I Dressed Like MyLifeAsEva For a Week

I Dressed Like MyLifeAsEva For a Week

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. And this week, I am going to be dressing like “My Life as Eva”. ♪ Literally my life ♪ So if you haven’t heard of Eva before, she started as one of the like lifestyle beauty girls in like the early 2010’s. And then now she’s kind
of grown out of that era. So she does like lifestyle, travel, a lot of stuff on Instagram very like aesthetic. And so a lot of Instagram photos are like vacation outfits,
a lot of swimwear, a lot of like crop tops and shorts and that kind of summery travel vibe. Like when we were looking up outfits, it was hard to find things
that weren’t just bikinis, because she’s literally always on like a tropical island
paradise vacation.(laughing) But Eva and I have very
different body types so I thought it would be interesting to recreate her exact outfits on my body and see how I feel. If I feel confident, see how they flatter my figure. And I do a lot of videos like this where I dress like
celebrities or Youtubers or just kind of like try to push myself out of my fashion comfort zone. So if you’re new to my channel, make sure to subscribe. Or if you’ve been here before, hi welcome back. I post new videos every Tuesday and Friday and I would love to have you here. Also I have a podcast. There will be a link in
the description for that. We post new episodes every Monday. Check it out. Now lets get into the video. So for day one, we are recreating this photo of Eva in LA on Rodeo Drive so we got that little white kind of like school girl
pleated skirt, a white bralette, and then a sheer polka
dot beige long sleeve top. And she also has this blue
purse over her shoulder. So I actually had
something like that already that I was gonna be
selling on my Poshmark, but I haven’t sold yet, so I just took it off our
little Poshmark shelves and wore it for the day. Also link to my Poshmark
in the description if you wanna shop. Any of the clothes from this video that I’m not gonna re-wear I will sell on my Poshmark for you guys. But let’s get into day one! (bright upbeat music) As I was walking out of the bedroom Steven goes, “that’s a very
interesting top you have there”. So this is my first “My
Life as Eva” outfit. I know Steven classified
it as interesting. I think I would agree with that but I do feel good in it. I feel like, you know
the sheerness of the top and the whole trend of just
wearing a bra as a shirt, is a little much for me like I just haven’t fully bought into it. But with the like polka dot you know kind of like
sheer bodysuit over it, I don’t mind it as much as if I was just wearing
the bralette as a top. The skirt, I’m just kind of lukewarm on. I don’t see myself like
choosing this on my own. Like if this wasn’t for the outfit, I wouldn’t really wear a skirt like this, but it is really flattering. Like the silhouette of it. I like that it’s high-waisted. It hits at the smallest part of my waist then it flares out. It’s nice and loose and flowy. The only issue I can see
is if it gets warmer today the chub rub is gonna be
really really bad in this because it is too short
to wear biker shorts with. So I’m going to put on some like deodorant on my inner thighs to try to
ease that pain a little bit. And then she’s carrying a blue purse. Alright so we are dressed. We are ready. Let’s head up to LA. We’re actually going to LA, which is pretty fitting for this outfit. Eva was posing by the Rodeo Drive sign, which if your not familiar with LA, is like the boougiest of the bougie area. Like Rodeo Drive is like a very very fancy like shopping area and plaza. I don’t know, have I? I don’t think I’ve ever
even been to Rodeo Drive. I’ve just, I know about it. I’d say it’s definitely a
little too bougie for me. Not surprising that I haven’t been there, but I am going to LA and I feel like this
outfit fits very very well for the like LA vibe. My channel is very glamorous, I’m very classy. Might as well just put that in the bag. We’re definitely gonna be needing more of that later. I’m trying my absolute best not to get powder on my full white outfit. I’m a 1000% sure I failed. Also my drive up to LA
was about three hours and I now have a terrible
weggie from this bodysuit. But I actually did realize, I’m doing something somewhat bougie today, actually very bougie. So this Rodeo Drive My life as Eva outfit is actually kind of fitting. I am doing a video that you guys are gonna probably next week, where a personal stylist
is putting together like a custom outfit for
me to wear to Beautycon. So I’m documenting the whole process. So I’m actually meeting
for a fitting today to try on all the different outfits that the stylist put together, so that’s gonna be super fun. Be looking out for that. And I feel like this outfit
really works for that! I feel like it’s kind of stylish. It’s kind of like unique. I feel like Ava does a really good job of putting together outfits
that are trendy but also unique. You know, she pushes some style boundaries and I feel like this
outfit is pretty cute. Okay, so we just finished
the styling sessions. Look at all of these clothes
that I just tried on. It was a dream! I cannot wait for you
guys to see that video. I am back now in My Life as Eva outfit, which I actually got
so many compliments on. The stylist, Dana, complimented me like her whole crew complimented me. I was like, “Okay, if you’re a stylist and you like this outfit. I guess Eva has really really good taste.” I feel like I’m really
coming around to the idea of bralettes as, not as shirts, but you know, being exposed especially because this one’s Aerie so it is very like supportive and very full coverage. Okay, so I finished with my
shoot earlier than I planned. And I’m already in like the LA Hills. I actually just looked at my phone, just to see, just to entertain us since I am in Eva’s Rodeo Drive outfit. Rodeo Drive is only five minutes from me. Should we make a trip there? I’ve got some extra time. We could wait out some traffic. I think we gotta do it! Let’s take advantage of this. We’re gonna make it a
full My Life as Eva day. (soft upbeat music) Alright, amazing. I found the sign, right back there. I had a stranger take a photo of me. She was so great. I didn’t really do a
recreation of Eva’s photo because like, I don’t know, asking a stranger to recreate a photo of another stranger in
the exact same outfit is a little weird. But I got a photo! And that’s pretty cool. I can’t believe I found the same spot. (soft music) Alright, I think I’ve pretty
much finished up my day in LA. I had a lot of fun here on Rodeo Drive but it’s time to head back home. So this outfit has
honestly been way better than I expected in the morning. First of all, the chub rub, I was very worried about
that with this skirt because I don’t have any like
shorts or anything underneath. But the deodorant completely
solved that problem. It was honestly totally fine. The only issue is, the skirt is very like loose and flowy and it was a little windy today. And I kind of felt like
Marilyn Monroe half the day like walking around,
holding my white skirt down. But it was cute, it was fun. I felt confident. I felt comfortable, other
than the wind issue. The second outfit I am recreating is from this photo on her Instagram of this little like pink two-piece like buttoned front style set. I’m pretty sure this was at Coachella. So she had this like fake
glitter freckles on her face. So we got those too. I know that was kind of a big
trend around Coachella time. It’s like the glitter freckles. I’ve never worn them. I have a lot of freckles naturally. But when I’m wearing
foundation, obviously, you can really see them. So I guess the purpose of that is like you have freckles,
you cover your freckles, and then you put on fake freckles? I mean, I guess that’s kind of what we do with blush and contour anyways. It’s just another layer of that. So let’s see day two! Alright, I think day two it’s gonna be a little
bit more of a struggle. So, first of all, I went
into the closet over here where we keep all of the stuff for videos and I couldn’t find the little
freckles that we ordered. Like the tattoo freckles. So I went on to my computer and I realized that I put them in my cart and never checked out. We were gonna get them
for Mr. Kates website. I just never checked out! So I didn’t order the freckles. I took a little eyeliner pencil and like did some little dots. It doesn’t look great, not gonna lie. But from far away, it’s not nearly as bad. But definitely not as cute as Eva’s little like fake freckles. These don’t, they’re not my best look. And then this is the actual outfit. This is the little
two-piece she was wearing. And I’m like kind of hot and cold on it. So first of all, I love the color. I’ve never really been a pink person but I feel like lately anything pink that I try on I just really like it. I like how bright it is. I like how like girly it is. It’s fun! I really like the color. I love that it’s a two-piece set. I don’t love that it’s strapless. I love that it has like the ruching and the gather on the skirt and that it’s a wrap skirt. But I don’t like that the wrap part is like right on my crotch because literally I am
like an inch of fabric away from just flashing the
whole world with my crotch. I really like the look of this, both on Eva and on me. I feel like in a Instagram picture I would totally wear this. But actually like for a day of my life, not as functional. Today we’re gonna be at
home most of the day tough. Skyler is coming over and we’re just gonna
be filming some videos. Drinking my protein shake for the morning. I think Skyler just got here. I’m pretty sure I heard the front door. Hey! – Hey! – It’s so fun now that
everyone knows your pregnant. – I know, I can just be like– – Okay, so what do you
think about the outfit? – I mean, you look freaking adorable. – Really? – Like I don’t think
it’s work appropriate. (laughs) So is there any way that
you would feel comfortable wearing this? – Like Coachella. Isn’t that where she wore it?
– Yeah. – I would totally wear this to Coachella. I’d wear it to Vegas. Like maybe not out at night but like for a pool party. would be fine?
– Yeah! – Except for Coachella, wouldn’t you get like the worst chub rub? – Oh, that’s true. I mean, I feel like Eva rocks this look. And I do feel like maybe I’m a little bit self-conscious about how
much it hugs my stomach. But since it has the like gathers I feel like it makes me feel better. – I think it’s super flattering. – Thank you.
– And I think the color is so cute on you. – I was just saying I used to hate pink! And now I’m like very into it. – Like I just think you look adorable. – Aww, thank you. – I just don’t know
when I will ever see you in an outfit like this. – I know, right? (laughs) oh man, let me just wipe
up all my fake freckles off for the day.(laughs) I can’t believe it’s already
freaking like 8 o’clock. I hardly filmed in this outfit today. So sorry about that. This outfit honestly I probably flashed
Skyler at least 30 times. Like I love wrap skirts! But a wrap knee skirt that’s
like tight fitting like that it’s just not very functional. But I realized this top actually I have a swimsuit that
looks exactly like it, and that’s why I think
I like this top so much. But I don’t think I would wear this. I would be so uncomfortable
wearing this anywhere because I would just
be totally preoccupied with making sure that I
was covered everywhere. So this is a set, I think, I’m definitely going
to sell on my Poshmark. I will link it in the description if any of you guys are
interested in buying this off me. It makes me wonder though. Like with all the struggles
that I had in this and I just at home. If Eva wore this to Coachella. I wonder if she had the
same struggles you know. Especially Coachella it’s like hot, you’re running around,
maybe you’re drinking, so you’re not as cautious. Eva, if you’re somehow
watching this some day. Please let me know, if this outfit was as functional and cute as it looked in the photo, or if it was a struggle. Because it was a struggle for me. So for day three, we are
recreating this photo of Eva in this blue lemon dress. It seems like with Eva’s style whenever she’s wearing
something more girly like a dress or a two piece, she kind of dresses with
those chunky dad sneakers. So in addition to the lemon dress, we got those dad shoes
and then high socks. And then a similar necklace
and earring set to match hers. So let’s see day three! (soft upbeat music) Good morning! Day three. I just started getting dressed. I put on the earrings for
today and they are so heavy. I don’t really wear
earrings on a regular day. Sometimes I wear like little
tiny studs but that’s about it. I’m gonna need like a
lobe massage after today. I can already feel the weight. I need like some lobe support here. I need like some little
strings attached to my ears to take the weight off ’cause it is heavy. And then we have the shoes, the Nike socks and this
little necklace set. So let me put this all together. Yeah. This is outfit is not for me. (chuckles) I am not feeling it. Oh, I forgot the necklace, one second. And there we go! The dress, I am not a fan of. First of all, I think like the lemon print and the ruffle are a cute idea but I just think that they’re a little bit too juvenile for me. Especially with dresses, I tend to be really picky with dresses. And I think the design
of this just isn’t for me and it’s super form-fitting which I’m okay with like
a nice sexy bodycon outfit but I feel like for me, I associate bodycon
dresses with like going out like you know creating like a whole kind of like glam look. This is definitely more casual. And then panning down to the dad sneakers. So Eva is actually wearing
high tops in her photo but we bought these shoes for
an outfit later in the week so I decided just to wear these instead of having to buy a
whole other pair of shoes. And then we have the Nike
socks that she was wearing. Now as much as I hated the dad show trend, I actually don’t mind this look. I usually do wear like my little
adidas with casual dresses. So this is pretty similar. The Nike socks peeking out is not a choice that I would probably make for when I’m wearing sneakers. But it’s very on trend right now. It’s not the trend that
I personally really like. I have a meeting, I have
a bunch of errands to do, and then I’m getting lunch
with my friend Emily. So lets hit the town in this
little lemon dress number. Here we go! The chub rub is real. I’m at lunch now with my friend Emily. Hey queen!
– Hello! – What do you think of the outfit today? You complimented me on it before
you know it’s for a video. – I actually love it.
– Really? It’s so summery. – The place that we got
lunch is in this cute little like downtown kind of
like shops-villagee area. That means it’s a great
place to play Pokemon Go. I’m gonna take a little stroll, catch some ones and then get back into my actual productive
things that need to get done. It’s about 7 o’clock. I’m just kind of wrapping
up the last few things I had on my to-do list for today. This dress, I guess this
whole outfit I should say wasn’t as bad as I though
it would be in the morning. But I still wouldn’t say I like it. I’ve talked about this
before in my channel, but one of the main areas of my body that I’m still really
working on like loving and fully accepting is my stomach. And this dress really really
highlights my stomach. So well, I do like it
because it is forcing me to push myself out of my comfort zone and confront that insecurity
a little more head on. It’s also so hard! It’s so hard to wear
something that is clinging so tightly to your stomach when you’ve been told your whole life that having any sort of a
stomach that is not flat is the wrong way to have a body, and that’s so not true! That’s so wrong. But I’m still unlearning
some of those things. So there were good and
bad parts about the dress being so form-fitting but outside of that I still wasn’t like
crazy about this outfit for other reasons. Like I said, it felt a
little bit too young for me. Also, this dress is very very short. Like you can see, when I put my hands down at my side it touches my finger tips. It is very short. And I felt like every time I
bent over to pick something up I had like fully readjust and like dip instead of bending down ’cause I was afraid I was
gonna flash the world. I took the earrings off
as soon as I got home ’cause they really were
pretty heavy today. But the shoes, the dad shoes I actually did kind of come around to. They were really comfy and dare I say it, they were almost kind of cute. So day four! This photo that we’re recreating. This one made me laugh
because maybe I’m wrong maybe it isn’t staged. But this to me reads like a 100% like just an Instagram photo, like a cute aesthetic picture that wouldn’t actually be something you would wear to go roller
skating at the beach. Maybe I’m wrong. But when I look at that, I can’t picture that actually
working in real life, especially with my thighs. Maybe for Eva because
she has a smaller figure. But if I tried to roller
skate in swimsuit bottoms and a long sleeve top, I would be horrifically uncomfortable. I would be sweating here. My thighs would rub together. And I mean, that’s probably
what’s gonna happen. But let’s try. Oh, also the fact that it’s all white like if she takes a tumble
in these roller skates, she better be a good roller skater, because otherwise it’s
just gonna be covered in black marks and stuff from falling. Let’s see it. (soft upbeat music) Hello, good morning! It is day four and I am not wearing pants. So this outfit is where Eva is wearing the high waisted white swim bottoms and the crop turtleneck sweater. And I know we ordered
the turtleneck sweater but we can’t find it in the office. We literally, Skyler and
I were looking everywhere. So I just put on this white
long sleeve that I had and we’re gonna stop
at the store on the way and see if we can find a replacement top. I do, however, have my roller skates. I used to love roller skating
around the neighborhood when I was like 8, but I definitely definitely haven’t roller skated since I was maybe nine or 10. To the store! Wait, if I’m gonna go to the store I should probably put pants on. Okay, hold on. One thing that I’m definitely gonna need is prep for this outfit. Rubbing deodorant on my inner thighs always feels a little weird. But the fact that I’m
just completely pants-less and a nice little squat
here rubbing some deodorant I feel like it makes it ten times weirder. Look what we found at Ross! It’s like literally,
exactly what we had ordered, except it’s long and this is a small. I’m an extra large. So it’s gonna be tight but it’s like a fitted sweater
in Eva’s photo anyways. And then we’re just gonna cut it, and we’re gonna make it work. We’re gonna roll with it. This was a terrible idea. (chuckles) A teen girl just walked
by and said, “Cool skates” so I guess that means
these are in and trendy. I’m hip with the kids. Question is, can I stand up
without falling flat on my face? She sticks the landing! Yes, this is completely impractical. I still stand by that, but it’s a freaking cute Instagram photo. Eva has an eye for that, you can tell. I am so sweaty though. It’s like so hot at the beach, and I’m glad that I’m not wearing pants. But it also feels very weird and like claustrophobic
to have a turtleneck and be this hot and sweaty. It’s like 90 degrees. Let’s roll! (soft upbeat music) Terrifying as this is,
it is also kind of fun. Do you even blade, baby? Do you even blade? These aren’t even blades. These are skates. (soft upbeat music) – [Sierra’s Friend] Oh no. Are you okay? (laughs) – Just went into the gutter, but I’m good. W-W-E-D, what would Eva do? She would keep blading! She would persist! – [Sierra’s Friend] I’m
pretty sure she just wore it for an Instagram. Oh no, oh no. I am so impressed of your
roller blading skills. – I think the bar was set pretty low by me almost falling when
I was just standing up. Any kind of movement is impressive. I am so sweaty! Do you see this? It is not from the movement. I’ve done hardly any physical activity. It’s from this, but I’m not
wearing a swim top under so I just have to keep it on. (chuckles) And then the last outfit from day five. This outfit of Eva’s is
definitely more mainstream. She just has this little
brown stretchy bandeau top, mom shorts, and dad sneakers. So recreating this one
was a little bit easier. I think this one’s a little bit more tamed so an easy way to end it. Let’s see the outfit. (soft guitar music) Day five and it looks like I’m naked because I’m wearing a tube top. Anyways, today is the last day. It’s a pretty simple outfit. It’s one I feel relatively
confident and comfortable in. So here is my outfit plus I’m gonna be wearing the chunky shoes from day three again today. I have to do laundry, I
have to tidy up the house, I have to pack because
I’m going on a vacation to Mexico tomorrow! And then, tonight I’m an going over to my friend Kensy’s house who, if you guys follow the vlog channel, you saw that she gave birth
to her little girl Harlen. She is adorable, and I’ve
been going over there a lot just to keep her company,
bring them dinner, hang out with the baby. (soft upbeat music) Alright, guess who just got home. – Ah! – Hey! – I was wearing a hat all
day so excuse the hair. – (laughing) I know, you know what. I saw a comment yesterday saying that I should do a full
makeover video on you where I take you to get
a haircut, and a facial, a pedicure, take you shopping,
– No! – No?
– Let me live my Stevie life. – You guys, let me know
down in the comments if you would wanna see that, ’cause I think it’d be really fun. What do you think of my outfit? What do you think? What do you think? – Tube-top-tacular.
– Tubular? – I was thinking tube-top-tacular. – That’s pretty good too. Steven is driving the dogs
over to his parents house ’cause they are watching the
dogs while we’re in Mexico. So I need to say my goodbyes. Doggies come here! Come here, come here! Oh, and they go right to dad. Wow! Love my family, thanks guys. I know you’re gonna miss me. You two will. Ah, not in the mouth! Not in the mouth! Now you’re gonna be
good little girls right? Right? You’re gonna behave yourselves? Yes, of course you will. Of course, you won’t. Steven was just asking
what’s up with the giant sole and the big white socks showing. Steven, that’s the trend right now. It’s called the dad shoe trend. – Trend? – I know, I’m not a big fan, but I’m becoming a bigger fan from wearing them for this video. – I don’t even know what it means to have a show that’s a trend. (chuckleS) – Okay, I am with Kensy and Harlen. Hi, cutie girl. Look at her, she’s just chilling. If you guys wanna see the vlog I did the day that Harlen was born I will put a card for that right up there. But we’re actually editing
Kensy’s birth birth vlog. The raw footage.
– The raw footage that no one needs to see. – Just for her. So we’re going through all of that and we’re watching Star Wars and honestly this is exactly what I hoped motherhood would be for you. – Star Wars in bed, babies and sushi. – Yeah. And editing.
(chuckles) – Yeah and vlogging.
– And vlogging. – [Kensy] Waking up. – Should I try to imitate her face? – [Kensy] Yeah. (chuckles) – Oh man, I’m home, I am tired. I am long overdue to
change out of this outfit. So a little wrap up on
the last day’s look. I think the biggest
surprise for me, honestly, is that I’m kind of into the dad shoes. I know. I never thought I would say it. And still I’m not like
fully buying into the trend, especially the designer dad shoes that are thousands of dollars. These ones that I was wearing
today are from Kohl’s. I’ll link them in the description. They were like I think 25 or 30 bucks. So with the price being considered, I actually somewhat like them. I think I still prefer my adidas but I didn’t mind the chunky look. They were very comfortable. I don’t know, I guess I’m
coming around to them. First biker shorts, now dad shoes. What’s next? The tube top, I still am
definitely not the biggest fan of. And I have a panic attack every
time I check the viewfinder because I think I’m
filming myself naked, okay. Thank you guys so much for watching. Let me know down in the comments which outfit was your favorite and whose outfit you would
like to see me recreate next. And I will put a card right up there or a link in the description
for my style swap playlist, where you can watch more
videos like this one. And make sure to give
this video a thumbs up if you liked it. You can follow me on
Instagram to see more of me. Thank you so much for watching. Be confident, love your body and I’ll see you next time! Bye! (upbeat music)

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  24. I can't remember if I commented on another video, but for "chub rub" I really like TomboyX shorts. They're underwear that has different inseam lengths. I personally love the 6" ones because they're perfect for wearing under skirts, and their micromodal fabric is the softest thing I've ever felt! I haven't had a pair wear out yet and I got my first ones almost 2 years ago, so they're totally worth the extra cost.

  25. The white (1st) and lemon dress looked great on you. I never understand outfits that are summer on the bottom and fall/winter on top (roller skating outfit) 🤷🏾‍♀️

  26. What a fun video. 🙂 🙂 I loved the Day Three blue lemon dress look the most. It is a more youthful look, but at the same time you look really good for a fifty year old woman, which I'm assuming you are because you were so self conscious about the age appropriateness of it. 😉

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