I Got Dip Powder Nail Extensions For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

I Got Dip Powder Nail Extensions For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

During the dip powder nail extension procedure,
an e-file will be used to smooth out their surfaces. But sometimes it creates a cringeworthy sound
that the clients don’t like. My name is Ashley Soto and I am getting dip
powder nail extensions done today. I have always bitten my nails and it was never
an issue because I played piano. It wasn’t until I like entered the corporate
world where I like was shaking a lot more hands than I was playing piano where it was
like oh, this isn’t cute anymore. My name is Thuy Nguyen and I’m a nail tech. My name is Sue Tang and I’m the owner of Color
Coat Beauty Boutique in Los Angeles. I opened up Color Coat July of 2018. I’ve always loved beautiful nails and so it
wasn’t a hard choice on what to do in terms of the business. For someone who bites their nails I would
recommend them to always have nail polish on. So then it kind of motivates them not to touch
their nails or put it near their mouths. I can’t remember a time when I was shamed
for having short nails or bitten nails at a nail salon. Everyone has always been very gentle but it’s
always been an encouragement like, do better next time. My nail goals are to have nails long enough
so that I don’t need nail extensions. I’m most anxious about all the machines I
know it’s like just nails but for me it’s like, this is terrifying. But I’ve heard the machine is like “bzzzz.” Like, that is so scary to me. Every single time. I am nervous about this procedure. The first step is prepping Ashley’s nails. We check for any scabs any cuts. As part of the prepping, I did cut Ashley’s
nails and I will do some cuticle care. And then I will add the nail tips. Using the e-file, I will smooth out the ridges
from the nail tips. After prepping and priming I did apply the
base powder to build up the foundation of the nail extensions. And then you’ll see me apply the two coats
of color. After that will be the top coat. And now for the fun part. I will carefully apply rhinestones to one
of her nails. And voila. Look at me like gesticulating my hands
because I can without having to worry about whether you’re
looking at like the bitten nails. With an up close view of the application, you can see how dip powder can transform your nails. It’s super painless. They’re not actually painting your nails are
they literally dipping your fingers in powder like that. It’s true to its name. In my opinion, I like the dip powder over
the gel because it is more durable. It does have the added vitamin and calcium
inside the dip powder. So it’s a healthier alternative if you want to grow out your nails. It was great working with Ashley because she
let us be creative with her nails. Working with Sue and Thuy was really painless. My mind like could go all the places and though
some of those places are like well if she keeps going she’s going to get whatever is
underneath the nails. It always gives me joy when clients walk out
with more confidence. We have rhinestones we have chrome we have
glitter but it all feels really cohesive because they’re all in the same sort of color palette. There are no nails to bite now! So this is totally going to prevent me from
biting my nails and I don’t want to put this in my mouth because it’s so pretty. Like why would I want to do that. I would totally recommend dip powder nail
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  1. A nail studio should NEVER dip your finger in the powder!! You can easily get cuticle infectious!! A good nail studio will sprinkle it over your nail and reuse the excess on the rest of your nails THEN throw it out

  2. why do you always make these normal cosmetic procedures so dramatic lol.

    ps the asian girls in the beginning have very pretty nails

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