I DIY’d my own wedding dress

I DIY’d my own wedding dress

this is the last cookie I have. I ate ALL of them. Before I eat it Let’s say a quick prayer to all the blood sweat and tears that went into creating these cookies 🎵* “I love you Jesus” plays By Trisha Paytas🎵 Hello Everybody! Welcome back to my Youtube channel. Today, We have a very interesting video. if you’ve been here for quite a while, you’d know that I’m slightly Obsessed with ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. So I thought it would be fitting to DIY one of the wedding dresses They sell now I’m not gonna DIY just any one of their dresses I’m gonna DIY a Pnina Tornai wedding gown, if you don’t know who that is, let me explain Pnina Tornai is a wedding dress designer and she’s notorious for creating possibly the most expensive wedding dresses ever it makes sense because her dresses are absolutely beautiful the most Sparkly things ever and I love them I went out yesterday and I did some damage at fabric land. I bought 10 meters of organza So if you go on to the pnina tornai website, I went ahead and chose the most over-the-top one This is the dress. I chose. I do want to look like a cake topper after all I think I’m gonna start with the skirt and then we’ll figure out the top. So to start off with the base I’m gonna make like an underlayer type of thing something that I can like so the many layers of organza over top I’m doing this mostly because the organza is awfully sheer and this is a Christian channel and we’re very Pg-13 here, so you should not be able to see my underwear *grunts intensify* Did you miss me? Okay, so I just remembered something… This satin, doesn’t really have much stretch over it If I sew it like the exact measurement that my waist is I won’t be able to put it on afterwards I’m gonna use this elastic as a waistband and then I’m gonna sew this onto the waistband so that I can like stretch it and not is it gonna work? Probably not but I don’t really see any other option here. This is like low-key terrifying *Sewing Machine Processes* Okay okay great we have our waistband Perfect now comes the fun part. We actually have to put this around my waist and (who gave this woman Scissors??!!) *ACHOOO* if Versace doesn’t assign me as one of their Kotori A’s after this I’m going to be irate Wow. It is uh quite something. I look like a sumo wrestler, but was a skirt Now we have to make that like poofy skirt part. My mom told me that to make something like kind of poufy It’s kind of like making a scrunchie you take a piece of string and then you feed it through Whatever material you have and then you like scrunch it up so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take ten meters of Organza, and then I’m gonna feed the string through it and then bunch it up and then I gonna look like a ballerina I’m probably gonna be here until tomorrow just like feeding some string through it, but honestly it’s worth it You know, this is a valuable use of my time *dog sounds* I’m using a phat needle for this. Are you serious? That thing could like stab someone’s jugular? Did you guys listen to Billie Eilish’s new song? ‘Cause I did it and let me tell you I couldn’t stop crying every single song for some reason that Billie Eilish has put out recently and absolutely like Detonates my heart, but yeah like this past week while I’ve been losing my mind with school I’ve just been you know crying my feelings out with Billie Eilish (SAME GURLL) *questions red tomato looking thing-y* *Throws object* Maybe I’ll wear this to a wedding not my wedding. Someone else’s wedding. What am I even saying anymore? I’m sorry It’s just so late at night. And this video is definitely gonna take two days to film. Look at that volume. Jesus christ. Almighty I’m gonna look like a pompom i’m gonna be a human marshmallow, and I’m okay with it. Okay, great now we just put this around my waist and like that’s it so that it covers everything cuz this is like I said before a Pg-13 channel actually I don’t really know why I keep on saying that because the other day I went on my YouTube analytics Turns out most of you guys are 18 to 24. So hey peeps. There’s only two explanations that I have for that one It’s either a bunch of 12 year olds lying their age or to a bunch of creepy old men watching my videos So we’ll never know but either way, you know what that means? *SHOTS SHOTS* Wow! This is, uhm, I have no words to describe this I mean *FABULOUS TWIRL* Don’t I just look beautiful? Okay. It’s like already 8:15 AKA time for my bedtime I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning bright and early at the crack of dawn to finish whatever this is It’s 7:00 a.m. And my parents are still asleep, so we’re gonna have to keep things kind of ASMR style Regardless, let’s do a little bit of a recap and let me show you what I finished so far *montage* Let’s get back into this next we actually have to make the skirt look pretty if we look at the picture again she has like some interesting things on the sides for that what I’m gonna use is this Sparkly tool when I plan on actually I’m just gonna divide this into two and Link and make two Bunches of fabric and then just like stick it to the sides There’s like glitter everywhere Jesus Christ, why do we have such bad ideas? How do I think of these things is what I want to know why can’t I use my creativity for things that actually matter like This isn’t gonna help anyone unless you really want a DIY your wedding dress and have it turn out like this Not gonna lie. It’s like actually looking kind of decent I am ready to get married What is even happening anymore? Okay, so I’m happy to report that we have officially finished the base of the skirt Now we can get to the fun part. We can decorate it now me I’m gonna add a ton of bling you can never have enough bling in my opinion to glue on the rhinestones and pearls I am NOT going to sewl them on I am going to hot glue them on. Jesus Christ. This is huge. Oh my god Let’s get decorating Oh It stays. Yeah, it sticks there it sure does. Oh, yeah, if you’re wondering about the cookies, I was planning on sharing them But um, we didn’t so my parents and I we kind of like slightly devoured them We separated them into bowls. I was planning on taking some to school some to practice some to work. But then um How do I explain this? We just ended up eating all the bowls and then as if I was an unhealthy enough this week We had this like breakfast thing at school one day and I ate five cinnamon buns Not four not three five and they would bake too. They’re like this big. I have no words. Like how does that even happen? And this name was when I was eating it. I didn’t feel remorse You know, I was like, yes, this is amazing and this is what I’ve paid for I am going to eat all the cinnamon buns I can eat like I was going ham and then afterwards when I sat on the toilet, and I was having tummy troubles That’s when the remorse actually kicked in So I just hope that next time it kicks in a bit sooner because I don’t want to go through that again No, we’re gonna need more rhinestones than this. This is not enough. I said I wanted to SpArKLe and that’s what I’m going to do Hello, so it’s been like 30 minutes of me. Just gluing on rhinestones And I think I’m officially blinged out in other news my mom woke up, and she did question what I was doing But you know, it’s all in the name of YouTube. So she was fine with it. Okay so now that I’m back from my tenth mental breakdown we have Tackle the top when I saw the top I was like how in the H e double toothpicks? Am I ever gonna make that we have to improvise a lot? I have this basic white tank top that I got from a broker Lee kids and it’s a size 7 8 so I think I can sacrifice it for this video I am going to cut out some of the holes and then I bought some lace From fabric lands and like kind of cover them up. My mom’s gonna kill me if she sees this Okay, so we have like two pizza slices under the breasteses as for that course that thing on the back I have an idea So first, let’s just get cutting I feel like I’m cutting paper snowflakes right now That’s a cutout if I’ve ever seen one excellent now that we are positively skimpy time to add the lace I Mean, I don’t know what to say like this the quality of my sewing skills out of this world. They’re just Stupendous wait, okay. This is like low-key kind of looking good not gonna lie So now we cover up all of my happy little accidents with some sparkles So I’ve made the executive decision that there is nowhere near enough glitter and sparkle on this top So this is where things are gonna get, you know a little bit crazy This is a glitter Spray and I’m just gonna spray it all over this top and hope that I can be seen from space Of course to spray something like that. We have to go outside you Know what while we’re at it I’m gonna spray the skirt also Okay, great, I think we’re done with her North Pole shenanigans So while I wait for my creations to dry, I have to figure out my accessories I’m gonna sort that out and I’ll see you guys when it’s finished. *KAZOO PLAYING* *OH MY ISN’T IT GORGEOUS?* *booty wag* *John Cena approved* *10/10* *would wear to my wedding* *Look at that STitChInG* *Crocs are QuAkInG* *Clears Throat Aggressively* SO That’s it that’s the whole video I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you had fun and if you’re getting married soon, make your own dress, you know, there’s no need to buy your own wedding dress and shell out like $3,000. No, it’s not necessary I guess moral of the story is Pnina Tornai is quaking and I’m her biggest nightmare because I obviously have the goods to back it up I will see you guys next week with another video see ya

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  1. the montage of the dress killed me. from start to finish i was dying of laughter. i haven’t laughed that much in my life, i was crying. that was hilarious

  2. Joana: this is a Christian channel,
    10 minutes later
    Me: I thought it was a Christian channel?? I'm soo confused

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  4. My name is Joana ceddina and my fiancé‘s name is Barney and yes he is a dinosaur from my imagination and I said yes to the dress

  5. Omg when u said 12 year olds lying about their age thats me XD since they wouldnt let me sign up for my actual age

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    Books the plane ticket
    Rents a small room
    Blows through savings to move to Canada

    Me: Wait… She lives in Canada right?

  7. I'm a 30 yo mom, I subscribed because you remind me of old youtube. I think that is the appeal for the older crowd. And you are hilarious

  8. "1 its either 12 year olds lying heyre are or 2 creepy old men watching my videos"

    me: joana you can reads minds! ( im a 12 year old lying my age

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  10. Im actually 12 but if I say my real age in the info for my email and stuff I wouldn't be able to have a channel for youtube.

  11. Lol even if I wanted to try to do something like this, I have the coordination and skill of a toddler in essentially everything and also, I don't know how to sew a thing.

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    It took two minutes to get the picture at 0:56 then I relized that I could have just wait until 1:14 😔😞

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