirt fits perfectly well my butt looks like without the butt pad so we can do a set by side and this is what the top looks like it looks really good I tied it from the top I feel like maybe you're supposed to tie it from the bottom but then if you tied it from the bottom these would hang like past your butt that looks weird you butt pads yes ma'am see if it looks real give us the twirl see from the side oh she got it up she got so I'm gonna try some jeans next so you guys can see what the butt will look like with jeans to see if it's as noticeable I think it's absolutely awful with the skirt all right we have jeans on and now I'm gonna do if you want to return and here we go it looks so much more real guys with jeans like you're into it jeans is the way to go you could definitely pull off the fake to kiss side chop jeans there's such hot question what are you supposed to do you go home with a guy you're taking you taking your clothes off nah not you per se you go home with the guy taking your clothes off you're wearing butt pads how do you how do you get out of that situation here for that look at Laura Lee trying to get views for 15 minutes straight wet looks latex dress and black is the next thing I got and I paid it 14 bucks with it so this is probably one of the more expensive things but it looks super hot so I was like okay I'll try it and it's really heavy when it came in so if the weight could be kind of Lux but I don't know and I like has these metal snaps oh I don't know this to be honest felt the most it felt the best out of everything that came in so I got this one in size medium girl who did a little roll tight and Corsetti and so I was like real nervous though I got medium guys it's almost impossible to get on is it pain can you sell more please so here's the team you can go through the pain of putting this on high booty looks right wait there's a a wire or set in this so waste is snatch my skin is ripped off my stomach the tits are lifted this is a hot dress will I ever put it on again I probably won't because it was too painful and into two of us to do it we have it what do you guys think I mean that the pleather is thick the corset is thick it really snatches you at you get you put together I see you Bodhi can you twerk in this I know I can you even bend over oh my god but doctor wear black underwear with this because if you look which I have undies on you're saying my maid on me so black and these might help you out with this one and yeah this is this is a win you're an Indian it's got a cat suit it was 16 20 so this one actually cost the most it looks like a Halloween costume for a song but girl I don't know what the material is so pitiful and sad oh my god this is gonna be so embarrassing on stuck in every single hole on the way in very difficult you put eyes this probably fits me like one of the best fitted outfits that I've ordered out of all of them I look insane I don't know where to wear this why wear it to a freakin disco convention so I think if you bought the whole black one and wore black bra maybe some black granny panties or black shorts you can definitely get by with it warning people way more wearable but I think like this what do you think you could tear that so easy looks like taper then I got the late to another latex dress so I figured I would try it on – this was eight bucks and I got it in pink a real review is here right now that one get a water and now I'm gonna go try this on Anna now it's time to feel real T looking plastic boobs here we talk about the boobs okay so I tighten the strap so it would be really tie on my boobs it's gonna side B what's going on there's – extra fabric here this is I'm a c-cup by the way just for reference and go wait what is supposed to happen I've even picked the girls up and then we have again that little centerpiece this is not work so it's like the body part worked more and the blue part did not work at all okay this was like a you're playing dress-up okay guys I figured I would close this video out in my closet but my final synopsis is I would be very weary with wish clothes you really don't know what you're gonna get they were so hit and miss definitely like half these outfits I won't wear out in public or can't because of the way they fit they look crazy and then a couple of them actually worked out and looked really good and I got them for such a low price so it was like a really good deal so they're very hit and miss she's gotta be really careful ordering off of a wish and but I wouldn't say I wouldn't order from there again because they had a lot of cute sweats cute hoodies cute comfy clothes and I think that those would work out way better because it's just like a hoodie and give this video a thumbs up a little likey poop love you guys so much remember the scene from dude where's my car and they're all wearing bubble wrap that's you right okay yeah next


  1. This is maybe like the 6th or 7th video Iโ€™ve watched of Laura lee and honestly why does everybody hate her? I honestly love her videos, I think sheโ€™s one of my fave you tubers now..

  2. It annoys me how if a girl doesnt have plastic surgery & fake hips, a fake butt and fake boobs nowadays that means they look like a pencil

  3. "Luxury" people, do you not understand tailoring..?….. I've bought stuff off wish, tailored it, and made it look great. Idu like with the first dress literally sew that boob piece in and get it tailored in at the waist. Plus I see you literally showing off your boobs in all these wish videos. I see you.

  4. So I LOVE my fake booty lol just sayin!
    BTW the black dress that pinched u…ummm U do realize that if u have the front hooked up & the back lace open/loose when u put it on then tighten the back laces. U not only avoid pinching ur self but u then also close the gap so no booty or panties showing plus the fit would b more customized…I'm SUPER curious to see it that way or if u do try it let me know how it works out & if I'm right or completely off in left field lol
    Edit: Elvis convention for the bubble wrap weird bodysuit lol just a bit of some White Rain & a front twirl u got the "LOOK" UHH HUHH (lmao my bad had to)

  5. 11:39 OMG it's shows my little but.. Im about die ๐Ÿ˜ holly shit ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ’ฉ gosh laugh on tears

  6. girl itโ€™s okay to have a flat butt ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ love your body type youโ€™re unique ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ซ

  7. Lol why did she order a bunch of sexual clothes ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚no one wears that out except strippers

  8. I donโ€™t care what anyone says, Iโ€™m happy sheโ€™s moving forward and doing her. Sheโ€™s one of the most entertaining you tubers Iโ€™m glad I clicked…and I truly donโ€™t feel like sheโ€™s a bad person. Good people make mistakes.

  9. Omg,you're killing me. I haven't laughed this much in a long time. Tysm,you made my night. I would love to hang out with you. You are so funny

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