I COPIED MY FANS OUTFITS πŸ˜±πŸ‘— // Roblox Royale High School

I COPIED MY FANS OUTFITS πŸ˜±πŸ‘— // Roblox Royale High School

hey everyone and welcome back to a new ray Lux video on my channel today we're back on Royal High School and we're gonna be doing something really really fun today because you guys always send me loads and loads of pictures of your guys's outfit on Twitter so I decided why not make a video recreating some of your guys's looks and I think a lot of you guys have also been asking me while sending me pictures like can you recreate this in the video and now I asked you guys on Twitter to respond to the tweet with your guys's outfits and I picked up five outfits we're gonna recreate today I hope I can do five I'm trying to like do it quick so it's not like a thirty minute video but we're gonna start immediately with the first one I'm still in my beautiful Serie like that really needs to go but we have the first outfit which will be on screen right now it is a blue and green outfit and I'm in love with it I'm sure some outfits that I usually wouldn't create myself mainly just because I always go for like different things but I love creating different types of outfits and I love seeing what you guys create and seeing how amazing it looks so we're starting off with this month I do not in fact have the flower crown but that will be something I will be doing with every single outfit I will put my own little spin on it I'm trying to recreate them and then give them a little like touch of K sear on them as well so let's start with this outfit sir she is wearing a green blue outfit so I have to try and find that alright I found the outfit but I have to get rid of everything else really quick because yeah it's a mess okay we found the outfit now for the hairstyle she's just wearing some long like luscious log sorry let's go for that hairstyle it's over here the long hair yes and of course in like a greenish blue now this will be hard I hope I can find the like exact hair colors Saturday is I think she actually like made this like an edit so the hair kind of looks a little bit different which by the way the edits I'm getting sent by you guys are actually amazing like your guys are so talented with editing royal high things but I think this is the hairstyle she's going for now she has a really really cute makeup look not gonna lie totally in for that alright the makeup is done it's absolutely adorable now we have to get the wings and the skirt done and then we have to see what we can do for the accessory so we can do something something to make it look all fancy now for the colors we have to go a dollar set the blur like if she's like going really dark so that's bad and then a little bit of a lighter green I think that works yes oh my god we're looking so cute already no we need the wings I don't know what kind of wings they are like I don't remember ever seeing these wings and that's exactly why I chose them I feel like it's Nate is it the fourth secret is it this I think it is but they're like edited a bit which makes them look way cooler by the way I think we nailed the first one now I want to put a little twist to it with an accessory of my own I mean it'll look really cute I heard I just don't know what I want to do yet which is just great I want to put a twist on it but I don't know what I don't really have anything for hair which really annoys me I could put like these Sony's on and make it look like a tit oh my god it's kind of cute I'm not even drinking I'm kind of into this okay I'm digging this now what do we think about earrings maybe we can make them furs the same color okay we're getting there yes do we want a third one wait no okay I'm taking the Sony's off I have a really good idea the Sony's have to go but we're giving her the mermaid stuff because this kind of reminds me of a mermaid outfit I'm not joking I think she looks like a beautiful mermaid so we're gonna give her the mermaid Stav which totally ties this outfit together oh my god I'm actually adorable all right this is the first outfit that we did okay let me quickly try and find whose outfit this was because of course I want to give proper credit to the person who send me this this outfit was done originally by imagine hard on Twitter thank you so much she said maybe I don't know you're the first one I love your outfit I love the Edit you did really good and I really wish I had that flower girl I'm not joking I want that flower crown now let's guard her the next outfit which was made by Olivia her name in game is Olivia let me try and find the tweed sir we can give proper credit to her as well it was done by its Nicole Torito on Twitter sir Thank You Nicole for sending me this outfit it's another blur one it's like blue and wide but I kind of chose it for like the hairstyle I don't know why I kind of love the short hair so we're gonna go for it let's choose the hairstyle first then let's go through the short hair I don't know which one it is is it this one no it's like the fluffy short here where's the fluffy hair okay I can't find it right here what am i doing up and playing real high for so long there we go it's one of the new ones now she's wearing a white like grayish hairstyle so it's like grey at the roots but a wide silver in the length so maybe this nerd that's not it wait I can't find it okay is it this one no oh wait okay this is a disaster if I can't find the hair color that's literally why I did this okay I'm kind of freaking out very slightly I'm going to blonde now alright the closest I can get is actually kind of it's this one I don't I don't get it what am I doing wrong wait is it an ombre this one is actually the closest I can get I journey what's up with that wait is it this one wait I think I found it I think it's this one okay I'm just gonna choose this is as close as we can get today now for the outfit she's wearing a sweater that only has one arm okay this is confusing me oh this one well that was easier than I thought it would be why does the sweater only have a one arms that a new trend I've missed out all now she's wearing a short skirt wait she has like a bag as well okay uh make up first what am i doing I'm so confused because if that whole hair problem we've had all days of making I think she's wearing like a pink wait this could I should be a custom face I think it is I think it's a custom face I guess she has like blueish is it a custom face start I don't I can't tell I have to zoom in on this picture I can't or is it and maybe just my favorite face I think it's this one her skin color is a bit darker than mine so I'm just gonna go a little bit darker this lighting is not doing injustice I'm just gonna do this I don't know what my skin color actually looks like right now but this looks pretty good this is not her face I'm so confused skin makeup let me give her some like I think yes this is her face oh my god that took way too long oh we have a different skirt it's the real mermaid one right in white in just pure white birth colors are white it's not the skirt definitely not this one oh my god why yeah this is it okay and then she's wearing my favorite heels the thigh high ice skater Bert heel things in blue and white that's right and I think we just have to do the accessories and the wing so let's start with the wings think it's water or ice it is ice is it Christmas Winx oh it is it's the frozen angel wings oh my god I was like what I gotta find these okay now we have to get rid of the scepter rid of the earrings and now we put on the Sunny's the prescription gloss is sorry it's like it's kind of sunny it's like come on prescription glasses and the I think she's wearing this one in white that's adorable I never thought of that as a proper accessory I like this challenge I think this is her outfit and I'm actually in love with us I'm not even drinking I kinda really love those one now let's give it my urn spin I just don't know how yet because this is already almost perfect for me oh wait it can really look really really cute with these like your mom the fashion winter scarf yes okay now we have a little bit too much going on okay we're taking the kitty back off and we taking the glasses off are we taking the skirt off no oh my god now I just ruined it oh no all right and now I want to do one little extra thing just don't know maybe some kitty yours we did it we gave it my own little spin with some kitty ears and a little scarf to look like really fashionable outfit again you guys are so talented you guys just do the best outfits I love it thank you so much no let's check helmet oh god we already have we're already been going for a while maybe I'll just do one more outfit and then once we finish that outfit I'm just gonna have to do another video where you send me outfits and I'll just to recreate some more but I decided to do this outfit right here it's super colorful and totally different than the other two so I wanted to do it I don't have those proofy arm things I think they're an accessory and of course I don't have the hailer we're just of course alright because I'm still hoping I can get it someday but we'll see but yeah let's get into recreating this outfit I'm gonna take everything off first wow that was a lot I was wearing okay the hair is again short hair side I just short ones I really like short ears it is I don't know I think this one no it's a different one it's a new one oh my gosh it took me like 10 minutes to find this I totally didn't see this up here I got it now okay she has a beautiful like light brown here color let's try and find that exact hair color okay that is not it and again I'm having problems finding it maybe it's more of a blonde oh god hair colors are gonna be the death of me oh there it is I think this is it I think it's it's as close as we can get today now for the face she also has a custom which is adorable by the way oh we have to start with the eyes she has like squinty eyes oh that's so cute I think we're already like almost done let's change the lip color to more of a reddish one adorable I love your guys's outfit now for the actual outfit it's really really hard to see but it's like a rainbow fancy dress there's a lot of outfits there so this is gonna take a while for me to find this alright this did not take as long as I thought it would we found the dress color I'm gonna choose the skirt next it's like the biggest skirt ever it's just a berry big skirt is it this one and then oh my god she has a design on it I think it's just the hollow one no it's not well this is gonna be great it's also definitely not the right skirt so it could just be the haulers skirt oh there it is it is the hollers holler rainbow skirt to me its hauler I don't I'll just call it hauler and last but not least as far as I can create the last thing is the wings which are super yay they're like they're huge guardian of the like wow wow we're looking adorable now for the accessories I totally have to do something with the arms because she has like poofy huge sleeves and I don't have them so we're gonna use the normal ones we're gonna go for wait can we do we can't make them hauler I wish we could the second color will be pink then very light one please okay I'm totally liking this oh wait she has pink and blue oh god I have to do pink and blue that and blue yeah we go that's actually way cuter okay we got pink and blue sleeves now let's put a little twist on it and let's see what we can do for the rest we can kind of put on this Halloween crown in white I mean it kind of does and then maybe we put in some sweetheart earrings because I think that would look just adorable there we go that's the last outfit we can do for today and I think it's absolutely adorable we like unlike all our princess um actually obsessed with your guyses outfit and it was so much fun for me to recreate them I really hope you enjoyed it as well I totally want to do another one of these outfit recreation videos so totally send me all of your outfits to my Instagram or Twitter and then I'll start recreating them because it's so much fun as we can see but yeah I really enjoyed this video if you did as well please make sure to leave a like and of course subscribe down below with notifications on so you never miss any of my uploads and I guess I will see you guys in my next video bye

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  2. Can u try on all the skirts, heels, wings, and accessories, so I know which one to buy and u already have all, so plz.

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