I Brought Clothes From 5 Below | Clothing Try-On Haul | KeyanaTalented

I Brought Clothes From 5 Below | Clothing Try-On Haul | KeyanaTalented

girl G on my big butt I mean he is too and that's why your time you see me I got some new shoes again what is up you guys it is your girl Kiana talent and today's video is going to be a five below haul so if y'all don't know about five below I don't know what's wrong which are like what are you doing like you're like living under a rock but five below is a super duper cute store it's like the dollar store where everything is like five and below hey that's the best way to describe it it's like a dollar store but everything is basically the store name five and below everything is literally five dollars and under and that store is like it's addicting you're gonna spend like a lot of money in there because they have really really cute stuff that's really really good quality and it's just like yeah don't think you're gonna go in there and just be like oh I'm gonna spend you know twenty dollars Nasus you about to spin it good you buy this but instead of money you know if you find stuff you like but it's like they really do have a lot of stuff in there that's really really good I've been especially like I feel like if you're a college student 5 and below will be a really really good store for you to like get cute stuff for your college dorm room for an affordable price um if you're like a beginner and makeup I feel like the makeup section would be really really good I know little kids freaking love this store too like it's such a frickin adorable store but um I'm gonna stop yapping and show you guys what I got for five and blow and it just it amazes me you feel me like it just amazes me so here is what your girl got she has a big bag I feel I got going this store like at least once a week and like I come up with something like at least so um you'll be surprised like like a lot of stuff I got I got a lot of clothes which is like super duper duper crazy so you know let's stop yappin Han I'm starting this video off your girl got these white beach shorts these are like super duper cute the material fills of freak amazing amazing it's like basically like a towel so you know that's why I said beach shorts they're probably not beach shorts but I will wear these to the beach I wear these at home just to be comfortable and these were five dollars so just white and I got these in a size large their stuff does run a little bit smaller so if you do dislike decide to buy clothes I would definitely go a size up especially because if you want to like you know keep it for a while when you do wash it it's got a streak so usually I wear like a medium and small and clothing right now as your girl was getting a little slim so I decided to just go because I have purchased clothes from them before I decided to go with a large and they're white shorts in most of the clothing I got as well got another pair of these ones are purple super cute they're purple and white this is what the back looks like in this is who's the moon so awesome i'm 5-4 so you go you know if you're like trying to you know figure out like how short or how long they'll be on you i'm 5'4 and right now I weigh about 145 so yeah just you know if you guys needed to know like information like that then I got these pink ones they have a cute little string the string um it's not like a drawstring it's just there for decoration but you could tie or wear loose then I got this cute like it's like it's like a dress shirt ish kind of thing and I got this in a medium and I liked how this looks it was like really really comfortable fitting and this is something I would just wear you know around the house or you know say I'm gonna run to the corner store and I didn't feel like getting dressed all the way I could throw these on I could throw this on in this you know school the house real quick then I got this cute little drawstring tie dress and this office in a medium because I wanted this to feel you know Yoshi Yoshi right there Yoshi right there fit snug on your girl yeah and I just liked how it looked it's like some t-shirt kind of looking dress is super duper pretty and once again like this is like something you were kind of wear to the beach I feel like you were where I asked like I would wear it to the beach I mean I could wear this like every day if I wanted to but it's more some more so something I will wear to the beach and it gives me Beach kind of eyes because of this like little drawstring right there so I don't know but you can adjust this like how it fit on you this is what this looks like and this was for swallows $5 and it's like a stretchy material and it feels really really comfortable to like it doesn't feel like itchy like you ever bought something in you touch it is just like oh when I'm aware it it's gonna be achieved yeah it doesn't give me that feelin just like you know it's kind of nice DeeAnn your girl we ain't got this dress um what can I say about this dress I can say that this is a really really pretty dress and it has like a little slit towards the bottom so this is definitely something I will wear like to the beach I mean I could dress this up and wear this out if I wanted to you know you know me I just start a profile period but um yeah I like the back design has like this little you know the low crossing is this the back of the front hmm I think this is the back is this the back I don't know oh yeah that's definitely the back okay so yeah I was ready to heard that so this little design on the back of it with a little crisscross thing but I mean I would I would it's so fun I'm gonna try it on both ways and I'll tell me which way y'all will wear it to and I tried it on you know right there in these little videos that you're about to see so boom this is what this looks like and I got this for five dollars and it's like it's like that stretchy like one material spandex material that's what I said it's a spandex material so it's like it's like stretchy stretchy stretchy stretchy stretchy next shoe girl got these little spandex leggings super cute they say girl power on them I think Lewis II know it says work I think listen here child I don't know I say some money but I see spandex leggings super duper cute and I just like the color of them and they're stretchy stretchy so I like that a lot and I liked how they fit and I liked how you know a major girl Maj girl have the muffin that cake that everything so yeah everything that I got was five dollars so far then I got a sports bra I liked it the sport I liked I liked it I just said a word I don't know but I like this bra cause it like this pink sparkly band and I like the color of it it's like a peach nude I liked a lot and it does come with padding and I has really patting so you know I usually take the padding out of these cuz I don't know I hate when they start to move around late after you know you wash them on the table they just be all over the place so I usually take it out but this is what the back of this looks like it's one of those comfortable fitting bras and I got this for five dollars next shoe girl got these sandals which were five dollars and they were super freakin cute and I was actually like looking for sandals like these and I like I went to City trans I went to rainbow I went to forever 21 and stuff like that they were just already expensive but when I like went to forever 21 they really didn't have my size it's kind of only why I didn't get them but you know I looked at different places pretty much more two-story I looked at different places and really couldn't find those sandals like these and I was a freakin 5 below and I found them and they are in my size they don't really have like a number size it just says large but I did try them on in a store and you know my foot fit comfortably in them and I'm just super duper cute and like five dollars like you can't complain they were five dollars so this is what your girl got I like always see these like little 300-400 prompt books on you know Facebook and stuff like that and I'm just like I want one like I love writing like in high school and like you know grammar school stuff like that English was always my favorite subject I just like writing I very like I have a very active imagination to have a very creative mind and I just enjoy writing poetry stories just just because my mind is just so creative and just all over the place sometimes but basically what I'm saying is I enjoy writing and I've just always wanted to get one of these books so it's the 300 writing prompts and it basically there's like a question or something on the top of the page and pretty much just right so I'll just read a couple zooms so yeah like you don't get the gist of what this book is so it basically is like what is your favorite way to spend a lazy day and you would write that out um write about something presently in your life that is worth it stuff like that write about something you would still buy if it cost twice as much as it cost today what do you think is the most important thing for today's kids to learn in school what do you think is the most important question in life what do you do even when you do not feel like it what special traditions our holiday celebration does your family observe and it just has stuff like that and you just you write in your book and yeah and you don't have to go in order who says you have to go in order if I wanted to I would jump around just like I jumped around answer these different questions that's what I wanna do so basically I just want to get this book filled I'm not gonna no rush to get it filled I'm gonna write in it until I feel like I'm alright uni whenever I feel like it's not something I'm gonna like oh I'm gonna set this time of the day out to write in it even though that's not like something I should do or like I kind of want to do whatever I'm just saying it's not something I have to do you feel me but yeah so I got this from five below if I below always has like little books like this like they have a 400 writing prompts one they have a burn book I really want to get the burn book like the burn book basically it's the same concept where it has like you know questions and lists and stuff and you literally write in a book and literally when you're done writing in that book you're gonna burn it I I have to find a five and blow with that like the one that I went to the 5 and blow at once who they said that they didn't have anymore but they would get me getting some more in stock soon so your girl is definitely gonna go back and get that cuz that's something I really really would really really really really want as far as like a book I want to buy my husband one too so he can like you know write in it you know this little thing as well but um yeah so that is what she girls got from fighting below and um your girls spits your girls spent fifty nine seventy four at five and below on all of that stuff that you'll grow guys I'm really really happy with my purchase not complaining here I loved everything everything fit you know beautifully and amazing and yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video if you guys want to know how I achieved my ponytail make sure you check out the description box I'll post the video on the post the video link down below how your girl got this ponytail also I just recently posted another video freaking haul for your girl went shopping again so go check out that video I just post a video where I was working on a boat I had a crazy weekend y'all go watch that video auto videos will be down in the link down in the description below also make sure you follow me on my Instagram follow me on my snapchat case please baby gotta be down in description basically I'll tell y'all go read the description that's gonna tell y'all go go read this good description go check it out it's some good information down here you feel me stay connected with your girl you know just just go check that at the description box out so yo I'm one day three awareness ponytail I don't know how you hoes do it I don't know I don't know I don't know what this ponytail I applaud y'all good this joint is tight I didn't took about a couple bobby pins and your pins out already I'm surprised it's still up here I like this money so alot though it's really really cute and it makes me look like a queen like I mean I am a queen whenever I do a different hairstyle but I look like a real real Queen that's besides the point I'm done so I can make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it for more shopping hauls more more more videos from your girl subscribe to my channel Attorney or post notifications so you won't miss any more of the deals let's go post I'm a little tough guys shine is about yeah turning out post notifications so you don't miss any more videos from your girl like comment share subscribe all that good stuff that I just said already yeah

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  1. Not sure why I’ve never heard of this place. That grey dress is itttt 😍😍😍

  2. I never go to this store. I low key might now! I liked that black dress with that string. I feel like I could dress that up nicely. Keep the videos coming sis πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

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