I don’t want to wear hijab or pray I WANT FREEDOM

I don’t want to wear hijab or pray I WANT FREEDOM

I am an ex-Muslim. I am terrified, terrified that someone will find out and then I would have stained the honour of my family forever. I and many like myself are battling with ourselves
and battling mental issues because of the society. We are shown a choice between our freedom and our dignity and between our loved ones. Because everything we are,
everything that I am — I am not a believer in Allah, I don’t believe in Mohammed,
I don’t pray, I don’t like nor I want to wear this fricking hijab. Everything I do is a disgrace to a conservative Arabian family. So we live a double life. And it’s not normal
to get used to lying, it’s not normal,
it shouldn’t be normal. I am so tired and constantly battling suicidal ideas, constantly living day-by-day. Maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe they will be more open. I don’t know. And probably not going to happen
in my lifetime. But the more we speak about it, at least they’ll wake up and say, ‘Well, you still are a human, you are still our daughter, you are still our friend, even if you don’t believe in a god.’ I wish that day would come, I don’t think it will. Not in my lifetime anyway. Because for them Islamic law,
Islamic morals, are the only good and right morals. Anything else beside that
is an insult. I … I just want to be free. And to see these leftists vigourously protect Islam
from criticizing, what are you doing to us? You are strangling us! We have enough to deal with and you come along and prevent a dialogue from opening. ‘It’s a religion of peace.’ No, it’s the religion
of dominance and dogma. The religion in my family
is abusing me, not my family. But the conservative Islam in them is doing the abusing. So, no, Islam is not
the religion of peace. Islam stole my family form me.

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  1. What you say as freedom will be interpreted as the truth and one and the only way by Muslims.

    I have no idea about the circumstances you are living under right now but I can imagine how suffocating it must be for you to harbour suicide thoughts.

    Stay strong and inshallah, you will be guided by your new family in here. 🙂

  2. In Norway, the left side supports Muslim girls in order to use hijab. Muslim women in Norway claim that hijab is freedom https://youtu.be/7ng06OLxHkU

  3. Can someone please tell me their experience about leaving islam??i am also struggling with my faith,all the teachings i got from the quran and even the islam as a religion.
    Please help me i am fighting against the "shaitan" which is telling me to leave islam.
    Will i go to hell if i really do so??please HELP ME

  4. Please don't take your life. You are of GREAT worth and your your battle is for many.
    I am a Christian and I pray for Muslims and x Muslims daily.
    I'll pray for your safety.
    Blessings from Spain.

  5. Your are free, but your loved ones are not. So what will you do for your loved one's, for their freedoms, for their rights… when they themselves do not want their freedoms.

    Will your fight for your loved one's, even when they are fighting you? When millions of free exmuslims join the fight, that day will come sooner when your loved one's will be free too. Or at least they will learn to love those who are exmuslim and free .

  6. No, never think of anything like suicide. Life is precious, be strong and wait for your good time. Keep helping the needy who suffer more.

  7. Keep yurr mouth shut,and get out asap!
    Come to the WEST and live and think freely!
    Gods not oppressive dont fear him!

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